The Corporate Side Hustler

Reviews For The Corporate Side Hustler

I love this podcast! So much actionable information in every episode! And all of the episodes sound like Lisa’s chatting with a friend. Lisa’s podcast is one of my go to podcasts for social media & business.
Lisa is so warm and personable! I love listening to her as she drops knowledge in every episode and allows for a fun and natural interview with her guests! Highly recommend for any stage of business!
I was so happy when Lisa launched this podcast and I have learned even more from her show to improve my results on social media! Her tips are practical and easy to implement! That’s just what working moms need so they can grow their side hustle!
I love how relatable and real this podcast is! As someone who works full time while fueling my purpose driven biz on the side, it’s feels so refreshing and a huge relief to hear someone who walks the talk! I love these efficient and effective episodes that get straight to the heart of the matter and leave me feeling more connected to the work. Lisa you have such a gift of being able to teach this work but more importantly for inspiring us all to stay in it because it is possible! Thank you!


By Abbsx3
Lisa is not only an amazing speaker, she speaks to YOU like it’s your own personal experience podcast. Her ability to connect with the audience is a result of her authenticity, expertise, and passion for coaching. Highly recommend!
I was coached by Lisa last year and her advice transformed the way I thought about my high powered stressful corporate job and helped me take steps towards a new and far more fulfilling coaching business. With her guidance, I mapped out a plan, got clear on who I was serving and was intentional about leaving a job where I traveled 80 percent of the time for a local job that allowed me more time to build and brand my side business. Her advice is practical and tactical and helps you outline, step by step your plan for success. If you’re a busy corporate #mommyboss like me, this one is for YOU!
I was coached by Lisa last year and she is an amazing business coach. I refer to the as my Business Angel. She gives you valuable information that you can implement right away to get your business started. I am so glad she is now sharing her wisdom with the world!