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Deep truth bringing reality to the Word, the written truth of God, by showing us the Trinity in every day life so that by our example we are a witness of the reality of the Trinity.
Not for the nominal Christian that only wants to hear 'God has a wonderful plan for your life.' He does, but there is SO much more to learn about who God is and what he did for us. Rick has a gift for taking you into the bible and helping you think (like Jesus)
I have listened to the sermons given by Pastor Rick for many years. My soul has found many deep Biblical truths to chew on. In a world filled with shallow preaching Pastor Rick is refreshing and brings the deeper things of God.
Rick is one of the best expositers I've ever heard. The background information he gives adds perspective for the text without becoming redundant or irrelevent. The teaching is very much in depth for the lay person but not unbearable. Best of all is that Rick challenges the listener to think and learn from the text, instead of giving commands on what to do to be a better Christian.