The Powerful Biz Talk with JT Foxx

Reviews For The Powerful Biz Talk with JT Foxx

Fun,fast, and informative!
I always say “it’s not rude if it’s true”. Tell it like it is is the best form of communication. I like to hear your perspectives and sort of comforting I’m thinking along the same lines as y’all. Enjoy the podcast in the morning. Hope to be a guest one day.
Love this podcast. My favorite business one. So honest and hard hitting with the truth
Thank you JT and Francie for a powerful podcast!
This podcast is the real deal! If you’re always curious to hear BOTH sides of the story and nothing but the truth, this podcast is for you! Love that no topic is off limits. Can’t wait to hear what they’ll discuss next!
By far one of the most valuable business podcasts I have found to listen to. Francie is by far outstanding and shines in this new podcast. Her insight and background knowledge kept me on my toes.
Powerful insight into today’s economy.
Fantastically intelligent and smart business talk.
Great business advice while entertaining. Real depth and width in the business wisdom and criteria. Current and relevant on this media world.
Great podcast... entertaining... great discussion on both sides of various current topics from highly successful entrepreneurs,... liked that it was live in front of an audience in South Africa
JT Foxx and his CEO, Francie Baldwin are incredible with their expertise in all areas of business and life. Highly recommended! Thank you both! 👏🏽