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It's a bunch of crap! No George Norry, no Art Bell. WHAT IS THIS
This is garbage. It is certainly not Coast To Coast AM with George Noory or Art Bell. If there was a way to give 0 stars, I would.
Dont know where the coast to coast am radio show is but this is the most uninteresting show ever polar opposite of the real coast to coast
Thank You to the folks over at 'Coast to Coast' fanzine for giving all of us true 'Glenn Hughes' fans something to look forward to with each new podcast! I absolutely enjoy kicking back and listening to the episodes! Hearing from the guys, the updates of what's going on in Glenn's world, the insights... it's all great! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! I only have episodes 1-5 from iTunes... Are there more? When will there be brand new ones????
Type ART BELL in your search. He recently started to post podcasts of his Favorite shows(I assume it's Art posting the shows?) ART BELL is great, he's posting podcasts and their about 3hrs long! Make sure to leave ART BELL good reviews so he continues to post & ask him 4 more than 1 a week.
I'm looking for the Coast to Coast AM radio show on 640AM in Los Angeles. What is the reason the radio station is not available for down-load?


By Fitg
Not Coast to Coast AM.... sounds like they ripped off the name.


By Uh gay
I thought this was the real Coast to Coast AM show but it isn't and i'm not happy about it.
The guys over at and the Coast To Coast Fanzine have out done themselves this time. It's great to hear directly from Glenn and also the likes of Chad Smith and JJ Marsh. Great to hear the insights on various songs and new music and tour date updates. The Hotline is a great feature, especially hearing directly from Glenn's manager on the latest news and his comments. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next one.