Reviews For PTI

These hollier than thou scum do their best insight racial hatred. Don’t most blacks have big lips?
These guys have lots of homes…but more opinions. They put in ESPN2 effort every show earning an Emmy from me!
I will never watch ESPN once PTI goes off the air.
If this becomes a Pablo vehicle, I’m out. Kimes, Gutierrez or Isola, we can talk. But “High Noon” illustrates that Pablo and Bomani needs an ensemble to succeed
Excellent commentary
If you don’t like PTI, don’t listen. Watch Fox News with your tinfoil hat army buddies sport. Take a long hike. Don’t come back.
Excellent Happy to see you back Tony and Winon have nice and safe from you attic in Chevy Chase in Chicago from my man cave Happy Labor 5 star!
Was ok show until the end. It’s a joke no need for the announcer to apologize at all. Anyone ever notice the only accents your can’t use are Asian and American black. All others are fair game
Too much raging by Wilbon, Kornheiser seems to be mailing it in. Way too much politics and always in a predictable direction. I’m loyal and hate to leave longtime shows, but I’m increasingly tempted. Pablo Torre has a real problem with people who do not look like him. Bigotry is ugly regardless of the target.
Obvi Tony and Mike are great, the classics. But I really hope Pablo is the heir apparent. Fresh takes. Not an angry old guy hating on millennials.
Hey Kornheiser - every time you speak about Rodgers or Brady, Tiger, or any other favored pampered athlete I feel like handing you a bib you jerk.


By fan.22B
Great show. listen every day!!
Two old men on the porch talking sports, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
The best of all time
That’s the only word to describe this show!
This is a great debate podcast but @mark or whatever your name is. Stop. Just Stop. Their not racists and Naomi Osaka is a GREAT tennis player. If they were racist they would be fired by whoever they work for.
I love these guys. They have great connections and they don’t shy away from tough topics. The guests host bring fun and fresh air also.
Great show with great hosts. Thanks for keeping me informed about our national sports landscape. This Appointment viewing. The best point- counter point show on TV!!
These two support blm and the communist agenda. Just two more elite useful idiots that think they will get their slice of pie while attempting to destroy this country.
Tony and Mike are the best in the business! Love the show!


By 2Skupz
Never another like this. Wish Mike and Tony appeared together more in the summer.
What is it with the availability of Friday’s podcast for download. It seems every week it’s either delayed by a day or two or just never happens? I love the show/podcast but please sort this out
Can you please figure how to load the Friday episode on, say maybe Friday? Can’t be that hard.


The best.


By ffgg13
Too hateful. Everyone is stupid to wilbon. He tells his audience to just shut up on every show! Tony does not say or do any think to get him to stop!
When I subscribed to this podcast I was under the impression that it was a sports podcast. While I have nothing against Ginger Zee, if I wanted to hear her discuss the Oscars I would have looked elsewhere. Please don’t waste space on my phone with material I don’t request.
This show has become tiresome. It plays more like a political podcast and not sports. Sports are a way to escape politics and life in general. Now I’m forced to have politics thrown in my face everywhere. It’s tiring. I unsubscribed finally. Retire already. They’re rarely on the show together.
Disney SPAM for ABC shows. If I was interested in a show about the Oscars I would find a show about the Oscars. Instead, Disney chose to push a full episode ( not a 2 min introduction) to my feed
I like Tony and Michael but they are so incredibly ignorant about soccer. Please do not even bring it up anymore since they are completely out of their depth and don’t know the basics about the sport.
I’ve been watching/listening to the show since Day 1 (almost 20 years). It’s still a good show - but not nearly what it once was. Tony K and Mike Wilbon take a LOT of time off. It’s understandable as they’re up there in age. …and while their fill-ins (Frank, Pablo, etc.) are good, it’s not the same. That being said, when they ARE both there - it’s still an entertaining show. Tony is very likable. He’s funny and grumpy and while most of his sports knowledge ended 20+ years ago - it’s fun to listen to him talk about sports… mostly sports history. I’m not sure Wilbon ever knew much of anything about ANY sport. He seems to want to befriend EVERY single NBA player to the point where it’s impossible for him to be critical (or offer ANY intellectual insight) of any player or the sport. He’s a sycophant towards most NBA players and athletes in general. He only talks about hanging out and playing golf with them. It’s downright bizarre. Also, Wilbon talks over Tony about 75% of the time and just screams over him shouting ridiculous ramblings to the point where he is just noise. Just because Wilbon has been a sports, “journalist” for a long time doesn’t mean he was ever any good at it. Despite Wilbon, PTI is STILL a fun show. PTI = B+ / Tony = A / Wilbon = D-


