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By aero101
for some computer/itunes...idk wont let me get these?? idk what to do
Shes not the best singer. But I LOVE her! The show is AMAZING!! I watch it everyday!!!!! I hope she comes out with a new album!! =)
Cheyenne is sooooo hhhootttt, these are great podcasts get them all!!
first, all of u losers who say horrible stuff bout cheyenne is wrong!!! Her music is great and i also met her in person. she has a great personality and is really cool to b around. Cheyenne- ur awesome and cant wait for the next album to come out!
alright ditz, this is a pathetic attempt at a music career. GET REAL. U SUK Listening to your songs is like being pecked to death by a chicken. NO ONE TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY. GET REAL. YOU SUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love hanging on by cheyenne kimball she is really talented i also love all her other songs i wish itunes had hanging on though so the better get
i first heard about cheyenne on her television show on MTV and i didn't think she was all that great. then i started listening to her though and i fell in love! not only is her show good but her voice is good and she has very good style(i think). i think she will be able to take her career somewhere someday and i think that her new albulm The Day Has Come will be a big hit. people may not like her at first, but don't judge a book on its cover cause Cheyenne Kimball rocks.
CHEYENNE kiMbALL iS THE BO0MB DiGiTY ND i L0OvE hER; hER sHO0w; nD hER sO0Ng [ haNGing oN] i aLREADy bouGHt iHt aHha<3 shES aweSO0me! heR shO0ws likE.. i dNO0 i juSt LO0vE iHt<3 mhM thAts aLl=]
I love this show! it is such a good show and cheyenne has an amazing voice!
to all those idiots out there Cheyenne does have a good voice and that's why she won Americas Most Talented Kid! :) Her show is great and the song Hanging On is the bomb!
she might not have the most mature sounding voice on itunes but she is deff the prettiest. Ia m around her age and committed to meeting her. I mean i live on kimball drive so we were meant to be. Cheyenne if your reading this "Will you marry me".........I'm serious
She not really that good she can't dance, voice is fair at best and her lyric are all over the place. I quess it is talent if you are 15 but I don't see her winning a grammy for female vocals.
I really like the song hanging on. She is a talented young girl.
I really really wish itunes had the song hangin on by Cheyenne its so good!!!!


"Hanging On" should totally be on iTunes. I love it!! <333
she has a beautiful voice and i love the song "hanging on"... i wish itunes had it :[