Reviews For Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan Podcast

Colleen’s eloquence is captivating, her older episodes are as relevant as ever, and listening in is like having a lovely friend join me to talk about big picture ideas. Everything in the name of compassion. Long-time listener and fan!
As a nine-year vegan and now outreacher/vegan activist, Colleen’s words have provided a foundation of knowledge on which I can rely when I’m speaking to pre-vegans. When I first became vegan and I was still the only one I knew, her explanations and passion gave me the confidence to continue eating in accordance with my values despite a cacophony of doubt, criticism, and mockery (against veganism) from everyone I encountered—family and friends included. Her book, The Vegan Table, served as the basis for my family’s first several vegan-friendly Thanksgivings, and still does. I’m happy to say that now, my parents eat plant-based as well (though only my mom identifies as vegan). My mom even became certified in Plant-Based nutrition and teaches free classes on eating a plant-based diet to people in our community. My husband has agreed to let me keep a vegan kitchen, and my step-daughter has gone vegan as well, after spending last summer at our home. Thank you, Colleen, for giving me the confidence to speak my truth for the animals.
Colleen’s Food for Thought Podcast changed my life! After listening to “10 Habits of Highly Effective Advocates”, I realized that I (as a vegetarian) couldn’t be my best, most compassionate self. I’ve been vegan ever since, and Colleen’s work continues to positively impact my perspective.
This podcast is helping me stick to veganism keep up the amazing work and I’m gonna keep on listening to stick with it!! 😁😁😁😁😁
Colleen is one of the most articulate and eloquent animal activist I have heard. She is a very educated and knowledgable host. I listen to a lot of podcasts but what makes Food for Thought different is the relevant informed points that she makes on common topics about veganism that other hosts miss. This podcast has helped me be more compassionate towards humans (including myself), all animals and the planet.
Dear Colleen and Vegan and Vegetarian listeners, I have read Mrs Goudreau’s cook books and love them. I am a first time listener of her podcast and I love it I took the 30 Day Vegan Challenge The day before Mother’s Day and been a 100% Vegan since.
I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet and I have listened to every single episode! As a new vegan I was so lost. What do I eat? What can I wear? How can I best advocate for animals? Colleen takes the time to so eloquently explain all of the concerns, myths, and obstacles of being vegan. She has been my compass in my vegan journey and has helped me to unlock the compassion I’ve had within me my whole life. I can’t express my gratitude for her and her work. She has truly impacted my life for the better and because of her and this podcast my life has been forever changed!
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is a brilliant speaker, teacher, writer, educator and overall - an amazing human being who have touched and changed the live of so many. For both human and non-human animals.
Wow! I cannot belive I am just learning of this podcast! Thank you for the excellent information. As a Registered Dietitian I fully suppost everything I have heard thus far! Keep spreading your message! You are changing the world!
At a certain point in my veganism, I came to the idea that there wasn’t much out there that I didn’t already know about. Until The Great CPG came into my life! She got me thinking about the words we use, how to convey our wants, how to genuinely speak from the heart! She has opened my eyes and heart on more ways than one. I love you Colleen!
This podcast is like chatting with a friend who cares about what I care about.
I decided 2 months ago to be vegetarian. I found this podcast and after a few episodes I decided to do som research and have now been vegan for a month. Whenever I’m struggling or down or feeling disheartened I turn on this podcast and am reminded why I am doing this. Thank you, Colleen. You help me find strength and inspiration. You help me know I’m doing what is right.
Colleen is a friendly voice for compassion and the animals, that I can surely relate to. She continues to inspires me with her work. She helped me find my voice and was there for me when I was transitioning over to a plant based lifestyle. She offers so much material, references, and thought-provoking ideas, what’s not to love! I especially like her episodes on travel! Inspiring!
This podcast is incredible! The time Colleen spends researching the topics and the information she provides to her listeners is absolutely invaluable. She has had a significant impact on my life and I am forever grateful to her. She is a beacon of hope in this world!
