All For The Best

Reviews For All For The Best

I enjoy their openness and honesty. You can tell they have a genuine friendship and they are also low-key HILARIOUS!!
This is such a beautifully done podcost, full of vunlerabilty, and courage, and frankness. Thank you for sharing this with us!
I love that the podcast platform allows for conversations like this to continue and grow. You seem like the kind of friends I would want to have these conversations with!
Refreshing. A safe place for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+. I really appreciate the conversations they are having, and I can't wait for more episodes!
Refreshingly vulnerable, relatable and life giving.
Appreciate the invitation to be people in process with you all. Thanks for demonstrating what it can look like to work it out as you go.
Thank you, beautiful women! Devoured the first few and so looking forward to more conversations. Thank you speaking truth, tackling the hard stuff and also tossing in some laughs. I cannot wait to see where these conversations go!
When Micah Rose said "we are all made in God's image. Male, female, Transgender", I thought to myself, Wow! THAT'S something you don't hear often! (Even though we should... Cuz it's the truth!)I think I'm really gonna like this show!
I’m excited to see if this podcast can help to facilitate conversations that we’ve been too scared to have.