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Everything is so fascinating and enjoyable here - from the music to the host to the guests - and of course the topics are brilliant, and you will want to read all of the books! If you have any inclination to try this pod out then you must - you will be hooked!
Fascinating and fun. A must-listen for lovers of history.
Wish these were posted more often! They're all great!


Dear Alessandra, So wonderful to hear your podcast. It was an inspirational piece to listen to. Thank Barbara for sharing. I think of you often. Love, Shirley
Excellent podcast on Moses. Alessandra Wollner Made Moses’s legacy alive and relevant to all those who tune into this outstanding podcast on the life of the prophet.


By DenMom2
I appreciated listening to the Moses podcast. It was informative and I enjoyed hearing from Aviva Gottlieb Zornberg. Looking forward to learning more from the book.


By hffki
Marx is an historical figure everyone thinks they know. The podcast brought out aspects of Marx the person and political thinker that were interesting and informative. Alessandra Wollner engaged the biographer with interesting questions that allowed the biography to come to life in a brief podcast.
I had high hopes for this podcast but fully the first third was a shout out promoting the book series. I hung on for an additional few minutes and found the interviewer’s questions of a brilliant scholar to be very dull. A shame, I’d been looking forward with great anticipation to hearing this, and was disappointed overall . I didn’t even make it yo 10 minutes
Such an interesting podcast! In addition to the insightful content, I truly appreciate the thoughtful, articulate and succinct delivery by Alessandra Wollner. The accompanying musical selections further enhanced the program, by providing the listener with a sense of time and place. I look forward to listening to future podcasts in this series!
Wonderful insights into a fascinating life. Well done! Look forward to future episodes!
The host is amazing and well-prepared, and the interviews are leaving me hungry to read the full book length versions! Great listen.
Alessanadra Wollner is a great host. Sounds like NPR. Love her work, can't wait to hear the many more to come.
Thought-provoking, interesting & enlightened commentary about the life of Karl Marx. Looking forward to our interviews by host Alessandra Wollner‼️
Full of surprising and delightful insights!