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I appreciate the different topics and the research that goes into each show. This show got me hooked on the Ear Hustle podcast! I also listen to a podcast that has a different lean on similar topics which I recommend doing to get a more complete picture. Unfortunately, this leads to the understanding that sharing a country is complicated...and worth it!
Adam is great at asking the right questions and not letting guests off the hook, while also keeping it light and entertaining. I’ve learned so much from this podcast.
As a fan of Adam Ruins Everything, I was super pumped to find this podcast! In truth, I think I like it more than the show. I work as an overnight stocker so this is my go-to for while I’m working. Definitely a must listen for anyone that loves to learn - especially since such a wide range of topics are covered.
The episode on policing was great and very informative.
Thanks for getting into the tough stuff so fearlessly and thoughtfully

By Tnas
Must give it a try! Search through the list to find a topic you want to learn more about. I found this after searching for more “Adams Ruins Everything” content, was upset initially that it was just interviews, however, after listening to podcast after podcast, I find each episode digs me in deeper to seeking more expert analysis. Thanks for the content!
I freaking love you! for telling the truth/unbiased. Please slow down your talking speed, there is no 3/4x option and 1/2x is too slow. God bless you!
I love that so many comedians seem to have the opportunity in today’s society to show and express their knowledge and intelligence in ways that didn’t used to be as heard or respected. Adam is one of the best and we always love his material in our house. Great job of providing sources, historical context to issues, the local and global impact of discussed issues, and why ultimately the chosen topics matter. All this done with humor and comedic relief throughout. Thanks for providing both entertainment and thought provoking content!
So wonderful digging into issues with Adam and experts! Thank you Adam!!! I am learning so much.
Thanks Adam for talking about curated topics for me to learn. Xoxo
Very informative, covers topics I'd like to learn more about. Keep up the good content.
Wow you intro to this episode is so pandering. I neither liberal or conservative. I want to best person for the job. And I adore this show. I know you lean heavily to the liberal side of things. Which is fine. I do think there is a systemic issue at hand and we need to solve it. But I think you are sparking fires instead of putting out flames.
This pod beats Adam ruins everything on going deep. I respect Adam’s interviewing style — he asks questions that get thorough response from guests. He has certain topics where he is more fanboy than incisive (eg transportation). Glad he is keeping this project going between TV seasons & during pandemic.
I listen to a lot of podcasts- some to learn and some to take a load off. This is truly the holy grail of podcasts- where I get to both enjoy myself, laugh and feel refreshed and also learn a substantial amount of new information on topics that matter. I can not recommend enough- this is one of the best podcasts that I’ve found and I listen religiously.
When she says the narrow requirement is "white and Asian," she is implying that Asians and Asian Americans do not experience racism in silicon valley or elsewhere in this country, including our search engines. I wish you would've asked for clarification, Adam? Can someone tell Safiya the stats and data on violent racist acts against Asians and Asian Americans since this whole covid thing started? We don't get that white privilege, did her doctorate not cover this?
Adam is best when he has guests who can explain the facts well. I don't think that either he nor his guests are infallible, but there is a wealth of information to be gained in his podcast, and it gets to the point well without wasting the listenner's time.
Honestly some of the most insightful and educational podcasts out there. Each episode is worth a listen
Topics can be a little bit of a downer especially during this pandemic, but I still appreciate Adam and his guests’ approach to the topic. I also love the Kontiki add when Adam says “....new to YOU!” Makes me laugh everytime.
Factually seems to have a more one sided approach than Adam’s other show. To an extent, that’s fine, but I’m so tired of being told I’m basically a racist and ignorant if I’m white, a Republican, or voted for Trump. I’m probably a pretty conservative person, but honestly I don’t know where I fall on the spectrum because I try to keep an open mind. I usually enjoy Adam’s perspective to help me see things from another point of view, but episode 30 about the economy really bothered me. The racism word was thrown around quite a bit, without any direct evidence or examples. There are a couple other episodes that are the same way, but #30 really stuck out in that regard. I have a hard time accepting a government that will continually gain more and more control over money that is *supposed* to be given back to society in the form of services like healthcare, college loan forgiveness, retirement packages, etc. and was hoping this episode would give me something to think about. Instead, I thought it missed the conservative’s perspective, and maybe even dismissed it entirely. There’s something to be said for limiting the money that is filtered through the hands of politicians, but a lot of the Factually episodes seem eager to do the opposite. What about making it easier for people to pay for things with their own money without filtering everything through our government? Anyways, the episodes are worth a listen, and overall I do really enjoy how Adam does the show. I’m just a bit disappointed its not as balanced as his other program Adam Ruins Everything, but you could tell even that show had its left leanings. I’ll keep following Adam’s work regardless.
Love the factual info (pun intended). It’s nice to hear you letting the experts and/or guests talk more and less interpretation. The phrase “tell me about that...” really gets the information flowing.
I love the work Adam Conover is doing and this is a great podcast.
I really enjoy your podcast because you’re able to take a deeper dive into the subject than on your show which I also really like!! I’d love for you to do one similar to the disability rights movement about the adoptee rights movement, lots to explore there!!
Keep up the good work Adam! It’s refreshing to listen to an podcast like this one that primarily serves to teach people about relevant current issues but also throws in some levity and comedy. It’s the best way (I think) to process it all, but also to help drive home the point.
Great introduction segments which flow into thoughtful conversations with experts in the field. A great podcast that really makes you think!
Not only am I learning really interesting and diverse topics and expanding my opinions on issues, it is very entertaining and does not feel like a lecture. It is making me into a more compassionate person especially when I am able to see a more full picture of the homelessness epidemic, and inspires me to be grateful and fight for my rights such as with the workers union episode. I highly recommend it!
As a teacher and union member I appreciate the recognition and the information about the importance of unions to America.
The points of view offered by this podcast are intriguing and thought provoking. This podcast presents, on each issue it address, a different side to issues not thought of before. I’ll be honest I listen to this podcast to help round out my thought and not to be “one sided” on issues of the day. If you like thinking, laughing, and learning this is the podcast for you.
This podcast is one of the most thought-provoking I’ve ever listened to. I especially appreciate how they tackle difficult subject and don’t claim to have a silver bullet answer. For those who appreciate a nuanced discussion of complex social issues, this pod is for you.
The pod is great. Adam Conover is funny and informational. Can't go wrong!
I was a huge fan of Adams’. I really enjoyed the podcast until the episode on addition. Adam discusses how he abused ADD medication and how this led, in part, to his addiction. He and his guest discuss mental health medications as additions to fight. His medication was incorrectly prescribed, apparently. However for many people medication is necessary and needing it to function in society is not an addiction. This is dangerous stigma and plants false idea that all mental illness can be treated with therapy alone. I heard a story like yours and went off my medication, under advisement of a doctor and therapist, thinking I could be healthy without any substances in my body(including caffeine). I ended up hospitalized for attempting suicide. Please do not tell people not to take their medications. I was so horrified by your show that I can’t consume any media in which you appear, including BoJack Horseman. Very disappointed.
This is an informative and funny podcast. Adam is a great and straight to the point type of interviewer. I mostly listen on my way to and from work and find that I'm a little upset that I live so close to work and have to stop in the middle of learning about something new.


