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I love Dateline… have listened to or seen every episode at least twice.
Talking Dateline is so annoying! Make it it’s own podcast because not all of us Dateline fans want to hear you all talking about a show that’s previously aired. As for Dateline, it’s exactly what a podcast should be. Just do something, anything, with the talking thing.😩🤮
I live in Pocatello , which is roughly 50 miles south of Idaho Falls. I was in law enforcement at the time of Ms. Dodges Death and like everybody else figured Mr. Tapp was guilty. It wasn’t until I watched the initial Dateline that I realized Mr. Tapp was railroaded. Kudos to Angie’s mom for making sure Chris was released , even if he didn’t last long after being released.
I enjoy Dateline very much. I’d prefer to see the talking Dateline in a separate podcast. Thank you!
Great podcast
I’ve listened to dateline for years and I love it but please put talking dateline someplace else. I keep thinking I have new episodes but unfortunately it’s just talking dateline.
I love listening to the bend-the-scenes stuff. Keep up the good work!!
Please stop adding these to the feed. They need their own channel.
I am a die hard dateline fan and it is my number one favourite show of all time. I live for the stories Keith and Josh have shared Wirh us in such a wonderful way. But the episodes hosted by Andrea are just becoming almost unbearable! Her tone and cadence is just too much to listen to, and it looks like im not the only person to think this. Everything else about this show is ideal for a true crime lover like myself. Please don’t let Andrea ruin this podcast and the ratings are going to plummet if she keeps going on like that. Or if you keep posting episodes with her, I feel like people are going to stop listening as often. I imagine you don’t want to lose viewers, and that your ratings are very important to you... so listen to the people and their reviews and draw your own conclusions with what to do with the podcast and what episodes you’re choosing to upload. Everyone is tired of her ridiculous fake voice and she hopefully will take the feedback into mind if she’s still doing dateline she would be so much better if she toned it down with that dramatic sing songy voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard esp since a lot of other things in the world right now are so stressful and the podcast is my escape from reality... everything else is great. More Keith episodes please!
Please put talking dateline in another podcast or mercifully end its production since it adds nothing.
Love the show and episodes but would prefer if talking dateline was a separate podcast you could subscribe to. I find myself marking them played to get the out of my feed.
The music - which added absolutely nothing except annoyance- and the clips that were repeated - several times - during each segment - made the three episodes just about unlistenable. Hope this type of presentation isn’t ever used again.
The voice and sound pattern is horrible.
Josh looks fantastic!!
Dateline is my favorite podcast! I also love talking with dateline. It’s a great addition to listen to after the regular episode. Keep up the great work⭐️⭐️⭐️
When I listen to the really old episodes, or when she talks to someone within the episode, she is easy to listen to. But her narration on any of the episodes from the last few years, you can predict when her voice will rise, when it will fall, and when it will sort of slide. If she got rid of these affectations she has adopted it would be great.
While I truly appreciate everyone involved in Dateline and the Dateline podcast and podcast specials, Talking Dateline is not my favorite. I was happy Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to have a new story on my commute. Maybe we could still have that plus Talking Dateline for the listeners? Just my 2 cents as a fan. Thanks for the decades of amazing journalism and production.
Please make talking dateline a separate podcast. I’m not interested in this but because I follow dateline I get every new episode. I didn’t sign up for talking dateline!
I have been a listener to dateline for years now and I don’t enjoy the “Talking Dateline” segment and wish that they would just stick to covering the true crime stories as they are revealed in the podcast. To me, it feels like an additional way to get streams to their podcast without actually adding any content.
Her repetitive and cyclical delivery tone pulls my attention from the story. It’s a sing-song, up and down pattern that once you hear you’ll never be able to ignore. Otherwise this is a great series.
After all of these years Dateline is still the best true crime podcast around. The fact this is just the audio version of the tv show speaks to how well these shows are written/produced. I like to listen to the podcast first and then watch the actual episode and see if the people involved in these crimes actually look like I imagined. Does that sound as pathetic as I think it does? Definitely. Anyhoo, Keith is my favorite of course but I do really like the whole Dateline team. When interviewing people they do tend to ask the hard ball questions and try to get pertinent info out of the victim/accused. Compared to other the other big networks crime shows Dateline is Harvard and they are local community college.
While I enjoy the broadcasts of each and every Dateline MC, Andrea obviously stands head and shoulders above the others. Her delivery is thorough without being intrusive and that means a great deal to listens. Thank you Andrea for not needing to draw the spotlight to yourself and letting those who lived it tell their story.
Andrea is not on par with the storytelling abilities of Keith and Dennis. She interrupts her interviewees far too frequently and adds little, if anything, to her storylines. I’ve also noticed that every victim is said to have had the ability to “light up a room.” Seriously? I’m sorry for the families, but how many “happiest and most generous people you’ve ever met” can there possibly be? Let’s get to the meat of the story. Keith and Dennis both do a fabulous job of that.
