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I highly recommend this podcast to anyone with dreams of experiencing the journey to Mt. Everest. I've been watching these episodes for several years now. I look forward to each new release. As a kid, I always dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest but never got the chance. This has helped fill that dream. Keep it up John. Thanks for doing this for all of us!
I started watching from episode 000 about a year ago and I have watched every episode. I hope to someday go on one of the treks but for now, I will have to settle with watching the podcasts. Keep up the great work!
The show is ok. It has some moments that can be interesting, but in most cases, it's not. Video is extremely repetitive and focuses on unimportant and mundane activities. There's no reason that there should be almost 15 minutes of video showing a bunch of people trying to set up a projector, for example. The commenting tends to drift, with the cameraman often repeating himself, and the climber (when he's actually commenting) tends to sound bored, using one word replies, and in most cases, he tends to say "absolutely", "mmm hmm", etc... And you kind of get the feeling that the main voice of the podcast (Jon), tends to come off a little weak, almost a bit feminine in his tone of voice and choice of words he makes to describe something. There's a difference between being polite and being wussy.
Jon, best casts on the web, all I can say is these are a must see right from the start at 000....
Most videos won't run. Spoke to tech support which said it's they website that didn't upload it correctly. Oh well I'll find another podcast.
The other reviews have already said it, this is 5 star material all the way and then some. Start at episode 000 and work on up.
Excellent! I feel like I know members of the expedition. Jon also provides a wonderful view of himalayan cultures and of course Everest itself. I am telling all my friends about it. Thanks Jon.
I just finished the '03 expedition and can't wait to see what's coming up next!!!!! Great great great job guys. Jon and Ben are the bees knees!!! Everyone needs to dwnload this podcast RIGHT NOW start with ep.000 and work your way up. It's very interesting how tough it is just to reach everest. Hey Jon let me know if you need a "key grip" for your next expedition. 100 stars if I could.
This podcast is the most addicting podcast I have seen. I would compare this very favorably with other podcast/videos on Everest. I really appreciate how this podcast showed the climbs as they were - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not being a climber myself, this would probably be as close to the Everest climb as I would get, though after seeing this podcast I am seriously tempted to go trekking there and follow these guys' footsteps. Highly recommended and keep up the good work!
The members of this expedition virtually take you along on their journey. There is no "conquering" attitude here- these guys are respectful, nice, AND fun to 'hang out' with. Your challenge will be to have the patience while waiting for the next podcast to come out. Thanks for all your hard work! I'm a big fan!!! Keep those podcasts coming.......
I am completely hooked on this podcast. Be sure to start at episode zero you will get an appreciation on what goes into just getting to Everest. It is eye opening experience of what it is like to be at Everest. John thanks for putting this podcast out.
My three lovely young daughters got me an iPod Nano for my birthday recently and I came across this podcast while browsing around. I'm totally hooked! I watch as many episodes as I can during my commute to/from work each day. I'm only up to episode 36, but am trying to catch up. My only complaint is I should have asked for the Touch with a larger screen...viewing on a 2 inch screen is not great. Hats off to Jon, Ben and their friends as they capture stunning images, wonderful commentary and the culture which when all summed together is way more than just a trek up a mountain. All should watch's great!
I really enjoyed watching the movies. The photographs were great.
Watch this series and you will come away with much more than a beautifully shot landscape. You will soon find out it's the culture and its people is the real reason you go to this region of the world. Jon and others take you on a journey few of us may ever take and like I do, call him a friend even though I have never met him. Yes, it can get that personal! Watch, listen, learn, and enjoy folks!
Great footage, done some amatuer climbing in Peru, you show the local culture as it should, with respect to the locals for their support and hospitality. Climbing is as you are showing it, it is the journey not the destination. Keep up the excellent work.
I recently started watching this podcast once a week, but something happens along the way and I start to feel contected to these gentleman and the surroundings and great people on their journey and truly cannot wait for their next episode. Very Inspiring! One question though does Ben Clark work for Dish Network or did Dish sponsor this trip.Just Curius.
This series is so awesome!
I'm not sure I'll ever make it to the Himalaya, but I feel like I've been there after watching "The Rest of Everest." This podcast has a great format and the main characters are captivating and multidemensional humans who seek solutions in the mountains. If you are a learning mountaineer or an aspiring alipinist, this documentary will help you learn a lot about the essentials of high altitude exploration. Awesome.
Some great footage for us armchair mountain climbers. Inspiring enough to consider going to the Himalayas to see the mountains and experience the culture first hand.
I met Jon a few years ago and was so taken with his first "Rest of Everest" season that I was motivated to contact Jon. He eventually encouraged me to consider making the trek to Base Camp which I completed in 2007. The latest season traces the trek I made so it is awesome to see video of the places I trekked to in 2007. Jon and Chris Marquardt have put together a really nice documentary of the trek to Everest Base Camp but also include a large portion of group dynamics and personal experiences. It's like being there. Thanks Jon. and Chris.
