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The Waite's have such a great low key style that is helpful and detailed without getting too technical. Thank you for these fun podcasts! They are so informative even for an oldster like me who thinks she knows everything.
Cody and Kathy are awesome! The podcasts are well done and the information is great for any endurance athlete interested in serious training, especially if you follow Cody’s plans on TrainingPeaks. Cody has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a great way of explaining training concepts that makes sense. Definitely one of my favorite Podcasts!
I have listened to several of these podcasts and am impressed by several things! First, the Waite’s (husband and wife hosts) are lovely! I enjoy them and their dynamic!! Second, this podcast is very informative!! They clarify and simplify the meanings and purpose behind the individual measured performance markers such as AeT on training peaks! I finally understand how to use these numbers to improve my performance and follow my improvements! Lastly, I enjoyed hearing about their experience and their racing team’s experiences while training and competing!!! Thank you Cody and Kathy!! Can’t wait to hear more!
Thanks for the helpful insights on your base builder program. The extra info makes the training more effective and interesting. Looking forward to using my new found fitness.
Fresh Interesting takes on power based cycling training. Thanks for the show.
I definitely still consider myself a newb cyclist, and this podcast offers a wealth of information in a way that is engaging and digestible... as in, pros AND newbs (like me) can garner great value. I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy about a year ago, she is one of the kindest, most authentic, bad-a** women who is an inspiration for ALL athletes!
The WE Base Builder Program has been very engaging and effective. Listening to the weekly podcast has been helpful with plenty of insightful info to help me make progress. Thank you!
Being a remote athlete, it can feel isolating to go through a training program. However, the podcast has helped change that. I feel like I’m in the gym being coached by Cody and Kathy, even though I’m 1000 miles away. They do a great job explaining both the how and the why to everything we are doing. I also like hearing what Cody and Kathy are up to in relation to the same program. It provides some additional “real ness”.


By Sofftw
Exceptional podcast! Highly recommend
I know podcasts are for those that can talk the talk but its not very to have a coach that can also walk the walk. Very informative and great content!