Hunting Warhead

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Incredible reporting! The podcast flowed together seamlessly. Very hard to listen but definitely a must.
Very well done. Everyone needs to be aware of what is hiding right in front of us but be prepared to be upset. Thank you CBC for your work.
I love podcasts and have listened to so many but this podcast covers the entire process of finding these monsters and victims as well as the law enforcement. This topic is sad and sick but we need to bring it into the light. The segments are exceptionally well done. I hope to hear from this podcast team again.
Horrifying and absolutely riveting. It’s going to haunt you long afterwards. The worst monsters wear a human face.
Incredibly well-reported, even by CBC standards which are already high!
Fascinating & informative look at one of society’s most disturbing crimes-child sexual abuse. Heartbreakingly real look at the crimes, predators, subculture, families, crusaders and justice system. The investigative storyline is the only reason the topic is palatable enough that we can take an important look at something we never want to see.
LISTEN TO THIS SHOW. Very informative. Super interesting. And holy crap, it will change you.
Never in my life has something like this crossed my mind can’t believe this is real, everyone needs to be aware of this Reality I am shook. It’s a hard listen but I am just speechless!!!!!!!😶
Compelling story. Well told. No repetition. No ad interruptions. Good audio quality. Background music appropriate to the subject matter. The psychological and biological factors are indeed disturbing and puzzling. (Thank you for NOT describing certain things in detail.) Commendations to all involved in this podcast, especially the investigative journalist, for casting light on this dark topic. It’s important for people to know it exists and consider ways to prevent it.
Disturbing but amazingly done.
A difficult subject to tackle yet I learned information I otherwise wouldn’t have about child sexual abuse. I appreciate the communication with experts and respectful interviews with survivors in the podcast.
Such great research and reporting on maybe the most difficult topic.
Should be required for any and all adults. We must understand how these abuse operations work in order to combat and pulverize them one by one. The most important work there is on the planet. I would be in favor of demolishing the entire internet if it meant ending this. I thank all of these heroes working in this field! You are angels and superheroes times infinity! All involved should receive philanthropy like nothing we have ever seen to end the market. To any pedophiles who have never acted on their urges and are brave enough to seek help. I thank you too. I wish more would speak publicly so we can begin to save more little boys/girls.
I’m on episode 6 now. Each episode draws me in more. It’s like watching a thriller movie. Everyone has done a great job bringing this topic and story to light. It has been surprisingly educating, as I never really thought of preventive therapy for these potential future offenders. Although, this podcast is not for everyone or it may be hard to swallow the truth...I’m glad that this is out there.
I wish there were more episodes, it was a very interesting series. Very well done.
This is an incredible story. Disturbing, but important. Q-anon claims they are working to help children. These are the REAL people working to unmask abusers, and it’s not Q


This was so hard to get through but I’m glad I made it to the end. The research and time it took develop and produce this is worth it if it saves one more kid. Great job.


By ngm2019
This podcast is incredible. The subject matter is quite difficult but it is a crucial topic and highlights the epidemic of child abuse that very much needs to be brought out of the shadows...
Great work
Incredible work. I had to stop listening several times and just breathe. With such difficult subject matter, they do a great job of focusing on the story, the victims and the “why”. To Jen: you listened to that pull in your gut. You are so brave and I was inspired listening to you.
These people need awards and recognition for their work.
Insightful... thought provoking, beautifully written and read. This has moved me in so many different ways. As a mother, survivor of childhood abuse, teacher, and sister of someone who runs a non-profit for human trafficking. This podcast has everything. And has truly changed my thinking for life.
Amazing work!!!
The pacing, the story telling, the interviews and the host make this one of the most remarkable and disturbing podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I am going to be thinking about this for a very long time. This is an incredible piece of investigative journalism. The subject matter is beyond difficult, I’ve had to pause and take a breather many times.
Well done! Practically an audio visual podcast. Well spoken, fluid, wonderfully tonal.
Another great podcast from CBC. I don’t know if bingeing this series is good for my mental health but the story and the way it’s told is just so compelling. Very well done, considering how horrible the subject matter is.
The respect shown in the language. Honors victims, validated their stories, protects their identities and futures. Beautiful. You have done us justice.


By Simkha
How they caught these creeps, and what some people do to children is horrendous. But the podcast itself doesn't live up to the hype I've been seeing. Somehow it manages to be a bit dull, the episodes a bit too long after the first two.
Awesome Pod
Once you start, you won’t be able to stop listening to see how it all ends, so allow enough time to do a nonstop binge.
Flawlessly done. Thank you!
And by “best,” I mean the creepiest. It doesn’t go at all where I thought it would. Impeccably researched, reported and structured. Couldn’t stop listening.
Worth all your time. Binge away.
This podcast is so well done. The story is compelling. I must say it caught me up many times, I sat there with my jaw slack and tears in my eyes. Very hard to listen to. Made me upset and physically sick to be honest. But this is IMPORTANT information. This happens way more than we would like to admit and it’s important to be aware of it. Well done and I hope that you produce more podcasts on the subject.
TRIGGER WARNING! This podcast, while exposing one of the most disturbing pedophiles I’ve ever heard of, is not for everyone. While listening to “Warhead” speak about being in love with a 4 year old child, I started sobbing. This needs to come with more content warnings for people like me who did not see that coming at all.
This is a well told and exhaustively researched story about a horrific but very important topic. Like every CBC podcast I’ve listened to, the host is well spoken and a good interviewer, and tells the story in a way that makes it hard to stop listening, even when the subject matter is repulsive. Can’t wait to hear what the CBC gives us next!
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Hosts and content. I’ve listened to it twice and recommended it more than any other podcast. Why didn’t I know this? Why don’t we all know this?
This is real life everyday darkness. Thank you for sharing such an important poignant story/tale.
i havent even tuned in yet, but trailer and content gave me goosebumps. this is an epidemic - dark web crimes. apparently proper capitalization is on the outs for me, as well. sorry. phone settings! cant wait to dive into this podcast. personally, the topic fires me up. thanks for the work done to make it happen
I am a fan of tried crime podcasts and I couldn’t stop listening to this one once I started it.
Horrific topic but a superbly presented podcast.
An amazing podcast. As a mom of young kids it was really hard to listen. But it’s real life and I appreciate all the work done on this.
Content makes my stomach turn, but it’s a very important subject rarely discussed. I love stories where the bad guy (or at least 2 of them) gets what they deserve. Thanks for this incredible work.
Well reported, thorough discussion of an important subject.
This podcast was so well done, on a subject that I really didn’t know anything about. The production value was so well done. Yes this topic is very disturbing and I did know how rampant this problem was.
Devastating. Shocking. Something needs to change. This is very informative but will rip your heart out. Something everyone should hear.