By Ladon4
I like the learning part and if I have to re-listen to the podcast while I wait the slowing Adam’s voice down sounds hilarious
From Adam Ruins Everything the TV show and now this podcast, I have learned so much from Adam about important topics that most people don’t think much about, but should. He has a knack for not coming across preachy and is very genuine in his quest for the truth. I highly recommend both of his podcasts and TV show to anyone looking for an approachable take on our country’s most pressing issues.
If you love gathering eclectic collections of facts then this podcast is for you! Adam and his cast of expert guests explore topics ranging from the science of addiction to the truth about violent video games and common misconceptions about American history. If you love challenging your own beliefs and learning about diverse topics, take a few minutes to learn a bit about topics you didn’t know you didn’t know about.
Why would you mix a podcast to only play audibly through one of two stereo channels? Full blast on the right and nothing on the left...
Adam puts together thoughtful discussion that encourages the listener to consider different approaches to topics I thought I knew about! And is entertaining too!
Adam is a great host and I have loved listening to these genuine and well informed conversations. Thank you !
I love this podcast, and look forward to listening to Adam on my way to work. However! I’m not sure if it’s the microphone, the interviewee, or the editing. But you can hear the swallowing/wet mouth noises of the guests, and it makes me cringe... never Adam tho, for some reason.
Factually! is an incredibly poor name for the show. If you have a progressive/left leaning view of the world this is the confirmation bias you are looking for. If you are hoping for a show to expand your understanding of history, science, politics, etc.. sadly this is not it. I enjoyed listening to hear the opinions of others that I don’t necessarily agree with but there was very little facts ever discussed. If you are a conservative who hates liberal dribble present as truth then warning this podcast may trigger you.
If people are looking for an Adam Ruins Everything humor this is not that. This is a much more genuine conversation between Adam and a wide range of experts. Adam brings genuine interest and curiosity to each topic and gives enough time for a genuinely deep dive into the topic. Fascinating every time.
I have like Adam C’s Ruins Everything since I saw my first episode but the problem I have always had with it is that I have to sit in front of the tv to watch it. And who has that time. The podcast let’s me take him along with me, car, train the gym etc. and I like it even more than the show. He doesn’t need the premise of ruining something for the actor on the show. He gives us an interesting and informative look at various topics with well informed guests. Sometimes they are a little hard to hear because I can see where I need to change my ways to improve but who said he wasn’t going to still ruin some things. But in a good way.
I love Adam Ruins Everything, but this podcast is even better. More information, less schtick, a sprinkling of curses. Not that I don't love the jokes on ARE, but the podcast cuts through some of the song and dance to more of the real things going on in our world. Thanks Adam & crew!


By iGummo
First, I love Adam Ruins Everything! Probably one of my favorite shows. I especially like the episode on gun control. Facts were brought to light on both sides of the debate, giving credence to BOTH sides of the argument. Unfortunately, Factually seems to have lost this and sticks to a Left leaning point of view. I was looking forward to the episode on Transgender, as I wanted to hear a balanced take on the issue. I did learn a lot of the struggles of the Trans Community. Nothing discussing the changes society needs to undergo to embrace this movement. Nothing. Not even the issue of transgender in sports (something that has received a lot of press). Adam could have at least asked a question on at least one controversial topic, instead of just softballs. Diving deeper into a single topic is great but it seems like we’re getting facts from only one point of view.
Adam Conover is our generation's curator of curiosity and this podcast is a fantastic compliment to Adam Ruins Everything. If you're comfortable in expanding your understanding of the world and challenging your biases, this is for you.
Ep 12. Smh.. That guest spoke with a more right leaning bias than he thought. Not quite nonpartisan. I didn’t completely agree this time but it’s always interesting!
I love this show! Adam is so smart and funny at the same time! He makes every episode very interesting! I would also love to download the theme songFor the podcast I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know how to get it?
Loving the content. But I’m begging you to get your guest a glass of water.
All the comedy of the Joe Rogan Experience coupled with succinct analyses from experts similar to Sam Harris’ Waking Up podcast. Factually is lighthearted, brilliant, and highly efficient at promoting skepticism and critical thinking while bringing facts to light during a time when misinformation runs rampant. Just listen to it already.