Round N Round

Reviews For Round N Round

These guys can make fun of anything and keep it fun without getting too heavy about anything or taking themselves too seriously. The world needs more level headed kinda people like these.
These guys are awesome! They cover a range of topics and always keep me laughing. The flow and banter between the two hosts is great! Makes me seriously wanna hang with them. If the show Seinfeld had ADHD and was Doug the dog from UP in a room full of squirrels that would be this podcast, AND IT WORKS!!! Great listen! Highly recommended!
I like the dynamic of this show, very entertaining and interesting. Hosts are incredible.
Interesting show with a good flow. These guys are hilarious. Glad to have found a new show to listen to!
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
A great blend of serious and funny. It makes the drive home from work fly by when you can just listen to something and it feels natural. Definitely a show everyone should have in their rotation.
Started off with their Chief Fluffernutter episode. I thought the discussion about whether only people that are like the character should be cast was interesting. Definitely worth checking out. Subscribe and listen now!
It’s dumb. I love it.
Love this podcast! Great conversations and funny media headlines
podcasts usually are very boring, but this one isn’t! love it!