The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey

Reviews For The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey

This podcast strays so far from the facts it’s actually insulting that they thought people would fall for it
Opinions are called facts in this podcast. Spreads bad info and bias ‘reports’.
I’m ok with hearing everyone’s experience and take on this crime, including the Ramsey family. In 2023, I find it shocking it’s still unsolved. Enjoyed listening to the interviews. A lot of reviews mention the bias in this podcast. Maybe, but I am capable of keeping an own mind and making my own conclusions/assumptions.
I understand how sick people are but this is so sick but I am going to college to be a forensic scientist and I understand things like this happen but something about this case doesn’t sit right with me
I have this 2 stars because it is produced well but so could not make it beyond episode 3. This show is so full of bias and conspiracies, none of which are evidence supported.
State untrue facts, leave unanswered questions. Stated that neither of the Ramsey’s handwriting matched the ransom note, but Patsy’s handwriting was found to be an 85% match and was picked out from a set of 74 samples. That’s not a match, but I can’t take this podcast seriously if they’re not even going to mention this. What about the end of the 911 call found to include three voices? Why were only Burke and Patsy’s fingerprints on the pineapple bowl?
Inaccurate content provided by cherry picked contestants an a Pro Ramsey game show.


This podcast is clearly biased in favor of the Ramsey’s. The “evidence” presented is presented so the Ramseys are presented favorable.
Couldn’t get past the third episode, the bias is loud and distracting from facts and evidence. Don’t waste your time starting it.
Don’t bother listening if you want a balanced take.
The parents of this girl went out and she was alone ? At 6 ? What ?
I have followed this case literally since I was a child and have read all the books out there- Watched all the documentaries and shows. This podcast is absolutely the best. Lots of new information/evidence was divulged in this series that I had NEVER read or heard of before! Very impressed and it’s good to hear from her older brother, John. Prior to this, I always believed the older siblings (aside from Burke) were absolutely not interested in participating in anyway- this was refreshing. Good for them. She deserves justice, they all do.
The only thing this podcast left me wondering exactly how much the Ramseys paid them to make it…it’s so incredibly biased. Let me save you some time…every episode is just “The Ramseys didn’t do it.” The research is half-baked at best. Seriously, skip it.


By LivRoo
The bias in this almost makes it unbearable to listen to. Instead of presenting facts you just listen to tapes of people saying the parents didn’t do it over and over. This podcast seems poorly researched. The facts that they do present only represent their theory. I could write 4 entire reviews of facts that just aren’t mentioned. I recommend listening to something else on this case.
This is by far an abridged version of the crime. This doesn’t even talk about the suspect of the family. This is Lou Smit version and doesn’t give full story. SHAME ON YOU!!
This podcast could have been completed in 4 episodes! The amount of time wasting and repetition is ridiculous


Wait, what The edit makes it seem as if random opinions of bystanders is part of coroner & specialists findings &!!!! What up w that letter ?!!???!!🤪


This podcast is produced so well and is truly amazing quality. However, there is a clear agenda and side this podcast is taking. It is clearly a podcast for, if not by, the Ramsey’s, more specifically John Ramsey. I find it interesting to listen to all sides and all evidence and all circumstances. Not just the ones that outline a specific narrative. This smells a lot like the tv documentaries and series that are literally just produced to defend the Ramsey’s based on speculation and are completely devoid of facts. I don’t even think for sure the Ramsey’s did it. But this podcast is completely biased and it makes it hard to listen to.


Turned it off after the first 20 minutes due to the bias involved. Even the introduction calls this case “Witch Hunt”…enough said
A podcast sponsored by…. The Ramsey Family!
was this paid for by the ramseys? also why do you keep saying a stun gun was used on her? this is heavily disputed.


