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I am really, really enjoying this podcast. It’s funny, witty, and at times even educational. The Outbreak vs Contagion was eerily prescient. My only criticisms is that there are so few! Why aren’t these coming by out weekly?
I know, it’s not a movie and it’s not based in science. But it’s fun!
Such a great pod, found you guys from Junkfood Cinema. This pod has been so very entertaining and the unique point of view with the contrasting histories of the hosts make it fascinating to me. 5 stars, though I think I’ll continue to believe “tractor beam” came from tractoring things in and not attractor....dammit
You’re amazing at podcasts and you are always so good at it
Scott is both figuratively and literally one of the most unique voices in film criticism today, and, just like he did in 80s All Over, he continues to make movies fun (regardless of their quality). Talking shop with an actual astrophysicist about the legitimacy of sci-fi plots and their execution is a fantastic idea for a podcast, and these episodes slip by quickly—it’s easy listening for the most part. Only one little gripe: I’m hoping that, as the episodes pile up, Scott rubs off on Steven and so, when he’s talking about his displeasure with a film (not when he’s declaring the real science, but just how the plot, acting, etc. makes him feel) it doesn’t come off as so humdrum and sounding like a film-school student. Just loosen up, man. Look for the sunny side in it all. 4.5 stars, to be honest, plus mad props in regards to the episode quality. Very clear audio.
This podcast talks about my favorite movies in a way that is new and refreshing. Listen to this podcast, you won’t regret a minute of it
Informative, witty, and fun, unlike Neil de Grasse Tyson.
It’s nice to hear a film podcast where the hosts get straight to the point and talk about films. Too many movie podcasts have the hosts dropping their would-be stand-up jokes throughout and not taking their own subject matter seriously. These guys are really insightful and funny but not annoying. do it. He’s always right. You guys are killing it!


Dope pod. Love the concept and these are the nerds who will rock it. I’m tired, but this pod isn’t. I’m tired.
I love the concept of the show. I always wondered how realistic sci fi movies were with certain characters and plots and what not. Scott Weinberg continues to entertain with his insights of film and sense of humor and Steven DeGennaro shines with his scientific background. I really enjoyed the first episode and look forward to future episodes.
Great new podcast! Subscribe if you love movies and science!
What a great idea and great hosts! Love the first episode and will be back week after week! Definitely check it out!