I have always loved mountaineering and the Buddhist culture. I picked a podcast that looked interesting and watched. I was hooked. I quickly realized that I needed to start at the beginning, as this was not a typical cilmb-cast. This has the climbing, but it is SO much more than that - and that was what I was looking for. You're also not going to get it anywhere else. Coverage is fantastic. You get to know the players. You feel involved. And can't wait to get to the next episode. It's so different, and enriching. Riding a bus to and from work for nearly an hour each day I have found myself coming to nearly the end of over 100 episodes. And, I guess I'll have to wait just like everyone else for the next podcast soon. But I will. I have enjoyed each and every one so far, and found myself not only mesmorized, but living out some travel dreams... virtually, at least. Thanks for all the effort you put into these podcasts! And keep them coming!
I'm not a climber and have no interest in ever climbing Everest, even if you paid me, but this is one of the best Podcasts out there. I"m only 30 podcasts in, but Jon and Ben have me hooked. Great job guys, I look forward to more of the same 5 star work in the future.
I originally downloaded these podcasts to fuel my fascination with Mt Everest and give me something to listen to at work. I must say, I am now hopelessly addicted to "The Rest of Everest." This is a really great podcast and I have learned so much! Its more than a mountain, its a way of life! Thanks for all your hard work! This podcast makes my work day MUCH more bearable!
The Rest of Everest is the best podcast regarding Everest, trekking, the Himalayas and climbing. Period. Wonderful stuff from the summit of Everest to the smallest details of trekking. Watch them all!
What else can be said? This podcast is amazing. Too many books and movies limit their presentations to the main event of climbing Mt. Everet, the final 10 days to summit. The experience Jon and Ben have presented allows you to get an intimate look at exactly what it really takes to get there. I feel so lucky to have been able to see the footage of Nepal and Tibet and I can only imagine what lies ahead. I have watched the first 20 episodes or so and I am so stoked that I have many more to go. I originally started watching these podcasts to kill time on the train. Now, I catch an episode every chance I get. My wife hasn't seen my free time in weeks. Why? Because I am off on a journey to Everest. Simply stated, The Rest of Everest is the best! Am I intrigued? Am I interested? Am I damn near obsessed? Mos def!


By KMahar
This is a great Podcast. Its more of a travel log for the Everest region. Its a must see for anyone interested in the area or plan to travel too the area.


By Srijal
As I was going throught the podcasts, I somehow got this one. I was fasinated and thrilled to see such a podcast, which depicts the inner scene in a exact manner. I am from Kathmandu, Nepal and to see my place from some other people view, I was kindda skeptical. However, these guys did a wonderful job. Life is a journey and we have to broaden our horizon by stepping outside of our locality. Knowing people, culture and collecting experience enrichs our life. Good job guys.
Jon Miller is the Rick Steves of the mountain climbing. Grab your Ipod and escape with Jon, Ben and Josh as they give you an up-close and personal view into climbing the Himalayas. The videos are breathtaking and the comraderie well, it's what life is really about.
Jon Miller brings a very personal experience to the viewer that is very broad in scope. Maybe too much for some since the episodes are delivered without necessarily having a specific story. However, the stunning visuals, the many very fascinating people along the way, and the director's cut style provide a rich palette from which the viewer can carve a story they want to hear. I very much look forward to seeing the 2009 photo expedition.
Great footage of not only climbing Everest, but the voyage to and from Everest. Such a joy to watch. Thanks for putting this together.
I've never climbed a mountain higher than 10,000 ft, but like so many others, I harbor secret dreams of standing atop the summit of Mt. Everest. I will probably never get anywhere near the mountain, but this podcast has gotten me feeling like I'm on the expedition. They cover everything, from the supply shopping trip to Wal-Mart, to the ascent of the mountain. It's truly a wonderful piece of work and I'm always left wanting more after each 15 or 20 minute episode. Thanks to the whole team for letting me feel like a part of the adventure.
Having lived in the US for more than 10 years now this podcast is a reminder of life when i was kid. More than the climbing part which is informative yet not relevant to most of the folks watching the podcast, the social aspect of the podcast is what is more interesting. The difference in lifestyle, language, attitude of people etc is just poles apart. I definitely felt the cultural shock when i first came to US and it was interesting to see the other side of the story watching an American visit the east :) Its was also interesting to see the similarities between the Hindu and Buddhist rituals and influence they had on each other over centuries of co- existence in India/Nepal. Good job and keep it up.
