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Doesn’t update
They go a whole week without uploading one. Some weeks they skip a day or two. Undependable at best
Cramer is one of the smartest people on fin'l news. He's been in the trenches unlike most fin'l reporters who never put their money on the line. One of the few who cares about the small investor. I value his opinion, eventhough I don't always agree with him - particularly about Larry Crudlow that compromised, political, tuckus lickin political hack.
Show is classic boomer and a little low energy, but my real problem is the advice seems like something out of a 90s chain email. Podcast like RealVision or Rebel Capitalist provide real insights derived from data. Cramer is more a entertaining character; thats great but I prefer real quants who talk more then their own book all day.
AWOOGA Jim is a hunk and makes me makes me making me make money 💴 the only downside is he likes biden and obabe 😡😡😡 intellectuals know that trump is the best, 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 I love this podcast but hate jimmy bo bimmy !!!!
I like money money money!!! I love when my beautiful claws grab the money!!! I can pay my workers nothing!!! Berger money good money money money!!! Money good gib mor ples I ned mooooony!!!! Me restaurant good money look at me🦀!!! Also gib mor money Craimer gibed me money to say this!!! I need money!!! Uno triliano no enoof 4 me!?!? Trump is majestic leader who know da money!!! Lower taxes ples I payed 1$ sad money gone😭!!! I know!!! Hi I’m egirl UwU what’s you bank and card numbers cutie!!! Trump great epic amazing!!!
Why do you update podcast so inconsistently??where are those missing episodes? Since Jim has super strong accent, please write down all tickers and companies he mentions in the notes of podcast!
Podcasts haven’t been being released
Jim, host of the Mad Money podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I listened this show for 4 months straight every day. If you do that and pay close attention, you will find out this guy pumps up certain stocks multiple times and he is not consistent on his opinions. I believe he gets paid to elevate certain stocks, not only in this podcast, but also during TV time. Moreover, every time his recommendations don’t work, he always blames somebody else. Pay attention and you will see the pattern. I can’t deny his show was entertaining at the beginning, but it has been very disappointing after a few weeks. It is not the worst, but I would not recommended it. There are more knowledgeable and less compromised analysts out there.
Check the video of him admitting to lying to other traders with false info after shorting a stock to manipulate ppl into selling so he can make profit off the false info. It’s an older video. Also to commenter that he’s a leftist, LOLLL. Are you this sycophantic you the right and Drumpf that this guy who loves Drumpf is a leftist? Seek help loser.
Seems kinda LEFT to me! Can’t take advice from someone that thinks Biden is intelligent 🤦‍♂️
Chill man is the best !!!
Jim’s show is an invaluable resource for investors. He explains why the market behaved the way it did (usually in 1st 10 minutes), from outside influences to big money repositioning, to algorithms gone wild. He also offers many good ideas for investments that have long running secular themes.
This is a great show and pod cast but the only thing is it’s to short it’s need to be longer it goes by so fast it needs an 15 minutes
1 star for allowing the Edge to go out under the mad money program banner. Mad money itself I would rate around a 4 - likely 4 or higher when Cramer finally stops incessant start and end of show babbling about COVID Edge is garbage, more typical of the rest of MSNBC
I can only say positive things about Jim Cramer and the show! I have learned so much, became a better investor all the while being very well entertained! I miss the video podcast tremendously though. However, there is a GIGANTIC drop off in talent with the “on the edge” fill-in show. I miss Mad Money tremendously. should they not find a guest host like Leno was to Johnny Johnny Carson???? Huge shoes to fill, but a guest host wound beat what CNBC is doing currently. they need to be grooming someone to fill the role when Mr. C needs much deserved time off
Too political, tries to treat it like it’s a tv show, the CEO he interviewed was good but Jim Cramer himself isn’t. Doesn’t feel like a podcast, it feels like it’s a tv show without the video
You think All CEOs are good guys. They run more companies in to the ground and don’t care anything about the workers. I’ve seen American company sold out the foreign companies. You don’t ask questions like how do they take care of their employees. And your operations in the USA. Since you never had a real job in your life. And believe in higher taxes. Since you’re a democratic socialist. You need to wake up.
Lightning round is awesome, am I diversified? is awesome, he gives away the stock baskets for free, interviews are awesome. Every segment of the show is filled with wisdom. Even the callers are awesome. Because awesome people watch awesome shows.
This is not TV where we can see your facial expression. Are you even opening your mouth or are you practicing to become a ventriloquist?
Podcast is reality show on investing with little to no info
And tries to deny it which is hilarious
Entertaining and educational....AND CHING CHING!!! This is my crack!!!!!
You continue to alienate a good part of your audience Cramer. I hoped it would be more tolerable after Biden was elected but not a chance it actually got worse. Bloomberg and the Motley Fool have picked up where CNBC left off.
