Reviews For Pulling Curls Podcast: Pregnancy & Parenting Untangled

Thanks for this episode. I’m pregnant and wanted to know more about safe sunscreens.
Great information. Thanks for making the conversation casual like we should have with our kids.
This podcast has good information and gets right to the point. It’s especially helpful getting these tips from someone in the hospital system.
I’m really enjoying this podcast. She’s peppy and informative and I’ll be recommending it to other preggers for sure.
I’m currently in the last month of my pregnancy. While researching pregnancy concerns, I came across her podcast. It’s been so incredibly helpful. I love how the episodes are very detailed, but they aren’t overly long!
Host is a good talker, interesting guests, and great information.
I love it! So much info and with terms we can actually understand! Thank you!
Found Hilary on Tik Tok and I’m so grateful. Being a soon to be first time mom in the middle of an epidemic is scary, and not having traditional birthing classes available has been awful. But with her podcasts and online birthing class I actually feel prepared and less nervous about my delivery!
The glory of good enough is a great podcast for everyone. I did not realize all the time I had been wasting trying to find the best way to do things until Hilary pointed that fact out. I love how simple and down to earth all of Hilarys podcasts are. Love them.
I love listening to Hilary! Shea’s always so real and funny. At the same time her show is really informative and she breaks things down into things you can actually do in your life. Episodes are usually pretty short as she is great at getting to the point. Definitely worth the listen!
Dude! I’m sharing this with all my first time mom friends. From the very first episode to the newest one, you’re hooked and you get info that actually helps you. Must listen to the podcast!
Great, easy to listen to podcast with practical parenting advice. I’m a longtime fan of the blog and I’m loving the new podcast!
Love that these are quick and easy listens about things I can relate to.
I don’t always have a lot of time to sit and listen to an hour long podcast. I love that these are shorter. So much fun to listen to. Hilary is great at getting her point across in a fun and relatable way.
Great podcast! It’s quick, funny, practical, and feels very much like a conversation with a friend. Thanks for telling me that it’s okay to store craft supplies in my kitchen...


Great podcast, Hilary. I look forward to hearing more!
Hilary is so relatable and authentic! Make sure you check out the intro podcast! Refreshingly honest and down to earth. Subscribe! This is your new best friend while you are doing mom life! You’ll laugh a lot! Whether you are pregnant with your first or praying for your last teenager to launch, Hilary has you covered. Funny, informative, and real! My new favorite.