Reviews For Murder in Oregon


By PaWhoAh
Story is interesting, but sloppy. Slow moving, filled with repetitive music. Stopped listening mid episode 4.
I rate this series the highest on all points. The key ingredients to keep my interest no wasted time rehashing details every episode is fresh... I could listen to the story tellers for many more and never get bored. I love the honesty and admire the courage it took these brothers to stand up against a mighty stacked deck. What a gift to be loved the way you love !!! What a battle you fought!! Job Well Done Family!!
Does anyone think the Lady who killed Rooster was in on it?
Anyone else notice the way the corrupt people attacked the person trying to expose them and find the truth. Almost like it was an impeachment inquiry or maybe Russian collusion
Keep up the great work!!!!
I love this podcast ... uniquely engaging ... I commend the brothers for keeping up the good fight 👍🏻👍🏻
So this is the best podcast ever why? Well I listened to it on my way home for thanksgiving and...I LOVED IT IMMEDIATELY!! Please make more epsiodes! 😆😁😄😁😄
This level of story telling is why podcast junkies get hooked!! So many layers to this story and the flow of how it is presented is really well done. Thank you!!! sorry for this man and his family.
Another captivating series about the corruption against courage and unwavering desires to share truth!
I honestly can’t understand where the bad reviews are coming from. I think the reporting and delivery are great, and the story is fascinating! I’m officially hooked. Can’t wait for more!!
This true crime mini-podcast is dope. I highly recommend this for anyone that’s obsessed with true crime stories and events.
Super boring. Hard to follow. Not interesting. I really tried with this one but had to stop listening after the third episode.
This podcast started out great and then got confusing and messy. The writing team needs to go back and fix this. Not everyone can make a podcast just because, it requires editing. It is a story you want to tell but the writers are messing it up. Please fix.
I really struggled to get through this because I wanted to hear the end. The audio/sound design/music are not working.
This is a sad, interesting story but I have found it hard to follow. The male voices are all similar and it is difficult to tell who is talking. It also feels repetitive, like this could be a great three or four part podcast but it is being drawn out to make more episodes. I also agree that the music is distracting during the narrative. Having some visuals available would help make sense of the scene, too (like a basic companion website with photos or schematics).
Very crazy story definitely worth the time.
In my almost 60 years on earth I wonder why does anyone need money, money, money and more money to a point where he or she resorts to corruption to get money, money, more money?.. At what point do corrupt, greedy people stop pursuing money, money and more money? Poor guy. Thanks for sharing Mr. Francke’s story. I enjoy this podcast.
Good story but the music is distracting and annoying. If they could edit that out it would be a huge improvement.
I really enjoy investigative podcasts, so I was really excited to discover this one. The case and DOC Oregon scandal are both very interesting, but unfortunately the music and narrator make the podcast kind of boring and easy for me to lose focus. Additionally, there are so many names mentioned that it is really difficult to keep track of everyone involved in the case. I have to keep rewinding parts just to refocus. But I’m so invested in the podcast now that I’ll just stick it out until the end.


By mrufo31
I agree with Ragnar 41
As a lifelong resident of Salem I find I’m bursting at the seams until the next episode is aired. The information is compelling, and at times I find myself outraged. I’ve never thought that Frank Gable killed Michael Francke and honestly don’t understand how a person could think otherwise. Some other things to take away with this Podcast: 1. If you think it was okay to convict Frank Gable solely on circumstantial babble from drug users and a runaway, then you think it’s okay for everybody. The process was completely abused here. Something to think about. 2. As the employers of State officials, Oregon voters and tax payers should not only be outraged but should demand answers as to the conduct of our State officials during this time. Time shouldn’t close the door on Accountability. 3. The Oregon DOJ needs to drop their appeal. Right the wrong. It would be a great way to apologize to the Francke family and they are entitled just that.
The first guest with his talk of football and snitch files pretty much tells me I don’t care.
This story is incredibly sad but incredibly interesting. However, it’s hard to follow all the names. I’ve even gone back and listened multiple times. It’s hard to keep track of who’s who.
Riveting! Well done in spite of the fact that this case has sooo many players and is very confusing. I anxiously looked forward to each episode. By the way- LOVE THE MUSIC! But the bottom line is it’s unbelievably disgusting how deep & widespread the corruption in Salem “was.” How can one possibly believe that it’s all cleaned up. I don’t. This is not the America I know and love.
I don’t know why, but I had a hard time getting invested in this podcast. The case itself seems to be pretty interesting, but the overall tone made it too easy to lose focus. I also found the hosts pronunciation of “also” so distracting. She says “altso” and it’s like nails on a chalkboard!
I lived in Salem very close to the headquarters building where Francke was found murdered. Although I moved away as an adult, I was curious to learn more about the case. An excellent deep dive into the details and a better understanding of all the characters in play. Francke’s brothers have been relentless and committed to finding justice for their brother, their efforts should be commended. It would have been easier to give up when faced with the powerful machine of government and litigation.
Incredibly boring
Each episode perfectly develops an additional plot point to this true story. I find myself stunned sometimes when listening to the interviews with people affected by this tragedy. What they share is so heartfelt and honest. They clearly felt comfortable with the narrator and producers of this podcast and were asked the right questions to get such revealing answers.
Many people are still around from that era. Their silence baffles me. The Franke brothers had to work too hard to get information on the types of corruption that was occurring back then.
This is a very well produced podcast, my advice to you if your just starting it is that it requires the listeners to pay attention, especially to the names! I think if you follow that advice you will find it much easier to follow. What an interesting story!
Easy to follow, but layered with important, revealing information. Wish there were more podcasts similar to this one.
The podcast information and drama is great. The audio needs to be fixed. The interviews are difficult to hear, especially on road trips, but the narrator is clear and significantly louder.

By _zmc
This is exactly how an investigative podcast should be done. It’s excellent.
Great pace. Heart wrenching tragedy/loss and family grief (I am so sorry). This podcast makes you crave justice. I am absolutely hooked.
Could be a little tighter with the delivery parts of some episodes drag
Love the podcast. Sound design really helps advance the story. Love hearing such great production!
Can’t believe that McAllister is still practicing law. When does episode 6 drop?
This story is interesting and well researched, but the way the story is laid out makes it almost impossible to follow. I don’t understand why the story arc wasn’t constructed in a more linear fashion. It feels like the narrator assumes that you already know about the case generally and therefore dives into middle-of-the-story details right from the start. I found it really frustrating and confusing and it made it hard to like.
It’s an interesting podcast but a little hard to follow. I have rewinded episodes at times.
an interesting story, could have been done a little differently, hard to keep interested, i find my mind wonders away to other things while listening to this
So well produced!
Good stuff
The story is good but I find the narrator and the music hard to listen to. A lesson in how to make something exciting boring.