Gain Grow Retain: B2B SaaS Customer Success

Reviews For Gain Grow Retain: B2B SaaS Customer Success

Jeff & Jay, hosts of the Gain Grow Retain: B2B SaaS Customer Success podcast, highlights all aspects of customer Imperative and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I love how this podcast really engages you in each episode. There is so much great insight on SaaS customer success.
This is a great podcast on customer success, chock full of applicable insights to apply!
This show really dives into how you can work to retain and delight B2B SaaS customers, no fluff all actionable. Not to mention their insanely large catalog!
I listen to A LOT of CS podcasts and this one by far is the most tactical! The insights shared within each episode have helped me becoming a better CSM...faster. For example, their episode on being more strategic drastically helped me develop my discovery skills. Now I'm asking more open-ended questions on customer calls and this is all thanks to 1 episode on this podcast!
I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the Gain Grow Retain Podcast. This is simply the best podcast and community for Customer Success professionals around the world. Keep it up guys!
With deep CS expertise, Jeff and Jay have a ton to share themselves. But they do a great job of allowing that expertise to come to each episode through their guests - the questions, the responses, the conversations. The GGR title is a promise and the podcast delivers.
Genuine advice for CSMs from leaders who discuss actions, strategies that you can use internally and for the book of business you have. The range of topics mirrors a CSMs workflow, the content is relevant and specific. Highly recommend!
This podcast provides a plethora of new ideas to play with in the CS space. Weird time in life, yet a fun and exciting time to work in CS. These guys are making it even richer!
This is a must listen too for every CSM for enterprise B2B. A lot of great ideas on what to ask and discussion openers.
Jeff and Jay continue to bring forth quality content and meaningful guest conversations that incorporate real life business challenges and ways to consider how Customer Success harmonizes with internal and external stakeholders.
This is THE peer to peer community for Customer Success. Not just a listserv but an engaged and active community that you can learn from and grow with!
Jeff and Jay are undisputed thought leaders in Customer Success because they listen so well to the community of practitioners, aggregate insights from the community, and connect the community to freely and openly collaborate on best practices. That’s why I listen regularly to the Gain Grow Retain podcast by Customer Imperative.
What I like most about this podcast is Jay and Jeff ask their guests to boil down their expertise to practical steps people in any CS-related roles can take.
The interview with Jane Graham was immensely valuable. Great podcast for anyone in Customer Success.
There is actionable insights for me as a leader. I’ve enjoyed the depth at which they talk but he tangible they make it.
Really appreciate their look on the B2B SaaS market!
They have great variety and I’m able learn something new every time I listen!!
I love the approach the hosts take to help me learn about all areas of Software and Customer Success! I always take away a great nugget from my listen!
talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique. An incredible podcast!! Definitely recommend you listen