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In the four weeks spanning 09/18/2010 to 10/10/2010, ten (10) songs were repeated. Nine (9) songs were repeated twice and one (1) song was repeated 3 times! I had stopped downloading Magnatunes, and I came back to it. Now I know why I stopped in the first place.


Yea... Not so great.


By bca1904
I like it the music is very good not what I was looking for but it turns out good five stars
I was orignally looking at the slightly more popish jazz like the one that made New Orleans so famous. this is a sub genre of ambient call jazz ambient which just happens to be another of my favorite genres.
This music is beautiful Jazz or no Jazz!
Ridiculous. The people who put this show together don't seem to have a clue about jazz.
I love jazz, and I love this Magnatune podcast. I also recommend the Cool Guitar Magnatune podcast.
I love the music on this Podcast station! It takes me to another world where I can relax and fly away on the sond waves. I can't wait til they add more music!