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I’m an EMS student and really enjoy learning even more about medicine! This podcast is both informative and really interesting! I think the voices are very relaxing and nice to listen to, and the sound effects are a great touch. I have to say, this is one of my favorite podcasts to date.
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I feel like I would love this podcast... BUT the first one I clicked on started out talking about BLM. I’m tired of hearing about it, so I clicked on another one. That one started talking about a man who “didn’t disclose” if he wanted to be called he or she. So he was called “they” throughout the podcast. Pretty sure if a man doesn’t disclose that he want to be called she, they should be called he! Made it so confusing throughout the podcast.


This has been a great country and for you all to start this episode stating your support for an organization that was based on a lie and is hell bent on destroying this country is appalling and disappointing! I will no longer support this podcast!
I have enjoyed this show but the episode on the anti vaccine movement/Andrew Wakefield begins by saying the hosts are not here to argue in favor or against vaccines. This kind of equivalency—“good people on both sides”—is the exact reason the anti-vaccine movement is still with us. I am deleting this podcast.
I love the way you bring in medicine and almost allow the listener to “figure out” the medical mystery! This podcast inspired me to go back for a nursing degree! Can not recommend enough :)
Great podcast. Love how there is no dumb banter between speakers, that ruin so many other podcasts. They get right to the topic. The only negative is how in the mental health series, the male speaker kept mispronouncing schizophrenia.
I wish people would stop carping about Molly’s diction and cadence. Having lived in Philadelphia for all of my 70 years, youse guys have no clue what bad voice is!🤣
If topics were presented neutrally it would be a lot better. Many episodes are very biased in one way or another. The worst of which being the Autism one. They were just as biased as the person they were talking about and negatively spoke about majority and religious ethnic groups which in some simple research have very different opinions then the ones forced labeled upon then. Frankly it was cringe worthy listening as they made all issues people might have with vaccines into one - autism, and ignored the many valid points that people might have in regard to vaccinating such as being medically fragile or family history leading to increased risk. The point they tried to force was the government stepping in to force everyone to do as they said which is something that shouldn’t happen as it is the 21st century and forced medical procedure by the government is generally seen as abusive and unethical.
Molly’s tone is the only thing that keeps me from listening to this podcast all day long . Her intonation and inflection could certainly use some work. If you’re looking up 100% peer reviewed research look it up yourself this is for entertainment!
I can’t get past Molly’s voice. It’s very drag and kind of bores me a tad. Some of the info provided is very intriguing but I feel he’d be better off doing this by himself. Her tone of voice makes me just want to turn it off.
I was enjoying this podcast until the episodes regarding Andrew Wakefield.
... I just can’t deal with Molly’s ridiculously over-dramatic enunciation.
Not as scientific as they think they are. Fairly poor research. I would say bias research too.
For example, Panic Virus Part 1. At 5:16, the narrator states, “...[W]hen we first get vaccinated, the body is at risk of getting the very disease it is trying to protect against.” This is NOT true of killed vaccines! And, at 13:35, “Take polio, for example; a disease that would be extremely strange and alarming to see in someone today, because we have inoculated it entirely.” That sentence makes no sense. You don’t inoculate a disease. And it’s not just a typing mistake, because if they meant “eradicated,” that’s not true, either. Sometimes the stories are interesting even though the writing is poor (would be nice if they’d hire someone skilled in English grammar to edit the manuscripts), but this episode has so many factual errors I’m deleting it and Part 2.
Interesting stories but Mollys speaking voice is just too off putting. The last word of every sentence is accentuated so muucchh.
Well done!!
Love the narrators and their voices!
Love it but hate the music. It would be much better without the back ground music.
No tonation. Very monotone and boring voice. Thank goodness for co host, who is slightly more animated. Good topics though. The Familial insomnia topic has way too many names/ characters and is confusing.
The narrators speak slowly and monotone and I love. I can fully understand what is being said. It’s nice to have a podcast that does not rapidly hurl speech, but talks at a moderate pace. I find the pace sophisticated and educational. I love Parcast’s style. This is your signature style! Do not change.
I wish I could say I like this. I wish I could say it’s not obvious they have a very specific view point on every topic. I wish I could say they aren’t monotonous and boring for even a supposedly good subject. I wish I could say they chose good topics. I can not say any of these things. Yet again Parcast lets you down with a wonderful premise but lack luster performance.
