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When it comes to discussing stocks, he does his homework. However, just about every episode has far left politics (pro-Elizabeth Warren, pro-feminism, pro-Medicare-for-all etc.) injected into it, and listening to him drone on about it gets very annoying.
I grew up watching Jim in college, but now that I am actually a professional, he sounds like every other opinionated so called expert. He is not! He misses a lot, not to mention, changes his positions in a heart beat, (Not to be confused with changing position based on data); He's too emotional to be a good stock picker, especially since his friends are in the White House now. Obviously conflicted & his picks horribly underperform my own portfolio, and he's supposedly the expert.
Cramer is an invaluable source for meaningful insight and investment ideas. Most of the talking heads in the so-called financial publications are shallow knowledge, politi-speaks. In other words, they have little knowledge or common sense, and repeat talking points that amount to nothing keep it up Cramer. We need you
A great exercise on the how and the why on market fundamentals. Listening to Cramer gives incite as to how to trade the stock market.
Cramer is hitting on all cylinders.
In a world where financial illiteracy is like fog over America Jim Kramer is the lighthouse. This will not be your last stop on the road to financial independence but it is the first step.
The dude talks 200mph. For real. All investors need to have this chap in their ears. Even my kids like this podcast because of THE LIGHTNING ROUND SKEEEEEDADDLE!!!!
I have listened to mad money for years. The advertising mid stream is annoying at best.
Looking for 10/12-10/13 episodes! Love the podcast as I’m unable to catch it on TV!
I don’t have a problem to ca the giroftu
My job is not just to entertain you but to educate you. We learn best with some laughter and Jim does a great job using some fun to deliver his topic.
Big Booyah, coming from west side of LA CA. I’m getting tons of knowledge from you my man. Good looking out. I’m 49, with 20k in a Roth IRA. By the time I’m 70.5, I’ll have at least 200 k. No doubt. Keep doing what u do. I got SPY 500 and ten individual stocks, including FANG of course :-)
This is a good podcast.
What’s up with the download?
Why is there no more updates after Feb/9/18? Same for Fast Money podcasts. Is CNBC cutting these shows’ podcasts?
Love Jim Cramer. But very disappointing not to get new episodes this week (whole week). Bummed. Please update. Thank you


Can’t believe this is a free show, great advice, rarely wrong and owns up when he is.
Thanks for making Mad Money available on podcast.
Substantive and engaging! Love the show.
Refer to title
Every minute or so there is some paper rustling sound and it is irritating.
Love Jim Cramer - he does his homework and encourages you to do the same. Great stock and market analysis - cuts through the fog and lets you see more clearly.
Daily listener. I need my Mad Money podcast.
Love this podcast!! It suddenly stopped...? I'm Withering on the vine
I am a huge fan of mad money and I have been following it or a long time. It was so much convenient having a video podcast which I can see during my commute to work. Please please please get the video podcast back. We cannot follow by just listening easily. Also the podcast is not being updated after Aug 5, 2016
I loved listening to this podcast every day. Now it has stopped with no warning whatsoever...please put it back CNBC.
No new episodes this week, is the podcast cancelled? Love this podcast otherwise, Cramer is the best!
I like to listen just to hear what to short! Thanks buddy.
Doctor Cramer where is video?
Seriously!? Have you looked at the markets lately?
Cramer u are one smart crazy old man, good stuff!
I think many would agree that this guy cares more to be of entertainment value than anything else. That's how he makes money now, not practicing what he preaches in a large way.
Jim Crammer does a TV show but I listen to his show through the podcast. I get so much motivation and education from Mad Money. The podcast version is entertaining. Jim started this show on the radio and he uses sound effects that work on the podcast.
This is one of the most inconsistent podcasts I deal with. Sometimes it plays correctly and sometimes I doesn't play at all. I know it's easy to just say it's something with the podcast app but even when I downloaded other podcast apps to play this one, it errors out too. What is wrong with his "team"?
Almost once a week the recording of the podcast is faulty in some way. Today there’s only five minutes out of a 43 minute recording. Other times it’s missing altogether, or is missing for days after the show. Old news is ... old news. If I could see the show live, or watch it on the CNBC website I would, but it’s near impossible to find the entire show online and I can’t watch TV at showtime. It’s hard to give the show only four stars, but if it’s regularly not there, then I can’t give it five.
CNBC Please bring back the video podcast. :( #disappointdwithCNBC #cnbc
I have big goals in my life and one of the tools that I will need is money. Jim has years of wisdom he passes down to his viewers and listeners. If I ever make it to be a huge philanthropist that I want to be, I will remember where my help came from. God and Jim Cramer.
I have been listening to Cramer for years.He is right,he is even wrong sometimes.but he tells it like it is.This podcast is very entertaining.
We need to have more than the previous 6 or so episodes available to us. I'm looking for older ones, but can't get them. :(
CNBC should have two types of versions: one without video for faster download and one with video for those of us who need the video version.
I used to download this Podcast everyday. There is no video just audio now. Bring back the video Podcast.
Please bring back the video. The CNBC app is not as good. I don't mind the commercials but it's not as versatile.
Jim is an incredibly smart man. Love the way he breaks down his strategies and all the lingo that comes with the trade. He helped get me started and couldn't have asked for a better way. I highly recommend this podcast.
Bring back the video? My Apple TV is useless without having the video.
How can we follow charts discussions, etc. without a video? Need to include video for full functionality; until then back to watching on my comp when have time.


Please bring back the video! Very difficult to figure out what you are talking, when explaining graphs and all I get is an audio. Been almost 6 months now with no video.
I've been watching for years on my computer (I don't own a TV or subscribe to Cable…that's how I can afford to invest!) Are the video podcasts gone forever? What's going on?!? Jim Cramer help us cord cutters stay in your ecosystem. We’re the future man, don’t make the mistake of cutting us out of the picture! - bummed out fan