I never miss an episode, and always make money!
Cramer is very good as an educator. He has the heart of a teacher. If you are looking for a pure stock picker, look elsewhere. I prefer to learn and make my own choices. I also use other information in my research. Some have said he is too political. I take exception to that. He has tried to be politically agnostic while a president that has no clue tweets out vomit daily. This makes the numbers meaningless, and stock selections based on the news and emotion. Listen, learn and use what you embrace. Toss what you don’t agree with. Meanwhile, don’t watch if you disagree with his style. I like it.
I used to watch every day first thing in morning and at 5PM for Mad Money. You have become way too political, probably wanting to appease the NBC Libs. Have some backbone, dude!
Jim is great at telling you what you should have done last week. Crazy Jim ...
Thank you Mr. Cramer .. The BEST ....
More missed days. Disappointing. Add at the end says use Peacock. You are not there either Jim we count on you. Two down days. Jimmy chill. Don’t chill out to much. I love the wisdom and the energy No Friday two weeks in a row. What’s the game plan? Nothing to review. Not another Friday missed. Who is dropping the ball? Below Jim’s high standards
I've been listening/ watching to mad money for years. Jim's show is more than what stock to buy, its about a bottom-up analysis keeping in mind the global environment so that an investor can think things through and make their own decisions. I even appreciate the canned sessions that explain the fundamentals. Its all valuable... and if I hear it again for the fifth time and actually apply it I become a better investor. Mad Money levels the playing field for all investors and I thank you for all you do.


If you listen to this menial minded mouth breather I don’t feel sorry for you. Ask yourself this...would you ever get financial advice for a person with animal sounds and idiotic greetings? He’s a tv idiot not anyone who can give financial advice. He is right just under 50% of the time...if you want a coin flip I suppose this is your idiot.
At this point your show is now unwatchable. Your financial analysis and willingness to help that every day investor is amazing. Unfortunately it gets canceled out by your continual political views and racial bullying of anyone who does not agree with your stance.
If you’re going to listen to a single financial expert you’re doing yourself a disservice. Listen to several. In my opinion Jim should be included in that group of experts. He runs a great show and his fiery passion is unmatched. He’s also hilarious! Keep up the great work Jim and thank you!
Good financial information sparsed through the daily corona and blm diatribes from j money. We get it, u woke bro. You also lost a listener. Congratulations
Jim, host of the Mad Money podcast, highlights all aspects of business, investment and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
This show is a must watch each day for market wrap-up and the exceptional guests Cramer has. Always great analysis
Very good
Jim is the best, make it simple and helped me make money!!
Very generic coverage that offers no real substance. Always has some concocted rationale for the market movement when in reality....probably doesn’t know. I would appreciate more authenticity.
On CNBC Mad Money is not broadcasted in Europe unfortunately. So the podcast is the best way to follow Jim Cramer
This is the CNBC Mad Money Show in podcast format. I'm way too busy to sit in front of the TV so I listen to it this way. Why do I listen to this show? Simply put, Jim Cramer is the most honest and straightforward financial advisor personality out there. Aside from being very entertaining, he'll give you insight into today's relevant businesses with guest CEO from the biggest companies. He'll present simple analysis along with light reasonable opinion from the day's trading session to tomorrow's speculations, all to help you make money. Cramer gives his audience peace of mind regarding investment decision making. Frankly, in these UNPRECEDENTED times, every investor should listen! C'mon! It's only a 50 minute daily podcast? If you're actively investing or trading in the stock market and you don't have time to tune into the show on CNBC, you need to at least try one episode. You're welcome. Cesar B. Bakersfield, CA
Jim’s a beast
I’ve been listening to Mad Money before 2009. Jim does a great job showing us what’s out there and what additional info we need to look at. Obviously he can’t cover everything and every detail of the company on TV so you need to do your homework. Just because he has a CEO on the show it doesn’t mean that you should be buying stocks of that particular company. I especially appreciate the fact that he has Senator Warren on the show, not because I’m her fan, but to share what she has to say. America is great because we can voice our opinions freely. Keep up with the great work Cramer!
Rating the show poorly just because Cramer heard Elizabeth Warren’s point of view demonstrates what makes America less than great. People that rated the show poorly because Kramer listened to Elizabeth Warren’s point of view and re-evaluated his position need to learn from his example. To make America great again, people need to be able to hear other points of view and challenge their own.
Wow had no idea Kramer was a Warren fan Very disappointed Thought Kramer was a capitalist Can’t figure out why anyone would want Warren in charge Wake up America
His love affair with Warren is getting to be ridiculous. Since early in the primaries he has been pretty much endorsing her. This interview tonight was ridiculous.