Reviews For Man In The Window: The Golden State Killer

Incredibly thorough, never exploitive, never biased. Showed real respect for the victims and the truth.
This podcast was narrated beautifully and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Each episode is full of a new shocking chapter to the event. Great podcast, definitely recommend’
I’m surprised that something out of CA isn’t biased, but they just keep knocking it out of the park!
This podcast is incredible but there’s advertisements every ten or fifteen minutes, they constantly break your immersion in the otherwise engaging story and honestly is very disrespectful to the victims. True crime is already an exploitative genre, but constantly interrupting the story and reminding us that they’re profiting off the trauma and horror the victims experienced takes it to a new level I have not yet experienced with any other true crime podcast.
One of my most favorite podcasts ever! I could not stop listening. Absolutely blows my mind how long it took for this man to be caught. I was captivated throughout the series.
The jazz playing in the background is distracting and disrespectful to the victims. Does not match with the story.
This podcast is extraordinarily well done and sensitively reported. Kudos to Paige St John and her producers!
Definitely worth the binge listening. I was enthralled. The research, writing and presentation of the story are excellent. Bravo to the writers, producers and to Paige for excellent work.
This podcast is more than amazing. Spectacular research, story telling, and imagery. I've watched a ha full of documentaries on this man and none of them scratch the surface of what this podcast covers. It's so hauntingly good that I had nightmares. I told my husband to listen because I thought it was amazing and he had nightmares. True crime is sensationalized frequently, but this took a raw, real, human approach to the cases.
Great research
Highly recommend.
Excellent podcast that brings all the various groups of cases together. I love how the timeline is explained and how they brought all the pieces together.


By Jmk712
Really well researched and very captivating. But the ads are ridiculous, way too many ads in a 45 minute podcast.
This is an incredible podcast and a remarkable presentation. This story is something we’d like to believe is fiction, but it’s essential to stare evil in the face, and know that it exists - all around us. Paige St. John does a great job keeping this storytelling moving, without intruding in any way. Well done.
Excellent, excellent podcast and reporting. I really truly enjoyed this podcast. It had me hooked from the first few minutes. I felt like I was watching a movie thriller. You will not be disappointed.
I am not really sure how a podcast for True Crime entertainment is able to criticize other mediums of how this story was told... remember the first 8 episodes of this podcast? Those were pretty salacious as well.
5 Stars
I need more of Paige St John, her voice and storytelling are just amazing, the most engaging podcast I have ever listened to!
Awesome story telling! I was freaked out after I listened to it bc it was so real!
Absolutely riveting. 5 out of 5 stars
It was Lyman Smith whose son came to mow the lawn when he found his father, not Offerman ..
What a terrible tale of big ego’s and needing to be right. I think you’re being generous not pointing the finger of police departments that cost the lives of so many!!
Did anyone else think it was appalling to hear that the childhood friend feels bad for DeAngelo?? 🤯
I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I’d recommend it. Well made and educational!
Learn from this.


By Haygd
Excellent podcast that picks up where “I’ll be gone in the dark” leaves off. Easy to become obsessed with this story and all of the issues it brings to the fore. That the focus is on the survivors of these horrific attacks, is the right thing. This is a well produced series and, while harrowing, is of incredible importance. Well done.


By MJV15
Thanks for not completely ignoring the men in the story. It does seem like an afterthought... episode 8 in a 6 part series, but I’m glad it’s included. Great job at putting people back in the mindset of the time and how backwards the view of sexual assault is and use to be.
I’m a big fan of Shrink Next Door and Dirty John— but Wondery dropped the ball on this one. What little storyline is present, becomes hard to follow because of the many tangents and onslaught of useless information. Please just tell us a story. Keep it simple, stupid.
This series was a comprehensive review of a macabre story about the impact one person’s heinous acts had on a lot of CA citizens. I have read a lot of information on the subject. Just when you thought you knew most of the facts, this podcast shared more details about a terrible period of time in multiple jurisdictions. I recommend it, not just for true crime aficionados, but for everyone who can learn to recognize warning signs that will prevent a personal crime against them.
Thank you for this podcast! As a survivor, I found this podcast helpful. It made me realize that some of my thoughts and feelings were the same as others who have experienced sexual violence. It might be hard to hear, but give it a try!
Well written and pleasant narrative. In the final episode the topic of the male victims is touched on. It was pointed out that the male victims rarely are treated as such and don’t always get heard-but the podcast itself doesn’t give us any insight into what that voice might. If they could have added more, It would be so much more compelling .
I have recommended this to countless people who love true crime. Being from California, this case has ALWAYS intrigued me. Learning who was responsible was so gratifying, and this podcast helps piece things together so well. I love this podcast so much, and have listened to it about 4-5 times now. Truly amazing work
It’s satisfying to know that even after so long, the tireless work of so many comes to fruition and justice can be served. Thank you for your excellent journalism and storytelling.
Probably the best I ever heard. Keep up the good works.
One thing that comes to light is the number of crimes this guy got away with, over a long period of time.'s chilling.
R.i.p doggy🥺🐶
I found the production gripping and compelling, with the music, sound, and interviews contributing well to the tension of the unraveling story. For a fuller and also well done take on the case, listen to Audible’s Evil Has A Name.