Reviews For Food for Thought: Living Compassionately, Sustainably, and Healthfully

I love listening to Colleen! At times it feels like we are having a conversation. She brings up excellent points and helps me process through various thoughts I have. Even though I’ve been vegan for nearly 8 years, it is helpful to listen to the things she has to say.
I am grateful that you are doing this good work and speaking up for the animals. Your messages are meaningful and I hope more people end up supporting your efforts! Thank you! Refreshing.
I am so thankful to have found this podcast. Colleen has committed her life for the animals and shares so much knowledge. And she gives so much information on living life in a real and engaged way! Because of her I am now making my own soy milk and tofu (her class was awesome) and today I will attempt to memorize one of my favorite poems. She lives life in such as engaged way and encourages us all to do the same. Thank you for all you do Colleen!
I’ve been following Colleen for years and her way of speaking about the matters of animal advocacy and the world in general is highly captivating. I learn so much from each episode!
CPG, the host of this podcast, is always thoughtful and thought provoking. She’s so intelligent and I appreciate her compassionate outlook-both towards animals and people.
CPG is truly the most underrated philosophical voice of our time. This podcast is an absolute jewel and filled with so much wisdom even beyond veganism. I’ve learned so much about literature, history, and art through this podcast. Simply can’t recommend it enough—both to vegans and non-vegans alike!
I've been vegan (now I align more with plant-based) ever since my mother and I started listening to Colleen back in 2014. The rigor she brings to her work in activism is matched only by her compassion and common sense, and, six years later, listening to Food for Thought is like listening to a trusted friend and mentor. You really can't go wrong with any of her episodes, and any new vegans or vegan-curious folks will learn a ton from her. I also like when she expands her subject matter and talks a bit more about life in general; it is clear that she strives to live in accordance with her values across the board. Thanks for a great show, Colleen.
Colleen is an inspiration with a wonderful message and has a very relaxing voice 🖤
Colleen is a calm, supportive, and wise voice of reason. I love her outlook on things. Her advice is so inspiring.
When I first came across Colleen’s podcast I was a newer vegan and didn’t have the confidence to discuss my way of eating with others. Once I delve into the podcasts, not only did I become a more confident vegan but I became a better person. Her non-judgmental poignant way of discussing difficult topics helped me shift the way I handle those as well. I’m so SO grateful for her work and for making me more of a joyful vegan. Thank you, Colleen!!
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a brilliant educator. Not only does she inform the listener with scientific facts (and sites her sources!!!), but she does so with an air of love and compassion. Vegan educators and podcasters are often stamped with a seal of disapproval, being that the information presented is graphic, unsettling, and disturbing. CPG offers autonomy to her listeners by, as she would say, “presenting her work, and stepping back.” She delivers all podcasts with a smile, compassion, understanding, and eloquence. Not all podcasts are about animal exploitation. She has episodes on food, zero waste living, an entire second podcast on Animology, philosophy, books, etc. CPG is a well rounded podcaster who is an absolute thrill to listen to. I would highly recommend this podcast to vegans and non-vegans alike.
I wish everyone could listen to this podcast. I wish that everyone had this information and were more inspired to make informed food choices. I love Veganism and Vegetarianism because it allows me to make a difference in someone’s world by simply refraining from animal products. Veganism is the most unselfish act; in my entire life I have never found a way of life more full of compassion and I am truly grateful for people like Colleen that led me to such a blessed life. I love how intelligently she debunks the all too common myths about Veganism- covering topics like nutrition, animal rights, “humane” slaughter, speciesism, environmental issues caused by animal agriculture, yummy vegan recipes (which are fantastic) and how us humans can expand our altruistic scope to include our fellow creatures on this earth. Colleen is the embodiment of empathy and compassion. Every podcast or speech I have listened to from her is overflowing with understanding, conviction and empathy. I admire her dedication to this cause that is so frequently overlooked and dismissed. I can not wait to continue listening to her delicious recipes, well researched explanations, and informed commentary. Thank you Colleen!! I admire you!
Colleen thank for rooting me back to my intention and purpose of going vegan in the first place. There is so many emotions that were taunting me and hearing your podcast reminded me the root of this all, compassion. Thank you!