By ATWlll
Michael is so right about Wilt. Back in the olden days Russell was considered a better center-but all he had to do was rebound and get it to the shooters. Wilt had to rebound and then get down the court as he was an offensive threat also. They were both fantastic-but Wilt is the best ever for me.
At least a few times a month the wrong show or old episodes are uploaded on this channel across all platforms, apple podcasts, Spotify, ESPN app. It is not complicated to make sure the uploaded content matches the program.
Wilbon has jumped the shark in the past year or so. Everything is framed using race. His recent take on the masters indicated that he has no intentions on stopping either. His vitriol towards the nfl while defending the nba at every stop is also extremely annoying. Tony’s humor is the only thing holding this thing together. At this point, I skip any segment or episode that has any racial bias built into it to avoid listening to wilbons awful, uninformed commentary.
Please please please stay away from the politics. Tony and Wilson are both big lefties and Wilson in particular doesn’t know what he is talking about. His discussion on the new Georgia voting law was an embarrassment of misinformation. As someone who has been involved in politics for 40 years, I don’t tune in to hear your ignorance— rather your expertise. Shut up and talk (about sports)!
Excellent insights, funny, sincere - I like the sound of their voices. Old sportswriters are the best sportswriters. Funny how so many of you reviewers have a lot to say about Wilbon expressing his views on voter suppression in Georgia. Why must you dimwitted Trumpsters inject your hate everywhere you can? So sick of it.
I listened to the first minute of today’s show and listened to an idiot tell me that voter law was to prohibited people like him from voting? Wilbon, I usually like your takes, but I knew yours before u even spoke. It was the most uneducated take you’ve ever said. Funny, how Delaware, has more stricter voting laws then the new Georgia law, but I don’t hear all u some morons boycotting Joe Biteme! Liberals are as stupid as the day is long, and that goes for wilbon and kornheiser!
Two old men shouting. Way past their prime and relevance. But then again, ESPN obviously doesn't have better. Torre or Jalen Rose? Nah!
The OG’s in the game, love it all
I don’t think this is it. I think he should be gang tackling cancer and stacking peace prizes. Genius like this is wasted on the plebeian sports fan. Plus, one elitist hack on set at a time is the standard permissible maximum. Any other sub when needed is preferable. Thank you. —The Nobodies


Love these guys especially when it’s get personal


I used to LOVE this show. Listened or watched everyday for years. This past year or two though I find Wilbon is becoming more and more insufferable. Every episode he just yells constantly, continuously calls people stupid, and is generally always under the assumption he’s 100% correct on every argument. It’s gotten really annoying. I’ve found myself listening less and now I really don’t listen at all.
Long time listener- I absolutely love how angry Tony and Mike get about everything. If you think they’re too political or too old or too upset there are literally hundreds of other taking heads to listen too. I appreciate their shtick (Tony’s Uranus jokes never get old) and their candid talk about issues larger than sport.


A great addition to the day. i appreciate Wilbon and Tony K for depth and subjects they discuss. Important we hear
Love the insight on sports and real world issues!!!
Sounds like Mike does no prep: just walks in and rags on 1) millennials, 2) marketing people, 3) all the “other” commentators supposedly overreacting to something, 4) analytics; 5) talks about how “smart and engaging” some athlete is, 6) then works in a racism comment. Repeat. He used to be good, but now he’s phoning it in. Tony makes the show.
Thanks for the outstanding insights, daily laughs and seasoned perspective over the years!