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By Zvgrlin
That is so cool


If you are looking for Liberal lies and to have someone tell that feelings mean more then facts look no further you have found one of many propaganda headquarters right here
Please tell Shumita that Lula’s last name is Da Silva not De Silva.
Good to have more coherent, fact based journalism expressed on another platform.
Always focus on value judgment, never provide solution to real problem. Treat the common public as retards.
Thanks for being voice of Iran.


I did not ask to listen to this and got added to my list. Dont.
Purely politically motivated news with zero value
correction 10/7/2022 episode- the Astros did not “beat” the Dodgers in 2017 World Series, the Astros cheated and their actions have been recognized by the league. Cheaters shouldn’t be considered winners. posted years ago: Everytime they mention the Kardashians or celebrity break ups they loose a star. I want news not gossip!
This podcast is a nice way to get up to speed at the start of the day. I’d like it a bit more longer and in depth, evolving it from a teaser to get you to read the articles referenced, to more it’s own stand alone thing (perhaps an idea for a third podcast?). That said, it does what it’s designed to do really well. Getting you up to speed and if you listen to it in the News app, it’ll nowadays play the voice recording of the highlighted news item automatically. Additionally they’ve also started producing the “conversation” podcast, which is a podcast with interviews, going more in depth on a specific topic. It is sad that so many reviewers seem to have developed a brain rot due to exposure to biased “news” like Fox News, that they can’t help themselves but fail to recognize proper no-nonsense factual reporting of the current day atrocities in this country. If you can appreciate getting an appetizer of the day to day headlines then this is the perfect podcast for you. If however you’d rather be told how you’re the victim of everything that happens and want to be coddled at the first thought of systemic issues and how you *gasp* might be a part of it, then it’s best to stay clear and listen to uncle Carlson instead.
Avoid political news. You appear to be biased promoting left's agenda
But I am a fan of Apple News Today! I listen to it almost every morning with my coffee. My only complaint is that it feels a little lonely now that Duarte Geraldino is no longer on the show. I hope Apple adds a second host again since having two felt a little more like I listening to my friends catching me up on the days news.
Terrific quick cuts of the days best news. No commentary just the news. Great way to start my day!
This Podcast is clearly a left leaning, political trash dumpster fire. Their views could even be considered racist! Please stay away from the propaganda machine of Apple News! In multiple episodes, they claim the greatest danger is “white conservatives”, that’s racist!
Perfectly good news podcast, ignore the comments from right-wingers who want every news podcast to coddle their feelings, it’s among my daily drivers, minimal editorialising.
I enjoy how brief and well produced this show is. There’s always a nice variety of interesting stories and current events.
As an informed hard working citizen, I need this news, in this format, I appreciate it daily. Please keep it up. It’s a difficult time for our nation, and I’m grateful to stay informed, with a mix of warmth at times too.
This is my daily opener, great way to start the day with a simple and plain review of the daily news. The details are left to the writers of the articles mentioned, while this show presents the highlights with links provided in the show notes. Shumita has a great podcast voice and I wish the team luck in finding a comparable successor to Duarte. The only bias in this podcast is to the facts. If you can see bias in this reporting of headlines, it might be time to turn the mirror on yourself.
Their voices are great! And they are straight to the point. Almost sounds like NPR
Great initiative by Apple. The hosts are likeable and the news are relevant. I noticed some people complaining of “bias” in this review section with many saying that they lean left. I disagree, and I’m pretty confident they’re plain wrong. You cannot make reality biased, and that is exactly what they are asking for. If something bad happens, you report on it, you don’t try to make it “balanced,”reality is not balanced, it just is, some people don’t like reality, and that’s their problem.
I enjoy it. You will see a lot of reviewers who want to live in a different reality but check it for yourself. It’ll take you only 10 or so minutes to decide if it’s for you. I don’t think people leaving bad reviews even know what ‘the left’ is anymore.