I was introduced to this podcast by a friend. Colleen was my initial “safe” place when I became vegan and I continue to return to her podcasts for thoughtful, compassionate ways to live my life. She is a breath of fresh air. I have gone to her podcasts over and over again for advice and to help me feel grounded. Thank you Colleen. Keep up the compassionate work.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau has been vegan for over 20 years and her wealth of knowledge makes her a vegan guru! Her episodes are so informative, she keeps the subject matter interesting, and she shows people that veganism is about being compassionate. I get so excited every time I see there’s a new episode and listen as soon as I can. This podcast gave me the courage to speak my truth, stand up for animals, and be an unapologetic, compassionate vegan. 🌱
Colleen has been my teacher from the age of around 16 or so, as her podcasts gave language to the amalgamation of feelings and half-formed phrases on the topic of eating animals. She provided a theoretical framework for me build my own mantras, beliefs, and story around. ALWAYS logical, ALWAYS fair and balanced, ALWAYS trying to bridge the gap between the “us” and the “them”- an act that is so crucial in attaining our goal of more peace and compassion exhibited towards our animal friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you Colleen for your hard work (and loving what you do) which is a broad scope (just look at her many episodes) it’s wonderful that she loves what she does and enlightens me even further into my vegan journey here on earth! You will not be disappointed! Take a walk and take a listen ! Maybe my favorite is the lethal gifts of livestock because I’m always asking people to know where there food comes from and I’m into eating clean food ! Pick a podcast any podcast you will be blessed!
So no judgmental and informative.
I’m new to being vegan-ish. I stopped eating land animals in Oct. 19. I’m still transitioning so I eat little to no dairy but I eat eggs and fish. I listen to a lot of vegan podcasts so I can learn more and help eliminate all animal products. I have listened to several episodes of this podcast and I really want to like it. Here’s why I don’t. Although she’s called the Joyful Vegan I don’t get a joyful vibe from her. She seems a little judgy but says she’s not. She’s not as supportive or encouraging as I feel a seasoned, truly joyful vegan should be. Colleen is extremely verbose and tends to be very repetitive. She goes off on mini tangents and I find myself fast forwarding until I can get to her point. It’s disappointing because I do think she’s bright and thoughtful and can offer a lot based on her’s just that you have to listen to a lot of chatter to get to finally get anything out of this podcast.
I am a 9 year old vegetarian in the Middle East. And I get very made fun of in social situations. Thank you for giving me advice in your episode on tips for social situations. Ramona
Love love love this podcast.
This podcast actually changed my life. Colleen helped me to transition from being an “on-and-off” vegan to being a permanent, long-term, joyful vegan. She helped me to channel my passion for veganism from anger and confusion to patience and compassion. She is one of, if not the MOST well-spoken, articulate, and wise humans I have ever had the privilege to listen to. Listen to this podcast!
Because of Colleen I’ve been able to approach veganism with compassion and patience. Her podcasts are constantly teaching me something new even though I’ve been vegan for over 10 years now. I highly recommend giving joyful vegan a listen!


I recently discovered this podcast and I am so excited by the content. Colleen brings such a unique perspective to veganism especially when traveling, advocating to non vegans without being aggressive. I’m going to support this podcast and would love to join some of their travel programs and conferences. 🥰🥰🥰
Colleen’s eloquence is captivating, her older episodes are as relevant as ever, and listening in is like having a lovely friend join me to talk about big picture ideas. Everything in the name of compassion. Long-time listener and fan!
As a nine-year vegan and now outreacher/vegan activist, Colleen’s words have provided a foundation of knowledge on which I can rely when I’m speaking to pre-vegans. When I first became vegan and I was still the only one I knew, her explanations and passion gave me the confidence to continue eating in accordance with my values despite a cacophony of doubt, criticism, and mockery (against veganism) from everyone I encountered—family and friends included. Her book, The Vegan Table, served as the basis for my family’s first several vegan-friendly Thanksgivings, and still does. I’m happy to say that now, my parents eat plant-based as well (though only my mom identifies as vegan). My mom even became certified in Plant-Based nutrition and teaches free classes on eating a plant-based diet to people in our community. My husband has agreed to let me keep a vegan kitchen, and my step-daughter has gone vegan as well, after spending last summer at our home. Thank you, Colleen, for giving me the confidence to speak my truth for the animals.
Colleen’s Food for Thought Podcast changed my life! After listening to “10 Habits of Highly Effective Advocates”, I realized that I (as a vegetarian) couldn’t be my best, most compassionate self. I’ve been vegan ever since, and Colleen’s work continues to positively impact my perspective.
This podcast is helping me stick to veganism keep up the amazing work and I’m gonna keep on listening to stick with it!! 😁😁😁😁😁
Colleen is one of the most articulate and eloquent animal activist I have heard. She is a very educated and knowledgable host. I listen to a lot of podcasts but what makes Food for Thought different is the relevant informed points that she makes on common topics about veganism that other hosts miss. This podcast has helped me be more compassionate towards humans (including myself), all animals and the planet.
I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet and I have listened to every single episode! As a new vegan I was so lost. What do I eat? What can I wear? How can I best advocate for animals? Colleen takes the time to so eloquently explain all of the concerns, myths, and obstacles of being vegan. She has been my compass in my vegan journey and has helped me to unlock the compassion I’ve had within me my whole life. I can’t express my gratitude for her and her work. She has truly impacted my life for the better and because of her and this podcast my life has been forever changed!
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a brilliant speaker, teacher, writer, educator and overall - an amazing human being who have touched and changed the live of so many. For both human and non-human animals.