This is an awesome podcast!! I love all the mysteries! Overall it is amazing podcast!!!!!!!😍
I am a big fan of Dateline and every host offers something great! They each approach their stories with professionalism, sensitivity and an appropriate dose of drama. Thank you for this fascinating show that ultimately proves that evil will be unmasked.
Sherrys son named Jacob said something , I wish he could read my comment. Jacob , I am sorry you lost your mom , but as a mother that loves my children so much , what you said about your mama , it’s like she was meant to be a mother, is the highest compliment you can give about her. I pray for comfort in your heart. With love , Sacha Sullivan
Thanks for the Talking Dateline “back stories”! I greatly appreciated the 1/10/24 episodes of A Promise to Gloria and of Yvonne Pointer’s life and service in the intervening 40 years. She showed genuine forgiveness to her daughter’s murderer and used what she had during those 40 years, making her available for God’s use in changing lives.
I am partial to Keith’s melodic voice, however Andrea’s cadence drives me nuts. I skip her episodes completely. Oof. Otherwise, this podcast is pretty good.
It’s good I like all of it I like to listen I have been listening for 10 years I love the podcast. And my family likes it I like dateline.
These podcasts help keep me sane, and are so good to just lose myself in instantly. Like a mysterious journey that I’m taken along on with Keith or any of the other hosts- who are all so great at story telling and being able to captivate and entertain me! I will be a die hard fan forever. There’s no other show that compares to Dateline and the classic and iconic show it is.
I refuse to watch any episodes hosted by Lester Holt because of his political agenda. Politics do not belong in true crime. remove him! all the other hosts are great
Plesse try to edit out the sniffles and slurps of other guest. Especially when they cry and it’s silent and them swallowing. It’s annoying to hear that and disgusting
To all the people complaining about Talking Dateline, just skip it. It’s not that hard. You spent more time typing out your little rants than it’d take to skip an entire year’s worth of Talking Dateline.
I use this as a comfort listen and am constantly interrupted by ads. I’m never going to buy it.
What happened where are the new stories? Can we get back to the “good stuff”. Please new stories and with Keith! PS don’t like the chatter aka Talking Dateline” Andrea C stop with the deep voice creepy between hosts. Just want the storyline. LONG TIME LISTENER! Where’s Keith?!?!
Talking Dateline is horrible. Dateline could be told in 22 minutes. They draw it out to an hour. That’s fine. Discussing it for another 20 minutes is so so so dumb.
I stopped listening because they started including the “talking dateline” in their feed. Here I am, listening to an episode and expecting another full episode and these stupid things keep playing and I have to skip them, generally when I’m in my workshop and have to stop what I’m doing and waddle over to my device and skip. I like a seamless flow of podcasts and these messed em up for me, so I stopped listening.
I’ve listened to dateline for years. It’s always been my favorite podcast period!!! Lately though this change to “Talking Dateline” once a week was a bad idea. It’s good and all but I feel like it’s just costing us an episode a week to have it. Now we just get one episode a week instead of two. All the talking dateline does is recaps and gives a lil insight. I’ve tried listening to them but I usually just skip them and listen to 20/20 or 48hrs untill another episode comes. Please go back to the old show format!!! PLEAS
I loved this podcast so much, but lately all they’re doing is posting the show I just watched on Friday night.
I love this show but lately it seems like a lot of episodes are repeats with one minor new piece of information that doesn’t move the needle. I will have to find a new show :(.
I paid for the upgraded subscription so I’d hoped to be able to have more content to listen to. Instead, it seems like there’s a new podcast barely every 10 days and then these talking points in between. Do those somehow count as an episode? I want to hear a new episode, not always the backstory and it would be nice if you had the two podcasts per week like you used to instead of having to go back and listen to old episodes from years before because you have no new content. What’s happening?
I love them they are fun to listen to but they are scary because they really happend but i love crimes.
Jan 2024 update/note to copywriter: Try not to give away too many details or spoilers in your Talking Dateline synopses (e.g., Ghosts episode re: Corey/Nick). Previous review: Would be much better if a few things were simply cut out. The background music and Lester Holt’s “coming up” transitions are distracting and unnecessary. Also, the ads for NBC products are futile. As other reviewers have stated, true crime fans aren’t interested in Mr. Willy’s or Ms. Hoda’s podcasts. If you must keep a few ads, why not let listeners know about other tc podcasts. I’m sure some of those would pay for some ad time. (But, please, no loud or shrill ad voices.)
Dear Dateline, Monica is clearly a man. Why did you refer to him as she? ‘Mark isn’t who he said he was.’ Neither is Monica! 😳🙄 RIDICULOUS!!!
I LOVE LOVE Dateline!! I wish they would release the episodes prior to 2016 on podcast. One problem I have with the 2024 season is that the exact same stories are on 20/20!!! It is confusing since there are thousands of true crime stories to report and yet three times now the same stories are told by two networks around the same time. What is going on?
One of the best true crime podcasts out today. All of the stories are interesting…..they definitely have a great research team that finds crime stories with many twists and turns leaving the listener anticipating who done it. I can listen to Dateline all day. Keep up the good work!