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I continue to pray that more church leaders will follow Pastor Jack in teaching biblically and being righteously bold and unconcerned with being politically correct. Pastor Jack fears God not men. That's how it should be.
Where is there a Pastor that is as convicted as Pastor Jack Hibbs is about the Gospel and it's relativity to America and the world and modern times? I don't know. 4 churches later and I still haven't found one since moving from the Chino hills area. The Internet has been called the greatest invention in the world and the worst. Thank God for the podcast so that we are able to still receive insightful, straightfoward teachings of the Word of God. I missed CCCH so much that me and my family plan on returning and commuting the extra 40 minutes for I believe that's where God calls us to be. God Bless
I dont think anyone can deny that our nation is going through a time of serious trouble... economy, wars, job-loss, government taking over banks/auto industry/health care and we are being told that its getting better, yet I talk to all kinds of people from copier salesmen to investment bankers and they all say the same thing, its not getting better if anything its getting worse. Pastor Jack preaches from the Bible and tells you that our time is short, you wont find the watered down bubble gum gospel that just makes you feel good here... Pastor Jack preaches the full counsel of God!
''Totally Powerful..A Must Hear, Wake-Up Call Message from Pastor Jack."