Not What You Thought You Knew

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I’m a huge believer that behind every great innovation and mind-bending idea, is a teacher, a guide, an example and a mentor. Then, there is the exception to the rule. The original free thinker. One Example is my great aunt Lou. I never asked her what the impetus was to become a chiropractor or How she ever heard about it. She was born on a small Southern Illinois farm in 1900. Her father was deceased and her mother died in 1918 from the Spanish flu. She then found the first school of its kind, Palmer Chiropractic, located in Iowa. She managed her tuition, room and board, and was one of the first women in America to graduate. When she died in 1995, she was the longest practicing female chiropractor in the United States. Just saying, there’s a story that starts for every 1st. Keep them coming please. 🏆 And any person who rates a podcast lower due to the number of episodes or “waiting to see where it goes”, just grow up and rate them solely on the content
Can’t wait for the next series. Super interesting bits of information.
Her curiosity and enthusiasm come through loud and clear. More, more, more!
More episodes please!
I really enjoyed this show, but there haven’t been any new episodes. Really a bummer.
Interesting topics but politically biased.
Unfortunately the initial episode is more about liberal ideology than history. Let’s hope further work will move beyond simply promoting a particular agenda.
She has a great speaking voice, enjoyable to listen to. The guests are also quite interesting in regards to their studies. I look forward to more episodes