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I was going to listen to your podcast until the first advertisement that popped up was an advertisement for a pro-life organization. Sorry but no. I don’t know why you would need to advertise something like that on there. It’s one thing to advertise games or clothing or furniture etc., but yeah that advertisement completely turned me off of this podcast immediately.
I just finished Hunting Warhead and I feel sick to my stomaxh. But this needed to be done and talked about. It’s very well done.
I finished it feeling a sense of sadness that I will not hear another podcast this good for a very long time.
I really enjoyed this podcast. Very well done on a subject matter that is disturbing without going into details - which no one needs to hear. I like that they talked with those who knew Warhead and how it affected them. You never hear about the fallout or the aftermath. Very well done!
Horrific and painful to hear about but expertly narrated and the production was top-notch. Among the top 5 podcasts I’ve ever listened to.
Hard to listen to at times but incredibly well done.
It felt slow in the beginning but turned out to be such an educational journey. Takes you into a world that most of us don’t understand at all. I cannot believe this case did not get more media coverage. Also hearing the perpetrator talk openly when not in court is a wake up call for the rest of us.
This is not for the faint hearted out there, but for those of us who were victimized as children, it’s a hopeful march towards justice! Daemon does an incredible job balancing a tough subject without backing down from the facts. A must listen!
1 episode in & I'm totally hooked! 💕
So many times I wanted to turn this podcast off, because the subject is so uncomfortable. The damage done to the families on both sides is crushing. The ingenuity of the reporters and officers who hunt the worst type of predators is amazing, their willingness to work together towards the goal ridding the world of these animals is brilliant! Produced in a manner that keeps you constantly questioning everything you know about seedy underworld of child abusers. This podcast is a burning light shining upon the ills of society and a must listen!!!
This podcast was absolutely mind blowing. I am scared about how in the dark I was about these things. We all need to make sure we know the people that are around our children because it could be someone you are very close with that is abusing them. I really enjoyed all the different interviews and people that were involved. My only negative is whenever Jen his relative would talk, it always seemed to be about her and her healing and her impact statement is for her. What about her children who were the victims? She never talks about how they are doing now or how any of the things she has done or said were for them. It was always about her, her, her. As a mother I can imagine this would be one of the most difficult things to go through, but her children are the biggest victims out of this and she just doesn’t mention them very much.
A terrific production. Explosive and horrific material handled with sensitivity and heart. The interviews of people close to Warhead (using this name so not to give spoilers, not out of any respect) are gut-wrenching and very revealing. Astonishing that his former girlfriend, who works surrounded by images of child abuse all day, said she might go see him. And how revealing it was to hear his parents say they weren’t angry with him. Apparently they could ignore the millions of victims left in his wake. As of course he could too.
You should not listen to this if you are an empath or easily triggered. But as a former journalist, I was interested in this investigation. The production value of this podcast is excellent, and the interviews are chilling. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe, because the suspense and horror literally made me stop. I felt revulsion. So many emotions. I’m still sitting here trying to process what I just listened to.
A terrible subject handled perfectly by the host and the great production of this podcast has ruined me for others!
An incredible and in-depth investigation into the actions and the psychology of the people that commit the most horrific actions we could ever imagine. The reporters dedicated so much of their time, their efforts, and their own mental health to giving a voice to the countless children that were affected by these men.
Horrifying and absolutely riveting. It’s going to haunt you long afterwards. The worst monsters wear a human face. It’s very difficult subject matter but it needs to be heard. Excellent reporting
I was completely captivated from beginning to end. Plot twist at every corner. This is an insane and sad story, but the reporting was outstanding.
Did you really give a platform to a “doctor” who tries to excuse child molesters as having an inborn “sexual preference” for infants and children?? Pedophilia is NOT a sexual’s a brain malfunction. They should be euthanized.
Incredible and emotional podcast. Very hard to listen to but I love the way the content was presented. One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to.
Too explicit for me and that’s saying something. Like others have said, excellent reporting but disturbing is putting it mildly. Couldn’t not finish all episodes.