Intoxicating, addictive, entertaining and informative! What makes this podcast so terrific is the passion and charisma of creator and host Jon Miller. His attention to detail and willingness to turn the camera on himself makes this a personal and powerful adventure. Jon has a knack for making the most mundane details fascinating whether it is embroidery, getting a haircut, yak butter tea or the difference in cleanliness between the men's and women's latrines at the outskirts of Everest. Rest of Everest is a completely immersive experience that will provide you with a great sense of the culture, as well as what it might actually take to climb the world's tallest peak. To say that this podcast has re-ignited my love for moutaineering and travel would be a gross understatement. I highly recommend this in depth travelogue-podcast-expedition to anyone and have not stopped talking about it since the day I watched the first episode.
This is a terrifically compelling video podcast! The Himalyas and its people are amazing and Jon and Co. take us along for the adventure. Ultimately, The Rest of Everest is a powerfully inspiring call for people to pursue their own dreams - whatever they may be. Namaste!
My all time favorite video podcast. I look so forward to every episode. It is literally traveling via the web. I cannot recommend this podcast series highly enough. Go to the beginning and grab them all. Adventure-Travel-Characters to enjoy getting to know. A whole new world opens up. Thank you John and Ben and everyone involved. I love it!
This is hands down the most amazing podcast. Even if you have NO interest in mountaineering, you MUST download these videos!
This Podcast is VERY well filmed, edited, and explained both by climber Ben, producer John, and the rest of the guests. It should be best starting to watch from 000 and go up from there. They explain many things about the culture and climbing Mount Everest. It is not all just about climbing peaks. They show culture and personalities also. They include couple shows of traveling to other mountains as bonus shows. I have not seen the pay-per-view film (missed it) but the podcast is excellent and you can watch it at your free time. I am at 060 right now. I believe in shows he will add more on other Mount Everest climbs. Each show is about 20 to 30 minutes in time. Short enough to catch a show one or two a day while eating or before you head out to work. I highly recommend watching this podcast and enjoy! Great work John! Keep up the good work and hope to see more on Everest and your future work. Good luck. Mike Pask.
this is a great use of my ipod. very well documented and a good source of learning about other cultures.
An amazing documentary that really captures all aspects of climbing Everest, with an outstanding look at culture, mountaineering, everest, and even things many would never ask about (such as where everyone goes to the bathroom, etc.) All of these things are covered in depth. Don't expect non-stop excitement or anything, as the podcast is extremely detailed, but I find all episodes extremely insightful and entertaining given the proper attitude. Thanks so much for making this.
What a indepth look at another culture and country through the eyes of an explorer. I feel as though I am with you on the expedition. Superb!!
This is the best podcast, this podcast goes through the whole expedition. It is very cool to see the whole expedition. Climber3


By ktwac
I recently found this and am now addicted. I can't get enough of the footage and am busily downloading all the past episodes before I will let myself watch any new ones. Try'll like it!
Truely a great experience. I enjoy the cultural, logistical as well as the physical aspects of the climb. This has inspired me to begin my climbing. Paul J. McCann
Namaste. I was a little late getting into the "tech" scene. Just now getting an Ipod. I have downloaded up to podcast 75 now.I can't imagine having to wait a week to get the next pod cast. This is the best documentation of Everest I have ever seen. To see the life styles, and warm smiles, of the people around Everest amazes me. The filming of these podcasts are truley professional and are amazing. Now I know that there is MUCH more to Everest than above ABC. I hope to go to Tibet to see these great people myself. Thanks for all of your time and effort to put out such an amazing show. You deserve more that 5 stars.
Just discovered this series. This is the closest I will ever come to climbing Everest. Love the attention to detail and the appreciation you have, not only the physical beauty, but the culture. You guys have done a great job!!! Thanks for sharing your experience.
"The Rest of Everest" video podcast is a beautiful and informative piece of work. When laypeople hear about someone climbing Mt. Everest, they usually envision some guy, by himself, clinging to a precipice in a raging blizzard. Jon Miller fills in all of the missing details--all of the people, the work, and the equipment required to support the effort--while highlighting the benefits of cooperation under truly trying conditions. This podcast is a "must-view" on my iPod.
For taking me on an adventure everytime I press play
I love the "nearly unabriged" nature of this podcast! I am a climber here in the states and may never get to Everest, so I very much enjoy the inside look at daily life in an expedition, it was as if I were THERE...
The Rest of Everest podcasts put out by Jon MIller and crew are amazing. The visual depictions of the people and cultures blend beautifully with the vast mountain backdrops of Nepal and Tibet. Jon has mastered the art of connecting with the people on a trully personal level. Finally an Everest show that comes back to its roots. It's about time someone focused on the people also and not just the mountains. It is all about the symbiotic relationship between the two. Congrats to Jon, Ben,Major, Scott and all the other great guys in this series.I find myself on the edge of my seat everytime I watch an episode. Namaste, Ben Barnett