Reporting As Eligible

Reviews For Reporting As Eligible

This provides some great insight about Packers football and the guys are just fun to listen to as well. I've learned a lot so far in 1.5 seasons of this. Thanks, guys!
Best Packers Podcast.
Very informative podcast on everything Packers
Insightful and intelligent Packers podcast. I’ve been listening for the past several weeks and am impressed with the accuracy of the insights that were shared. Sharp and to the point, this podcast is well worth the listen for any Packers fan.
Good podcast that is slightly outside of the usual echo chamber of the packers websphere. Some intelligent discussions using advanced analytics since us Dorks Value Only Analytics...
Great football talk and insight into the game while not taking itself too seriously and having a lot of fun. Come for the football talk, stay for the Madden, meme, and description of meme talk!
If you want to listen to insipid football talk followed by tons of worthless Madden talk descriptions of memes and descriptions of Twitter posts this is the podcast for you. I stopped listening for several weeks hoping they would realize how awful these Madden and meme takes are but nope. Listened again over break and sure enough descriptions of Madden cards and reading Madden attributes filled the podcast. Just a complete waste of time.
Great insight into the Packers. But Jeez somebody cheer up the 40yr old uncle a little bit.
These guys do a great job. The perspective is unlike most outlets, fun and informative listen!