Reviews For Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

I usually listen to podcasts to fall asleep but this show is so funny, I can’t listen because I wake up my husband I end up laughing so much. Love love love these ladies!!
I’m a white woman and since listening to this podcast I have learned that I need to wash my legs and have been doing so diligently! You are changing lives!
This podcast never fails to make me laugh!!


By bri822
These ladies and their friendship is such a treat. I love how much they laugh together. Such a beautiful reminder of how wonderful friendship is.
These women are funny. That’s it. :)


By klsv27
Funny and amazing Helps me with anxiety depression and feeling less alone


By EJS_321
This feels like chatting with my friends, I love it so much! Thank you!!
Sasheer and Nicole have great chemistry on this podcast together! They are very funny and keep me entertained every episode!
I need the laughs these days and they always deliver. So grateful!
Rlly appreciate nicole n sasheer. Esp what they are willing to talk abt, their experiences w anti blackness m misogynoir. Usually its easy listening, not so much anymore as they go fully into racism and its long history in the US, needs to b done tho n i imagine for some this might have felt like a risk. I love them. Hope they can take care of themselves rn
I love these two so much and it makes me miss my best friend so much!!! this is a hilarious podcast obviously.
Nicole and Sasheer’s friendship is fabulous! My favorite part is when they interview pairs of best friends and get them to talk about why they love their friend. It’s so pure and kind in a podcast that is also extremely vulgar and hilarious. Thanks for sharing your friendship and humor with us!
Why did I not know about this power combo before? Do more stuff together! I need it!
This podcast brings me endless joy and makes me tee hee hee. One hundred stars.
I love Nicole and all of her podcasts she is a true light !
Truly gives the good feels


I’ve lost count of the number of times that my stomach hurt from laughing so hard during this show. I love Nicole and Sasheer’s friendship, they’re so hilarious and fun! I’m so grateful that they decided to share this part of themselves with us because they are the absolute best (friends).
Thank you Nicole and Sasheer for this hilarious podcast about friendship! I love listening these two- their stories and advices. I can’t wait to binge listen to all the past episodes.


By JxAoMxo
Nicole and Sasheer are so genuine about their friendship and they have the most hilarious conversations.
Nicole I listen to this on Spotify and when you said I want to push someone down the steps and say nailed it I am that type of person because I don’t like people that much except for old people other people they can just go and fall down steps and I will just yell nailed it
Nicole and Sasheer are so funny individually and they play off of each other so well. So funny and genuine!
This weeks episode had way to much background noise. A vacuum(?), men talking, too much. I know we’re in the working from home era but that wasn’t an issue in previous weeks.


Truly scintillating sexually arousing content. These women’s voice serve as auditory asmr that gives me tingles! I cannot explain how amazingly entertaining this podcast is! 10/10


By PodT36
one of my favorites <3


Every time I listen to you ladies I laugh out loud!!! To the point my son turns around and gives me the eye like a librarian!!👀 thank you!! Also catch myself responding out loud to you .... like you can hear my response!! 😂😂
This show makes me feel like I’m hanging with friends even through these wild quarantine times. Love Nicole and Sasheer!!!
What a treat your friendship is
Nicole and Sasheer are such a treat. This pod has been so great to catch up on during the quarantine, a real welcome distraction :’)
Nicole and Sasheer’s Best Friends podcast is helping me stay sane through the pandemic crisis 😄 Wednesdays are my new Fridays🙂 Love y’all ! ❤️🤗 Shoutout to Jordan and Kimmie on the Keys!
This has become such a favorite. Nicole and Sasheer’s dynamic is lovely and hilarious and I love how loose the episodes are. They can talk about whatever, go off on any tangent. I love the inclusion of other people (hearing laughter in the background adds so much) and the episodes where a stream of people come in to answer questions are Top Notch. Such a good podcast, I look forward to it weekly
Whoa people don’t know how to wash themselves !


Oh man!!! This has to be favorite episode! i laughed so hard! I’m legit on another level with showers. I have a soap for each body part. Even for my feet! Feet soap, separate scrub. Body wash, wash cloth or loofa . Face wash, face brush or Clarisonic. Bar of soap for private parts. I wash my hands before taking a shower. Sugar scrubs, also shampoo and conditioner. Separate towels! I also have guest towels and NEVER share mine. Am I crazy? Lololololol
This was the first episode I listened to and it was the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. It helped me to get through the rest of a long work day quarantined inside. I look forward to future episodes and I’m going to listen to all the last episodes. Thanks for brightening my day ladies!! Keep the laughs coming!
Excellent episode all the shows that you are watched growing up I watched as well especially the pretender early addition you should definitely get on the pretender it weighs we are ahead of its time before scandals the twist interns is on point and Early Edition was on point.
U guys r sooooooooooooooo FuNnY I love Nicole’s work on nailed it especially season 4 which came out yesterday
Y’all are funny and real. Loved the episode. Hangry!!!!
i was casually listening to this week’s episode & was about to take my wonderful antidepressants. the pills were already in my mouth!!! & then nicole talked about sasheer trying to fight the coat rack & i truly almost spit the pills out because i was laughing so hard! also i could hear jordan laughing in the background & other people laughing makes me laugh! so then i could not actually swallow these pills for quite a bit but i had to manage because antidepressants are crucial in these trying times! thank you for bringing laughter to us all! to any other listeners: i do not recommend drinking beverages or attempting to swallow pills while listening to this show because it is a potential hazard 😊
Hi I am an 11 year old and me and my sister listen every wensday! True story one time I was sitting out my yard listening to the episode where sasheer does not have the taste for it anymore and I legit Peed my pants! Please do more live shows😍
This might be my favorite podcast - Nicole and Sasheer are SO fun and funny. Shoutout to Jordan and Kimmy on the Keys, who are also funny and kind! If you just wanna giggle, THIS IS THE ONE.
I love them and I love their friendship. Makes me laugh so much and makes my work day so much better. Keep on keeping on, we need a little joy right now.
Nicole doesn’t know anything. Sasheer constantly has to correct or educate her. It’s almost like Nicole reads at a third grade level and doesn’t know any basic facts. Every episode really highlights how boorish and stupid Nicole is.
Loved Sasheer during her time on SNL and I’ve been a longtime fan of Nicole since Girl Code. They’re even better together, if that is even possible! Their banter is so seamless and their conversations so hilariously relatable. I listen to this at work and I straight-up CACKLE listening to them. Perfect podcast to listen to when you need non-stop laughter.
Kept me laughing and grinning all through my morning commute. What an awesome way to start the day.
I love this podcast so much! I have a 2 hour commute everyday but it’s so much easier when I listen to these ladies. It’s like I’m sitting in a room with my friends cracking jokes and laughing. Your friendship reminds me of my best friend and I! Please never stop!
I am one of the 6 (or is it 7) straight men who loves this podcast. I actually got my girlfriend into it. Thank you both so much for making me cry laugh in my cubicle, it’s embarrassing every time.
Nicole & Sasheer make you laugh, make you think, make you cheer! What a blessing to have these amazing ladies produce such an enjoyable, positive show. *Including a major shout out to #KimmyOnTheKeys