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Reviews For HomeWord Radio

Dr. Jim Burns does a fantastic job interviewing his Guests. He covers topics that are relateable and important. This is a great show to subscribe to no matter what stage of life you are in. We could all use help in relating to others. I would definitely recommend subscribing to this podcast.
Love this show! Thank you!
I have listened to the radio version of this program for years. It left Denver, so now I listen to podcasts. You can count on this program being solid biblically each time, and always insightful for living a godly life. Thank you Homeword staff.
It is a true blessing to be able to HomeWord when I want on my IPOD. Thanks Jim and Everyone who help with the show. God Bless, from a listener of 98.5 The Stream Grand Junction Colorado
Thanks for a great show every day. I love your willingness to address the tough issues that are relevant in today's culture. I get new ideas everytime I listen. I am a better parent to my kids because of what I've learned and been able to apply in my own family. I recommend this podcast to all my friends who have school-aged children.
Jim provides great advice no matter how old your children are. Also, you don't feel like you are being preached to. Jim shares some of his own struggles so you know he's been there with too.
The interview with Laura Petherbridge was wonderful. My husband and I facilitate/lead a divorce recovery group, and this interview hits all the major topics that people experiencing divorce endure. I can not wait to share this podcast with them (and other facilitators), as I am sure it will generate a very deep and meaningful conversation afterward. Thanks for the great work!
Tip about podcasts: they aren't just for iPods. Podcasts can be downloaded and played on PCs and Macs, and burned onto CDs to play while driving your car. I often check in on Jim Burn's broadcasts on the way home from work (WAVA in the DC area). I especially enjoyed the broadcast on "Experiencing Peace Amidst the Pressures of Life" -- Ruth Haley Barton really has some good ideas to share. She obviously speaks on the basis of real success in her own life. Thanks for your program, Jim, and keep up the good, practical content.
HomeWord Team, I am thrilled that you have made your broadcasts available to me (via my ipod). Your words have stirred me to be a better father and husband. I thank you - but even more, I have two young boys and a wife who are even more thankful!
Thanks, Jim, for making your broadcasts available as podcasts! I don't get to listen to your show on the radio, but now I can let all the great advice, teaching, and encouragement come to me. This will be a great help, not only to me, but also to the other parents in my congregation. Thanks again, and may God bless your efforts here.