I love that this podcast uses everyday language to describe illnesses and their pathology. It’s an easy and entertaining listen for anyone in or out of the medical profession. I’m SO glad I found this podcast!!!❤️❤️❤️
Love the podcast, but it sometimes drifts to other topics like the hiccup girl
I was really excited to listen to this podcast at first because I listen to podcasts during my workday and I love ones like this. The narrators voices makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to listen to. There is no enthusiasm. It was almost boring me to sleep.
When I found this podcast I listened the first few episodes in a very short amount of time, really liked them. Being in the medical field, I can say they aren’t just interesting but also very accurate. I’v already recommended it to all my colleagues !
I didn’t think I’d like this podcast as much as the other ones on Parcast but It’s turned out to be one my favorites. So many interesting stories. Also y’all have grey voices. Y’all should do a story on Alien Hand Syndrome!:)
The medical mysteries every week is my favorite time of the week! I love listening to it on my way to class ( Studying to be a medical assistant). And another great thing is more than once have I used your stories for a topic for a paper I have to write!!
I enjoyed the first few stories, they were factual and very interesting. I canceled my subscription when they started trottng out a lot of "Global Warming" scare tactics. They are trying to link future outbreaks of flesh eating bacteria and hanta virus to climate change without any scientific evidence. It's worth noting that bubonic plague wiped out 1/3 of the population of Europe in the late middle ages - a period of time AFTER the Medieval Warm Period when the earth was slipping into the "Little Ice Age". Epedemics and pandemics existed on this planet and resulted in far more significant death tolls long before the industrial revolution. It's really intellectual dishonesty comming from an otherwise medical/scientific podcast. If I wanted to listen to people bloviate on climate change, state hypthesies as facts and wax large on all the bad stuff that might, but probably won't happen, I'd listen to a political podcast.
It’s pretty fun to listen to interesting diseases and the stories about how they were solved! I’m a Biomedical PhD student, so it helps keep the motivation up! Occasionally, they pronounce things incorrectly and inconsistently but overall I really enjoy the podcast!
I love learning about the dieseses that they are talking about.
Ok so I love it but idk make more I’m not sure but I’m gonna stop writing this cause I don’t know what I’m doing LOL 😅
My Goodness, her radio voice is absolutely blistering. Its like an unpolished form of the other female host she seems to be trying to emulate. Its terrible. Its just terrible. I downright can’t do it and I’ve listen to most of Parcasts material, and loved it, but dear God shes trying too hard and it just, hurts.
Every moment is riveting! The information & story line are excellent. I wait with baited breath for every episode.
I’d have to say, it’s a really good podcast. The only thing that I would recommend that they do is well have some humor. Make it fun. You know what I mean? I am really addicted to it. It’s really good.
Interesting things I had not heard before.
I love the amount of research and effort that goes into each episode! All Parcast podcasts are fabulous!
I have to say that this is an amazing show. The subjects are amazing and the hosts are wonderful too. I enjoy the varied and interesting medical mysteries so far. I've just discovered this podcast last night and have listened to several stories already. I will enjoy catching up and seeing what new and wonderful things you come up with.
I love the idea of the podcast, but it is poorly done. The topics are mostly boring, the hosts are annoying, and the research seems shoddy. In other words, the same as every other parcast podcast ever made.
Lots of potential/promise with the topics, but the writing is way over-dramatized with soap opera style conjecture, and the narration is annoying and distracting. Sorry but Molly needs vocal coaching or a replacement, and the constant switching back and forth between the narrators every other sentence is jarring.


By plisas
Keep to scientific facts not conjecture
Occasional interesting info but some seems trivial (like Leisure Sickness—really?) Also, Molly’s voice just puts me off: so glib, self-conscious, and almost patronizing. Can’t really articulate it, probably just me.
Using CE and BCE drives me nuts. “BCE” should be “Uncommon Era” to be consistently ignorant. What is gained by making up an illogical and meaningless letter substitution for two letters that the whole world uses. I enjoyed the podcasts on the Italian family and their “curse” relating to sleep. But in the beginning you mention the teenager who set the record for lack of sleep and said that he fully recovered, he didn’t. He had some mental problems after his ordeal, that was undertaken to try to win a science fair contest.
Love science and medicine, but NOT loving the over-the-top drama. The writing for this show is poor; its cheesy, exaggerated, and distracting. The focus of the show is the content itself and intrigue of the biology/medicine - definitely doesn’t need terribly delivered and overdone storytelling to make it interesting. Please consider new narrators, sorry but the female voice needs some coaching. Very annoying.
This is such an interesting podcast. I absolutely love the background and detail put into it. I am very interested in these kinds of stories and hope you can release more per week! :)
If you like hearing the same things over and over, you will love this podcast.