I had tried twice to go vegan and failed. I just couldn’t give up dairy cheese. Then I took the 30-Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen. That was 4 years ago. The combination of that program and these podcasts were exactly what I needed. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been. The information and support in these podcasts is invaluable. I can not recommend them enough!
9 years ago, I wandered the National Animal Rights Conference. There I met Colleen. I had just watched, what became for me, life blowing and changing footage of animal slaughter included in the doc Earthlings. You know that kind of moment, time stops, mouth agape, eyes filled with tears, skin tingling, - you've been changed and the world turned inside out. In that moment, all my curiosity, questioning and compassion did coalesce in one big tectonic upheaval. Gosh dang it, I'm Vegan now. I just can't eat animals and support this horror. It began. So, I gathered myself and walked around to other booths. Standing next a lavish pile of pretty cookbooks, Colleen stood radiating a kind smile. I reported what just happened, received a generous hug and bought my first book from her. Journey begun. Her writings and podcasts have been a constant companion to my Vegan Life. I expanded my enthusiasm and love for her enlightening and directing work by sponsoring her on Patreon. By supporting her, my dollar dramatically multiplies for the animals and that makes me happy. I love that she continues to say YES to opportunities to use her genius for the animals. Oh, that we all say YES with our own! Let her inspire you. I recommend her to the ardent and open life learner. Leading a Vegan Compassionate Life Style is all about Imperfect Progress. Colleen imbues her communication with grace and strength and a constant wooing to embrace compassionate choices - compassionately! I'm clearly a fan based on my experiences with her. Much love, Renée
This podcast is so approachable, easy to understand, and clearly laid out. Colleen is an amazing speaker and writer, she is able to impart so much knowledge in a way that is easy to comprehend and remember. The best resource for vegans new and old.
Colleen helps understand not just compassion for the animals, but also for yourselves and others. Well worth your time.
In today’s world where a plethora of information is a click away, it has become imperative to embrace the truths of our society and redirect my focus to my closest spiritual sense of compassion. There are quite a few individuals I admire who embody ethical lifestyle choices. Most animal activists exude passion for fair treatment of all living beings while some wrongfully choose to relentlessly demonize the uneducated of the liberation cause. Of those choice individuals who present the facts, along with realistic methods to endorse benevolence, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau radiates a level of veganism so incredibly relatable and undeniably obtainable to reach beyond. Food For Thought is inclusive to all walks of life and continuously provides my spirit with the willingness to strive toward implementing each of my actions to endorse a more peaceful planet for the future.
Love her travel episodes....She inspires!!!
I am so grateful to have discovered Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and her podcasts at the start of my Vegan journey. Her podcasts are informative with the bare honesty necessary to inspire change. Her compassion for all animals and for people are abundant and resonate with me. Colleen’s podcast consistently delivers on her lifelong mission and her message is consistent with other media sources she appears on. The topics she tackles are delivered in a no nonsense, caring and factual way chalk full of historical facts, accurate scientific/nutritional info, wit and fun humor. I have benefited immensely from her and her podcasts. I highly recommend making her and her podcasts a regular component of your Vegan path.
I've been transitioning to veganism and this podcast has been giving me the push I need. It's a unique podcast in that it looks at veganism from all kinds of different angles. Love it!
Too much talking of sponsorships at beginning. Also, I like podcasts driven by content. The podcasts in here are more rhetoric then content.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is brilliant, well-spoken, incredibly knowledgeable and is making a difference in this world. She is one of the greatest animal advocates in the world today and you'll agree if you listen to her podcast. Her other podcast, Animology is great too.
I was already vegan when I discovered Colleen, but boy has she changed my mental landscape. I learned a ton from this podcast and really got re-inspired to help animals.
Food for Thought is one of the best podcasts I've ever subscribed to. Colleen is practical in her advice, well researched and articulate in her words and inspiring and supportive in her message. Whether you're curious about vegetarianism, veganism, animal welfare or environmentalism, this podcast will be an amazing resource and provide invaluable information (and entertainment!) with hours and hours of content from the last 11 years.