Well produced, and I wish it just reported the news only rather than a bias left editorial. Please create a separate political/editorial podcast and use this to share non-bias news. Your pushing away half the country.
I thought, based on Tim Cook’s prior statements during interviews, that Apple would respect the believes of those on the left and the right. Unfortunately, this podcast leans a specific way, and is very clear in its messaging. The podcast is definitely not centered, and this disappoints me, especially coming from Apple.
This is my favorite news podcast. The host’s voice keeps me engaged, and I like the mix of stories. I don’t find it particularly biased in either direction.
Awful Antiwhite show.
It gives great information and great insight!
This used to be a good news program, reviewing recent news highlights and delving deeper. Today, in a world where we’re about to change women’s reproductive rights, there’s a war in Ukraine, multiple mass shootings in the news… they chose to discuss: The IRS is busy, It’s getting warmer at night, and whether Tom Cruise’s running in movies has improved. What an epic failure of this “news” program.
The new guy is talking too fast. Maybe he was nervous, but I was looking for a 3/4 speed play button, so that it can sound normal.
I love reading the reviews from the Trumpy Q Cult. But they’re wrong. Way wrong!
It’s just stories about abortion now.
Reasonable, common sense reporting. I like that all the podcast episodes are about 10 minutes or less, it’s perfect for when I’m doing housework.
I left after puff piece on billionaire Leon Cooperman, Wordle and Kamala Harris (I’d rather hear policy), and reputation laundering of Louis DeJoy (mail-in ballots succeeded despite his efforts, not because of his efforts). Focus has returned to news — bad, good, hard, and light hearted.
Apple News Today provides excellent coverage of the daily top stories, providing short blurbs based on longer articles. However, since Duarte Geraldino left, they’ve become unreliable - often not releasing episodes until late in the day.
I just want to respond to those who have commented that this news source seems less middle of the road and increasingly biased toward the left. The nation and the world are trending right, far far right. So, y’all are dead wrong. This is not a far left source, this is just a source that is not following the trend right and so seems far left. Readjust your vision and you will see more clearly.
Straw man arguments abound. Clearly the producers/editors have an agenda they are pushing. The labels used to describe each side of an argument do not ascribe to neutral language, the guests/interviews are designed to push a specific narrative. Disappointed in the lack of intellectual curiosity by the Apple team.
Seemed to be unbiased, but now leftest views seem to be being pushed.
keep on seeing people say that this podcast is supporting the left, it’s biased, blah blah blah, but they never think that maybe the truth reveals the horrors of the right.
Just more liberal propaganda and lies
We liked how apple news radio seemed to not lean left or right before. Lately it is bearing more to the left. Why can’t the news just report facts and let people think for themselves?
I switched to Apple News Today exclusively the moment I discovered it. It’s been a lovely two years and so excited for more to come. Sad to see Duarte leave but wishing him the best of luck in his next chapter.
Wow the 5 star reviews are laughable. Apple sure has the bots lighting up these reviews. Joke
I honestly don’t know why this podcast has 3.4 stars. I think it a good news to start off your day. It’s quick and to the point, some people don’t have 20+ minutes in the morning to listen to different news podcast. Of course depending on my mornings I’ll enjoy a long podcast but this one is just enough for now.
This “News” podcast is an extremely left-wing and socialist/statist biased podcast. The language choices, gushing love for COVID mask and vaccine mandates and obsession with reports about how the government isn’t regulating everything known to man. Just listen and see for yourself. If you have an anti-freedom political view, then this podcast is for you and you’ll love it. But if you’re more of a small-government, more freedom supporter, you’ll probably puke.
I could listen to these two all day! Best of luck Duarte!!!
I love listening to this podcast on my morning walk. Because they are not pushed until about 7:00am I tend to have to listen to the day before podcast. But overall I really enjoy it.
Why do the Q’rs even bother to review?
Liberal/Mainstream bias aside, these “best journalists” always seem to come from the same 10 or so corporate media outlets. More stories from real journalists working in local, state, and independent sources would be a welcome change.