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The good part of spreading the lie, is you will die I’d COVID, and one less dumb idiot on the radio
Very informational program about what is happening spiritually in America and throughout the world
Your recent episode with the speaker at AOC’s Town hall meeting shows how deceptive you are. Rep. Cortez never advocated eating babies and is dishonest to suggest that she does because one crazy speaker carried on about it. I also find it amusing how your show continues the narrative that American evangelical Christians are persecuted victims in a country where they are 70%+ of the population.
I really enjoyed this episode with Neal Jackson.
There aren’t many news sources with a Biblical Worldview. This is one trustworthy podcast. This is not for liberals with a closed mind. I’ve been so encouraged by listening over the years. In addition to news you’ll be thoroughly entertained and encouraged by the content
Provides remarkably timely information about various important topics. If you’re an atheist or liberal, you won’t appreciate the value Crosstalk provides. But if you’re a Bible- believing Christian, Crosstalk is an excellent source of information that isn’t easy to find in today’s crazy world.
Thank you for doing such a good job keeping up with current events and giving productive commentary.
Just normal right-wing evangelical crap with no relation to reality.
Have been listening for over a year. This is one of the few places I can hear "the other side of the story". I am thankful for shows like this where I can escape the ostrich farm. With the raw truth under attack these days I fear this station too will catch the arrows.
If i wouldn’t know any better I would think this is a satire show. Sometimes it is so over the top ridiculous that it pains. “Oh that Obama he is just like Hitler. He is going to put all of us Christians into Fema-Camps!” Nevertheless, they are serious about it, that is why I have to give them …. 1 Star.


My husband and I really enjoy this show because it is solid in biblical truth pertaining to everyday events and our ever changing politically correct world. They do not bend to the pressure to show more tolerance but give honest humble truth.
Your episode on weed is insane... so much misinformed information preached as if it was sound scientific evidence. Weed is more harmful than cigarettes? FALSE! Weed is a gateway addictive drug? FALSE! Weed is harmful to the human organism? FALSE. You may be able to argue WHEN SMOKED the smoke can cause some mild issues. BUT this has NOTHING to do with the drug itself! Likewise it is harmful to inhale burning leaves or certian plants. STOP MISINFORMING THE PUBLIC. If you want to preach something as scientific fact then BACKUP YOUR CLAIMS WITH EVIDENCE. Bottom line, crimilizing someone for using a PLANT is a huge blow to our so called "freedom". This isn't a war on drugs... its a war on conscious states of mind. The only reason weed is illega is because of the race war. Do your reasearch. Watch "The House I Live In" Terrrible job.
This is always interesting. You never know what the topic will be but it is always something that you want to learn more about. Great guests. I like the personalities of the hosts. I have listened to this show for about 3 years and I never miss an episode.
A great show about what is currently going on in the world, from a perspective of God's word and truth. It really brings to light how the world, those who live in it, and those who live of it, are attacked and affected by current events. The show also provides what action we can take, either physically, or prayerfully, or both to help stand up for God's truth and love and letting it prevail.


By dmk2113
I listen to this show daily but only out of sheer morbid curiosity. I'd give it five stars just as a function of how compelling it is, but somehow that doesn't seem right. Content is one star, presentation is ten stars. I guess I'll settle on three.
What a strange name for this show. Christ crucified is rarely mentioned. I think PoliticsTalk would be a more fitting name. It's God's kindness that leads people to repentance. Telling sinners that they're sinning is not going to change anyone.
This is just pure hate mongoring. Seriously cannot believe Apple would actually allow a podcast with this crap.
Unabashedly Christian and unashamed of the Gospel. If you are offended, take a look at your moral compass.
What evolution, politics, and homosexuality have to do with forgiveness of sins is beyond me, but these guys manage to tie them all together! Hooray for them.
Thank you so much for your show! You have really helped me to apply a much more biblical view on issues in our society. There are many things in the modern church world that have made me very uncomfortable, but I didn't quite know WHY! Your shows and subjects have really helped me in this area! Thank You! Please don't stop posting your shows to iTunes - that is how I can listen to it...
This is the news analysis Christians need to hear. I especially liked it when Ingrid spoke about the Carrie Prejean controversy--showing the difference between "pop" christianity and real Christianity.
I like to stay up on what our government is doing as it relates to issues of faith. This is one of the best ways. Not only do the announcers know their scripture but they also bring expert timely analysis to these very relevant matters. Thanks for having this program on iTunes.
Christians need to listen to this to be informed of current issues...This will stimulate your mind.
Probably one of the BEST talk shows I have ever heard! IF you are offended then it is your lifestyle, and it needs to change. IF you are offended, and a Christian, then you need to revisit your interpretation on doctrine. If you are convicted, then GOD is using this ministry to bring you to him! Download them all and listen…..