Food for Thought is a really amazing podcast. I have learned so much and I feel very inspired by each episode. Colleen is such a thoughtful and classy host. She brings such a positive enegry to the world through her podcast. She is a born teacher and you will learn so much about life, food, comapssion and more from her wonderful podcast!
I am so glad I found Food for Thought. Colleen offers sound, practical, non-judgmental advice that makes me want to do right by my health, by animals, and the earth. I became a vegetarian 6-months ago and started listening to her podcasts two weeks ago. I have grown so much since I discovered this podcast. I see myself in the "excuses" she describes (particularly the one that says, I really never ate that much meat :) ). I now believe it is possible for me to become a vegan, and one who has a sense of a humor. I want to attract other people to this way of thinking and living, not hammer them with it. I think that is Colleen's special talent. I am so grateful for her gentle way of speaking truth.
Nothing has helped me make peace with emotions and become an overall better person than this podcast, wish I had discovered it years ago. Since becoming an ethical vegan in 2011, I've struggled off and on with feelings of anger, sadness and confusion regarding animals, both human and nonhuman, and the treatment many receive. Some older episodes may include news, websites, products, etc...that are outdated or no longer available, but otherwise contain relevant information. The love letters are a nice addition, it's strangely comforting to know others struggle with the same experiences as I do. Episodes on travel can be interesting, even though I'm happy to stay close to home, hearing of another's travels as a vegan can be fun to listen to.
I cannot say how much I have gotten out of this podcast. Being vegan in a non-vegan world can be very difficult at times, and Colleen invariably has just the right thing to say to give me hope, make me laugh or inspire me. Highly recommend this podcast to any vegans or anyone curious about veganism.
I went vegetarian a couple years ago, then stopped consuming dairy last year. I am starting to replace my wool sweaters with Cotten and replacing leather shoes with other materials. Your podcast has helped me not feel as ashamed for not immediately being able to afford being able to replace them all at one time. You are so inspirational. Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing your kind voice every week.
I am a newer vegan and love this podcast. There is so much to learn and Colleen explains things in a way that makes sense. I'm grateful to have these podcasts. Definitely listen if you're interested in vegans or if you're an animal lover!
I am newly vegan and this podcast has been a great source of inspiration and information. I am catching up on all old episodes and am so happy I found it. I am the only vegan in my family and feel like this is great support and motivation for me.
I have learned so much for CPG. Her gifts are many. I have learned so much from her podcasts and she is just a sheer joy to listen to. You get the sense that you know her like an old friend you have not seen in person for a long time but can immediately connect to. I also like her direct approach in that she tells it like it is--the truth--she is the real deal. I am a listener for life.
And it was this podcast that made it all possible. Colleen is a fantastic guide into the world of vegan.
Best vegan podcast for anyone seeking compassionate guidance! Colleen's words help inspire all of us to live and speak our truths in the most effective way possible. I went from straight meat eater to compassionate vegan overnight about 6 months ago and this podcast has been my guiding light. Thank you Colleen for discussing everything from the basic questions every vegan is asked, to traveling tips, to advocating for the animals. I love Food for Thought and just subscribed to Animalogy! Can't wait!!


By Lola_P
I have been listening to your pod casts at work. They are phenomenal. I was only going to become a vegetarian but after listening to your first pod cast I knew I needed to be vegan. I have been vegan for 18 days. I feel great.
This podcast will absolutely teach you things you didn't already know. Colleen offers a wealth of information on a variety of topics, all within the realm of animal advocacy. But what she also does beautifully is teach us how to be better communicators, a skill that we need to create any kind of lasting change. Simply by listening to her speak on her podcasts, I've learned how to be better at finding common ground rather than focusing on differences. What's not great about that? Listen to it. You'll be hooked.
I've been vegan for 10 months and this podcast is like a warm blanket that teaches and informs, but also reassures my lifestyle. I'm already 12 episodes in and I just discovered the podcast this morning.
