Reviews For Recon

I hope that they do not make you start paying for these shows because I would not have originally downloaded one, but now that I have I am glad that I took the time to watch the episodes. They are well informed, balanced (as balanced as I have ever seen the military) and well produced.
I think more works simular to this should be created and proliferated. However, FIX THE AUDIO!!!!
Very well done. Interesting, in-depth, and professional. This should be listed as a purchasable TV show instead of a free podcast. Definitely worth your time.
Exceptionally well-produced, written and edited program developed by the Pentagon Channel network. For anyone who wants an insightful view into the American service member's world ... look no further. I hope the Pentagon Channel will consider including previous RECON editions as they are equally profound and entertaining. This isn't propaganda! This is effective, unbiased, newsworthy story-telling. Watch out Dateline and 48 Hours!