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Well researched. Well delivered. His authenticity got him excellent access to the affected persons, witnesses, and authorities.
The investigative work Chris has done is just genius. Thank you for doing this podcast for the family and for those of us that live in this area. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
In 1996 I was in high school in this sleepy beach town. This rocked our world and we have never given up hope as a community. Here we are 25 years later, with our huge billboard ad memorial still up for Kristen, and Chris, a younger local from a town close to us, has brought this case back to life! Can’t wait for justice for the Smart family, and to hear more updates from Chris. I don’t know if he will make more podcasts or become a detective, but this guy has my vote for anything he does! From one local to another, even though I don’t know you personally, thank you and keep up the amazing job!


Will there be another episode
i’ve listened to a lot of true crime podcasts. this is one of my favorites. it’s incredibly researched, i thought chris was a professional journalist, but i was shocked to learn he was a musician. the sound quality is great as well. i love the background music, it’s not too much. all of the sound effects, add ins, and music are perfectly placed and they are just the right amount. an incredible listen for anyone, but especially people interested in true crime.


By MMPeace
You have great quality and your work is not based on any biased relationship . Based solely on facts and events and people that are real. I hope they find her and God be with you and K Smart’s family in this journey.
Let me explain myself. I never understood why people raved about listening to someone talk at them while they did other tasks. I finally decided to give this old Podcast thing a shot and cut my teeth on the first season of Serial about a year late to the game. I was hooked. I can honestly say, I didn’t do a darn thing at work that whole day and if I had been forced to, I may have just watched the place burn around me instead. The problem with that was, today is six years later and after many valiant attempts, I haven’t been able to become as utterly enthralled as I was while listening those years ago. I knew about Kristin Smart’s case from my regular perusal and leisure reads in the true crime forums. When I saw an update about search warrants crediting, of all things, a Podcast… Oh, man. Oh, man. I did not even KNOW it was possible to physically have such visceral and animated reactions while…well…listening to someone talk at me. :-)


Such an informative & detailed podcast! Excellent & relentless work. Well delivered!
Thank you for a wonderful podcast. It was so informational and so very well put together.
Heard about this podcast on YouTube from one of my favorite true crime channels and this podcast did not disappoint. It was so well researched and compiled, I felt like I was hearing the story again for the first time. There was so much more information. Such a good job!
Learned so much about Kristen Smart. I hope they solve this crime!
The detail and great length you have gone to help this family find their little girl is amazing. I can’t stop binge listening to the show, I’m only on Episode 6. I only hope it helps bring the Smart Family the answers they deserve.
My husband is also an audio engineer like Chris and I am soooo happy for a podcast with high quality audio. I have tried to listen to many podcasts that are popular and the audio is so bad I have to turn it off. You know the theme song of CSI and how it blares in your face and you have to turn it down? That doesn’t happen here. The transitions, the theme song, all the music, the interviews, everything added in was handled perfectly and balanced with the other audio. I really hope he makes more podcasts and I’d love to hear music he works on.
An absolutely heinous crime, by repulsive human beings. Shame on the University and SLOSD for their apathetic handling of the situation and lack of protection, starting with hour 1. Chris Lambert succinctly shares an incredible story, spanning years, and does so with clarity and factual foundation. Well done!!
I listen to a ton of true crime and this show is particularly good. Very thorough and engaging. No boring, too long interviews or non-relevant speculation from the host.
I go from podcast to podcast most times because I can’t get into them...the narrator isn’t engaging, etc. This one had me from the beginning and couldn’t wait to get through it. I binged it all in one day. Well done and I’m sad it’s over!
I am truly blown away at chris’ research, reporting and dedication to this case. He leaves no stone unturned and covers everything so concise and clearly. A masterpiece podcast that literally puts the whole unsolved case in law enforcements hands. Production and story telling is top notch as well, very polished to the point I felt like I was there tagging along with him. Chris YOU are the reason this case is getting justice.
This podcast is a tour de force in investigative journalism. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can't believe this is Chris Lambert's first foray into podcasting.
This is probably the best podcast out there. Great delivery, excellent research, and the podcasters detective work, finally lead the pathetic police to two recent arrests, after almost twenty five years. Please keep it up!
I’m glad to hear there has been some progress with this grossly mishandled case. I lived in Santa Maria in the mid 90’s, and remember hearing about this disappearance and the paranoia after. I had completed forgotten about Kirstin after 20+ years and this jolted her back into my memory. I certainly hope we will get updates, as “he who will not be named” has FINALLY been arrested. The preliminary trial is a few days away, and will be following!
The work that Chris Lambert has done to make these podcasts is incredible! So well done, such good research and great interviewing skills. Thank you for putting this together and keeping Kirsten’s name on people’s mind. So excited to listen!!!
Such an awesome podcast, please make more!