I can't say enough good things about this podcast. I'm so grateful to have this resource for myself when I need a refresher and to share with friends when they have questions about veganism. This podcast has undeniably changed my life and I am a better person for it. I only wish I had found it sooner.
This is by far my favorite podcast. Colleen does an amazing job at addressing so many great animal related topics. She brings such a calm & rational perspective to all things vegan. I look forward to each podcast and always feel better after listening. She has taught me a ton on my vegan journey. Thank you for all you do for the animals - I'm certain you have made a difference for them because I know you have made a difference for me.
Colleen is a hero; for all life on earth. Good for Thought is inspirational, enjoyable, and full of truth. I love starting my morning with an episode giving my energy, and motivation to stay true to my values. Thank you Colleen Patrick Goudreau!
If you've ever said "I don't want to know" about the production of animal products, but you kinda do (but don't want to feel judged and/or emotionally scarred) then give this podcast a listen. Colleen is totally relatable and kind, but not in a pandering way. She knows her mind and her logic makes you think, "I've never thought of it that way before, but she's right on." Perhaps it's this mix of skills that makes her so attractive to TV. (She's been invited to numerous FOX tv segments and is always on public radio.) Once you listen, you'll feel like she's a treasured friend.
I cannot even begin to say enough about Colleen. I love her love of words. I love her message of living my own values of compassion. I have never felt more connected and proud of my decisions as I was being a compassionate vegan. Most everyone aspires to live by their true values and Colleen gives us the insight and tools to do so. Her podcast is so powerful, comforting and incredibly well researched. I know I would not have been able to be vegan as long as I was without her. And though I've lost my way I am so grateful she continues to do this amazing work that she is so obviously called to do and is here to guide me back on the of compassion. Respectfully yet unapologetically vegan. I am so grateful to have found her podcast over 5 years ago. Thank you Colleen!
I am a huge fan of this show because it's not just about living a vegan life, it's about living a more compassionate, loving, and REAL life. I'm not a vegan myself, but I'm always able to take away major insights from Colleen's show. I highly recommend!
Who knew a podcast could change your life? I have found my purpose and Colleen leads you to learning new things every single day
Colleen is very eloquent in everything she says. This podcast is very inspiring and thoughtful. I appreciate the work she puts into this podcast!
This podcast is awesome and it's not just for vegans. I have learned so much from Colleen, even after I thought I had done all the research there was to do about being vegan, I still find myself listening and learning every day. Her words help me in a mostly meat eating world to be compassionate and joyful and help others to do the same. For non vegans, she is well researched, an interesting speaker, and her blogs on food and health are inspiring me to cut processed foods out of my life and try new veggies and fruit!
I am not exaggerating when I say that this podcast changed my life. I have always been an animal lover, but it was the mental block that kept me from letting go of the idea that animals were here for us. In fact, it’s not something I even thought about until I came across this podcast. In search for a podcast that could guide me towards better eating/cooking/lifestyle choices, I listened to the episodes about food and cooking, avoiding the episodes on the meat and animal bi-product industries… it seemed like it would be too heavy for my tastes… but soon enough, I found myself going back and listening to every episode in order! They are addicting to listen to because they’re so full of good information and honest opinions that are anything but preachy… I was really drawn by Colleen’s down-to-earth personality and could easily relate to her as a person. I love how her episodes merely give the facts, state her personal opinions, and then leave the rest up to us to decide how we feel about it. Very open, very compassionate. After only listening to Food for Thought for a few months, I decided to take the leap and go vegetarian. It has been almost a full year and I can proudly say that I have never been happier with myself for all of the decisions I’ve made in the name of animals, the environment, and my own health. I now live conscious free as a 99% vegan, and cannot wait until the day when I’m able to be 100% in line with my values. This review does not even scratch the surface of how grateful I am to have this person in my life. Colleen, you are one of a kind and truly someone I look up to everyday to inspire me to be the best person I can be. What started off as a simple search for a health podcast ended up being the wake-up call I so needed in my life, and changing it for the better.