The College Years

Reviews For The College Years

The hosts are such greenhorns at this point in their careers, but there's an unmistakeable charm in their amateur stylings that belies a potential not often found in college radio hosts. Wow, that was ended up sounding pretty pretentious. Oh well. It's not my favorite Maximum Fun podcast, but it is the one I've re-listened to must often. So there!
It's the same Sweetheart, Boy Detective, and Big Time we know today, just a little more raw and not quite as edgy. "Extreme Weatherman", "All-Time" lists, and "Evil Robot" are hilarious.
The show is always interesting to listen to, they're very funny to listen to interacting and Jordan reminds me of Randal from Clerks
What can I say? They're funny bits. It's 3 guys who are positively enamored with their own cleverness. But not in a bad way. I want to say that it's delightful, but that makes it sound fancy in-or-about the pants area. And that's not entirely true. I will say that the banter is witty, and these nice young men don't even curse.
Making these was a lot of fun. Some of my favorite college memories. We were huge campus celebrities because of the show. Like bongs 24-7 you know what I mean? If you were on the show too I suggest subscribing
It's smart, funny, and I'm amazed that these guys were so young when they recorded this. All kinds of wild comedy, great conversations, a lot of fun. Totally fascinating.