By mxm313
Incredibly difficult subject material but excellent investigative reporting.
Great reporting overall but I do think the host skipped the hard questions - never confronting Ben about the long term trauma he exposes these kids to
Incredible reporting! The podcast flowed together seamlessly. Very hard to listen but definitely a must.
Very well done. Everyone needs to be aware of what is hiding right in front of us but be prepared to be upset. Thank you CBC for your work.
I love podcasts and have listened to so many but this podcast covers the entire process of finding these monsters and victims as well as the law enforcement. This topic is sad and sick but we need to bring it into the light. The segments are exceptionally well done. I hope to hear from this podcast team again.
Incredibly well-reported, even by CBC standards which are already high!
Fascinating & informative look at one of society’s most disturbing crimes-child sexual abuse. Heartbreakingly real look at the crimes, predators, subculture, families, crusaders and justice system. The investigative storyline is the only reason the topic is palatable enough that we can take an important look at something we never want to see.
LISTEN TO THIS SHOW. Very informative. Super interesting. And holy crap, it will change you.
Never in my life has something like this crossed my mind can’t believe this is real, everyone needs to be aware of this Reality I am shook. It’s a hard listen but I am just speechless!!!!!!!😶
Compelling story. Well told. No repetition. No ad interruptions. Good audio quality. Background music appropriate to the subject matter. The psychological and biological factors are indeed disturbing and puzzling. (Thank you for NOT describing certain things in detail.) Commendations to all involved in this podcast, especially the investigative journalist, for casting light on this dark topic. It’s important for people to know it exists and consider ways to prevent it.
Disturbing but amazingly done.
A difficult subject to tackle yet I learned information I otherwise wouldn’t have about child sexual abuse. I appreciate the communication with experts and respectful interviews with survivors in the podcast.
Such great research and reporting on maybe the most difficult topic.
Should be required for any and all adults. We must understand how these abuse operations work in order to combat and pulverize them one by one. The most important work there is on the planet. I would be in favor of demolishing the entire internet if it meant ending this. I thank all of these heroes working in this field! You are angels and superheroes times infinity! All involved should receive philanthropy like nothing we have ever seen to end the market. To any pedophiles who have never acted on their urges and are brave enough to seek help. I thank you too. I wish more would speak publicly so we can begin to save more little boys/girls.
I’m on episode 6 now. Each episode draws me in more. It’s like watching a thriller movie. Everyone has done a great job bringing this topic and story to light. It has been surprisingly educating, as I never really thought of preventive therapy for these potential future offenders. Although, this podcast is not for everyone or it may be hard to swallow the truth...I’m glad that this is out there.
I wish there were more episodes, it was a very interesting series. Very well done.
This is an incredible story. Disturbing, but important. Q-anon claims they are working to help children. These are the REAL people working to unmask abusers, and it’s not Q


This was so hard to get through but I’m glad I made it to the end. The research and time it took develop and produce this is worth it if it saves one more kid. Great job.


By ngm2019
This podcast is incredible. The subject matter is quite difficult but it is a crucial topic and highlights the epidemic of child abuse that very much needs to be brought out of the shadows...
Great work
Incredible work. I had to stop listening several times and just breathe. With such difficult subject matter, they do a great job of focusing on the story, the victims and the “why”. To Jen: you listened to that pull in your gut. You are so brave and I was inspired listening to you.
These people need awards and recognition for their work.
Insightful... thought provoking, beautifully written and read. This has moved me in so many different ways. As a mother, survivor of childhood abuse, teacher, and sister of someone who runs a non-profit for human trafficking. This podcast has everything. And has truly changed my thinking for life.
Amazing work!!!
The pacing, the story telling, the interviews and the host make this one of the most remarkable and disturbing podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I am going to be thinking about this for a very long time. This is an incredible piece of investigative journalism. The subject matter is beyond difficult, I’ve had to pause and take a breather many times.
Well done! Practically an audio visual podcast. Well spoken, fluid, wonderfully tonal.