You Matter!

Reviews For You Matter!

This is such a powerful podcast that anyone can listen to and learn from! I cannot recommend this podcast enough to my family and friends!!! Yay!
I am so interested in the topics that You Matter produces particularly in a time of such chaos in this country. I feel hopeful that the discussions highlighting issues relating to psychosocial matters impacting our children, families and our communities are occurring. NYU has done a fabulous job enlightening me to the depth of education, resources and policies in place to protect and serve our communities- and how much need there is for continued protection of the abused and at risk populations. Kudos to Karen Ortman and her team for enlightening viewers!
I’ve been listening to You Matter podcasts for the past year and each one brings a different perspective on some very important topics. They have all been excellent but the latest podcast covering The Penn State Tim Piazza case was exceptional. You brought important focus to a careless and senseless tragedy. The heartache of the parents was difficult to listen to yet their strength was remarkable to hear. Its mind blowing to think hazing is not prohibited and avenues like You Matter can only help spotlight their cause. Kudos to this podcast! Give it a listen. It’s worth the time!
Great podcast .Can’t wait to hear more episodes!
This is international for a reason... Well done, passionate and sheds a light on true stories that need to be heard. If I had to recommend a podcast, it’d be this one.
Excellent...should be a talk show!
You Matter has it all!!! Resource, support for underrepresented communities and a fantastic host with experience in law enforcement and higher education public safety. This is what we need in 2020, someone who has seen it all and is willing to share her knowledge with the world. You Matter is a podcast that is changing the game for the better regarding victim rights, mental health stigma and the importance of every survivors story. Love it!
Karen’s incredible experience in law enforcement and as a teacher make for an irresistible listen! Her connections to the cities best providers in recovery and support creates a necessary path for those who are seeking help
This is a really interesting podcast not only for those in the NYU community but for all listeners. Very helpful for those struggling with a variety of issues. Great place for information sharing and victim resources. My favorite are the unique stories that are featured in each episode.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it first aired. Sabah has the voice for this. Highly recommend listening. Short and impactful stories.
Finally a podcast for victim resources! Bravo!