Deconstructing Dinner

Reviews For Deconstructing Dinner

This podcast sounds as delicious as the food that stars
Very inspiring, motivating, and informative.... I want more
If you've ever wondered about the food on your table, this podcast is for you. It examines the social, economic, political, and health aspects of food. Informative with high quality production.
This show is very well produced, with a solid mix of narration, interviews and music. It is able to draw the connection between energy, climate, food, politics and economics like no other program, film or book I have ever read. I recommend it to all my friends. The show has changed the way I look at the the world and, most importantly, the way I eat. Thanks to everyone involved. I cannot recommend a podcast more than Deconstructing Dinner.
Very valuable information even for those of us as far away as California (show produced in British Columbia). Excellent format and professionally presented.
This weekly radio show digs deep into the issues surrounding the food we eat. Arm yourself with knowledge. You won't hear about these profound topics on the evening news. Produced in Canadian but the issues and insights apply to any industrialized society.