Wow! I cannot belive I am just learning of this podcast! Thank you for the excellent information. As a Registered Dietitian I fully suppost everything I have heard thus far! Keep spreading your message! You are changing the world!
At a certain point in my veganism, I came to the idea that there wasn’t much out there that I didn’t already know about. Until The Great CPG came into my life! She got me thinking about the words we use, how to convey our wants, how to genuinely speak from the heart! She has opened my eyes and heart on more ways than one. I love you Colleen!
This podcast is like chatting with a friend who cares about what I care about.
I decided 2 months ago to be vegetarian. I found this podcast and after a few episodes I decided to do som research and have now been vegan for a month. Whenever I’m struggling or down or feeling disheartened I turn on this podcast and am reminded why I am doing this. Thank you, Colleen. You help me find strength and inspiration. You help me know I’m doing what is right.
Colleen is a friendly voice for compassion and the animals, that I can surely relate to. She continues to inspires me with her work. She helped me find my voice and was there for me when I was transitioning over to a plant based lifestyle. She offers so much material, references, and thought-provoking ideas, what’s not to love! I especially like her episodes on travel! Inspiring!
This podcast is incredible! The time Colleen spends researching the topics and the information she provides to her listeners is absolutely invaluable. She has had a significant impact on my life and I am forever grateful to her. She is a beacon of hope in this world!
I had tried twice to go vegan and failed. I just couldn’t give up dairy cheese. Then I took the 30-Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen. That was 4 years ago. The combination of that program and these podcasts were exactly what I needed. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been. The information and support in these podcasts is invaluable. I can not recommend them enough!
9 years ago, I wandered the National Animal Rights Conference. There I met Colleen. I had just watched, what became for me, life blowing and changing footage of animal slaughter included in the doc Earthlings. You know that kind of moment, time stops, mouth agape, eyes filled with tears, skin tingling, - you've been changed and the world turned inside out. In that moment, all my curiosity, questioning and compassion did coalesce in one big tectonic upheaval. Gosh dang it, I'm Vegan now. I just can't eat animals and support this horror. It began. So, I gathered myself and walked around to other booths. Standing next a lavish pile of pretty cookbooks, Colleen stood radiating a kind smile. I reported what just happened, received a generous hug and bought my first book from her. Journey begun. Her writings and podcasts have been a constant companion to my Vegan Life. I expanded my enthusiasm and love for her enlightening and directing work by sponsoring her on Patreon. By supporting her, my dollar dramatically multiplies for the animals and that makes me happy. I love that she continues to say YES to opportunities to use her genius for the animals. Oh, that we all say YES with our own! Let her inspire you. I recommend her to the ardent and open life learner. Leading a Vegan Compassionate Life Style is all about Imperfect Progress. Colleen imbues her communication with grace and strength and a constant wooing to embrace compassionate choices - compassionately! I'm clearly a fan based on my experiences with her. Much love, Renée
This podcast is so approachable, easy to understand, and clearly laid out. Colleen is an amazing speaker and writer, she is able to impart so much knowledge in a way that is easy to comprehend and remember. The best resource for vegans new and old.
Colleen helps understand not just compassion for the animals, but also for yourselves and others. Well worth your time.
In today’s world where a plethora of information is a click away, it has become imperative to embrace the truths of our society and redirect my focus to my closest spiritual sense of compassion. There are quite a few individuals I admire who embody ethical lifestyle choices. Most animal activists exude passion for fair treatment of all living beings while some wrongfully choose to relentlessly demonize the uneducated of the liberation cause. Of those choice individuals who present the facts, along with realistic methods to endorse benevolence, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau radiates a level of veganism so incredibly relatable and undeniably obtainable to reach beyond. Food For Thought is inclusive to all walks of life and continuously provides my spirit with the willingness to strive toward implementing each of my actions to endorse a more peaceful planet for the future.
Love her travel episodes....She inspires!!!
I've been transitioning to veganism and this podcast has been giving me the push I need. It's a unique podcast in that it looks at veganism from all kinds of different angles. Love it!
Too much talking of sponsorships at beginning. Also, I like podcasts driven by content. The podcasts in here are more rhetoric then content.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is brilliant, well-spoken, incredibly knowledgeable and is making a difference in this world. She is one of the greatest animal advocates in the world today and you'll agree if you listen to her podcast. Her other podcast, Animology is great too.
I was already vegan when I discovered Colleen, but boy has she changed my mental landscape. I learned a ton from this podcast and really got re-inspired to help animals.
Food for Thought is one of the best podcasts I've ever subscribed to. Colleen is practical in her advice, well researched and articulate in her words and inspiring and supportive in her message. Whether you're curious about vegetarianism, veganism, animal welfare or environmentalism, this podcast will be an amazing resource and provide invaluable information (and entertainment!) with hours and hours of content from the last 11 years.