Why would “friends” leave Kristin with a well known creep/sexual harrasser when she was fall down drunk?? That’s the question I really wanted to hear addressed and investigated.


Pleaseeeee pleaseeeeeee tell you will make more now since there has been an arrest !!!!!!!!!!!!
I had only listened to two episodes of this podcast when a breaking story hit the news!! I hope there is a follow-up when it is okay for us to know!! I have no doubt this podcast helped to break the case! Chris is so easy to listen to!!
Chris Lambert puts himself in the victim’s shoes and does a highly empathetic investigation.
When I heard her family sing happy birthday, tears streamed down my face. What a terrible story and tragic that it’s a real life story.
Impressive, shocking, enraging and important.
one of the BEST podcasts I have ever listened to!
The timeline, details, narration, and interviews we’re so well done, I was totally captivated. What a service you, your supporters, and predecessors have performed. I wish you all well, and hope you are able to find the motivation support to affect favorable outcome in other cases.
Please tell me your making another episode!!!!!!
This is one of the best crime reporting podcasts I’ve listened to (and I have sampled them all)!!! Apparently this is the investigative reporter’s first attempt at both investigating a case and reporting in this format, but wow did he hit it out of the park!! The story contains descriptions of the locations, interviews with her family and friends as well as witnesses and the way he mixes sounds to the other audio greatly enhances the experience. Well done, Chris!! Reminds me of the Canadian podcast “Someone Knows Something, “ but even better.
Please give us an update!!!
Thank you Chris for all that you’ve done so far with this podcast. It has definitely shined new light and attention on this case. I live in San Luis Obispo county but didn’t live hear during the time of Kristin’s disappearance. Your work has paid off.
So thorough, well done!
Very well done. Normally I don’t like to listen to men talk about true crime. Nothing personal, it’s just hard to hear a man describe what happens to (usually) women at the hands of another man. I appreciated the empathy, and caring nature you shown throughout each episode. Your work on this podcast and inevitably Kristin’s case is invaluable. Great work!
I will admit that I thought this started off a little slow, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. The host is thorough and thoughtful in his research and presentation- while also remaining humble and not injecting his own speculation. Incredible job. You did Kristin’s legacy honor.
Thank you for: Being Thorough Being Interesting Keeping to facts Making a difference!!! Best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time.
I’m thrilled that Chris and his podcast blew the roof off of this investigation!!! Congratulations
and well told. easily binged. highly recommended.
Very well written and spoken 8 episodes. So intriguing and informative.
I can’t wait to hear your updates on this!! I loved all the depth and detail. Chris’s voice is not ominous... and relatable which I love. The hardest part for me about this podcast is that the Smart Family, could be mine... she is only a year younger than I am. I pray for them because I realize how much they have missed over the years. Everyone knows he is guilty... I sure hope this podcast brings her home.
I can't believe the day i finished this Paul and his dad are arrested!! How satisfying!' Great job though loved it!!
Time is ticking
Interesting. Excellent narrative voice and lots of sound bites from various witnesses.
This has been a great listen. I wasn’t quite hooked until a couple episodes in but then I was really hooked. Late in the series the chronology gets a bit weird but it’s not a big deal. I wish there was some sort of ending to the series but it just sort of stops to the point where I had to go back and look to see if I missed an episode. This is a fascinating story and I very much so want to know what’s in the dang backyard. I would dig it up myself if someone gave me the chance.