I hope the find out who did this!
Please. This essentially exonerates the parents within minutes. Skip this.
This podcast was so pathetic. It was repetitive, biased, often inaccurate, and obviously funded and supported by the Ramsey family. Do not waste your time. “Listen Carefully” was a very interesting podcast about this case, and I thought I’d listen to this to get a different perspective. I made it through 4 episodes, but I should have stopped after the 1st one. Pathetic.
Was this podcast produced by John Ramsey? The way this podcast misrepresents some facts while wholly neglecting to touch upon others, while relying entirely on commentary from the Ramseys' supporters and hirelings is very suspicious. The handwriting on the ransom note matched up with Patsy's up to 95% - this podcast says it did not match the samples provided by John or Patsy - an outright falsehood. Fleet White is never mentioned - why? Jon Benet's 33(!) doctor visits over the 3 years preceding her death, and her parents' refusal to provide any explanation for them, also never mentioned. This is a complete smoke job, and anyone with even the slightest bit of suspicion about the family would be better off not wasting their time.
Smear job against the media by the Ramseys. It’s just the father, and the defense team’s interviews being played.
Lots of different professional perspectives. They have definitely ruled out the Ramsey’s, which is frustrating. John himself is in this podcasts and he just seems way more concerned with proving himself innocent than with Jon Benet losing her life. Although I don’t know how I would act if I was accused of something so horrible for 20 years. It just sits with me weird that he doesn’t really ever talk about his daughter or who she was.
Not sure who bothered on this one.Literally all the evidence in the case points to the family.
I wish you would do a podcast the facts. The DA was in bed with the Ramsey attorneys. Such a cover up…spoiler alert…the parents did it.
I listened to the first 6 episodes (and will listen to them all) but I came to read the reviews to make sure I was not being unfair in my assignment. I wasn’t. This leaves of such huge pieces of evidence. It lies (or gives half truths) on many others. Patsys handwriting wasn’t a match…. Umm that’s no the case. It couldn’t be ruled out from what I’ve heard. Many other examples of moments I’ve had to stop and say WHAT!?! If you listen to to, just make sure you also listen to other NOT Ramsey purchased coverings. In the end, this poor girl was murdered and we are no closer to solving it now than we were 20 years ago.
I have always been interested in the Ramsey case so I was eager to hear more when I saw this podcast. However, it quickly became clear that it is a very biased podcast, seemingly bank-rolled by the Ramsey family in order to clear their name. I’m shocked the podcast is putting out names of people who they accuse of possible involvement. Isn’t that defamation? The last episode I listened to dealt with people—not associated with law enforcement—stealing DNA from their “suspects” in various seedy ways. I don’t know who killed poor Jon Benet but this attempt makes the Ramsey family look more guilty, not less.
Biased and terribly researched and delivered.
I don’t have an opinion of whether it was a family member or an intruder, I think there is strong evidence for and strong evidence against both theories. Everything I’ve watched on the case bases their presentation on a biased view of what they think happened rather than logically debating the facts, evidence, theories, etc. This podcast is very biased and it assumes you accept the Ramsey’s weren’t involved and assumes that if you do think it was the Ramsey’s it’s bc you were biased by the media, instead of presenting what definitively absolves them. There are indeed a lot of seemingly “good” parents that kill their children (Chris Watts for example), so proposing they didn’t kill their child basically bc “they wouldn’t do that” is a weak argument. The problem for me is that the evidence is ambiguous in the JonBenet case (not to mention questionable due to the poor investigation by inexperienced police), so to accept it was an intruder, there needs to be definitive proof and I don’t think there is that. A good investigation would consider all possibilities and present the findings in an unbiased way. If they do have definitive it was an intruder they did not present it. It’s annoying they called “media” biased when podcasts are media and they are also biased in this podcast. I actually want to believe it was an intruder and therefore suggestible but nothing that has ever been presented accounts for all the factors that makes the intruder theory hard to swallow. I’m still undecided about what happened and I don’t think we will ever know.
This podcast is extremely one-sided, in accurate, and nothing more than Ramsey disinformation and conjecture. Terrible content produced by people who are either very dumb, or paid by the Ramsey’s.
I feel terrible for the family. I hate that people are still so suspicious of them & have such anger toward them. People don’t want the truth, they want to hear the family is guilty, even if that isn’t what happened. I’m thankful a podcast understands that and covers the investigation in the right way. Well done.
So incredibly biased. Feels like the Ramsey family paid someone to do this podcast.
A definitely Ramsey family-aligned perspective of the case, but the fundamental point remains valid: Forensic science (especially DNA testing” is better today than in 1996 and some of the DNA evidence should be tested again. Not sure we needed a whole series to make that pretty succinct point.
This was terrible! Zero research in terms of fact checking the random stuff John had to say and totally left out all the evidence that pointed to the family. I don’t care which side you believe but you have to share all the information not just what John is “cool” with. Maybe the worst podcast I’ve listened to on this case...
This is one of the most repetitive, exhaustive true crime podcasts I have ever listened to. The only reason I gave it two stars is because it has good interview clips, but every episode is exactly the same, with no advancing through the investigation. Please do not waste your time, you will end up feeling frustrated that every episode is essentially the same.
In one of the episodes, John says that he and Patsy were taking Jonbenet and Burke on a Disney cruise after they flew to meet his children on the morning of 12/26. The maiden voyage of DCL wasn’t until 1998. Disney did have a partnership with Premiere Cruise Line in the mid 80s, but that only lasted 8 years. Anyone know what cruiseline John may have been referring to?
Disappointing. Clips and information repeated many times. Follows dead end leads that weren’t worth anyone’s time. The ex-step sons of an ex-employee??? I was laughing right along with Clay (Cameron?) as he asked incredulously why in the world they would want to talk to him?! I did learn a little about the case, but that’s only because I knew nothing about it coming in.
This is a family member of Lou Smit, who was manipulated and developed a relationship with the parents early on. Silly.
Leaves out all of the evidence pointing towards the Ramsey family. Convenient. Only interviews people going with the narrative that the Ramseys’ were innocent, without having a balance of the two. Disappointing.
It’s clear from 1/2 way through the first episode that this is a piece of trash. Probably paid for by Jon Ramsey. It’s so tragic that he’s still trying to protect his disturbed son and himself instead of caring about justice for his dead daughter.
This podcast is blatantly biased. It does not include any of the evidence that might implicate a Ramsey family member. Clearly a paid storytelling of these events.