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I understand you have a DAILY podcast and your dedication is enormously appreciated, however if you aren’t going to have any guests, I’d like to hear your own take on things, instead of just constant coverage of “He said she said” while quoting articles and Twitter responses to them. We all love Max Keizer too - but we don’t need the recap of his podcast every episode! I really value your daily episodes I just wish it wasn’t mostly “_____ said _____, what do you think? Let me know in the comments”


I like the info, sometimes, but it’s getting too political
Very informative crypto news and helpful!
He speaks so fast you can’t even process what he is saying. U can tell the content is great but someone else should be sharing it.
Really love your last episode. You are on point with your views and have a strong knowledge of what’s going on. I want to continue to listen, but I would love if you slowed down and talked to us like we are in the same room having a beer together. Friendly advice. Great work you are doing.
Really really great info and even the fast pacing is fine, but man you really gotta work on not ending every other word up in pitch like it’s a question, it’s so so difficult to keep focused. Please.
Accurate but annoying voice and tone, couldn’t listen to him more than 10 min. What a waste.
Amazing content but can you slow down a little? And maybe not repeat everything 3 to 4 times within the episode, I had to unsubscribe because I felt like I know what you’re gonna say before you talk about the topic and I was tired of it lol. But other than that I haven’t found a podcast as informative as yours, just work on your delivery I guess.
Good info and I would love to keep listening but the guy needs to stop ending every sentence by raising his voice. Sounds like every statement is a question
Keep politics and your side political opinions out of it.
The show content is really interesting? But the dude has a serious up speak issue? He talks like a California valley girl? And ends almost every sentence with a question mark?? It's annoying. Please stop.
Your cadence needs to be addressed, especially when mixed with your inflection... friendly feedback.
Good info but is it really necessary to go over the topics 3 times? You’re not writing a paper that needs an intro to your topic, substance about the topic, then a summary. Turning 6 minute podcast into 15 minutes for no reason. Good info, terrible delivery
If he kept his political leanings out of it... says things like plandemic and sleepy Joe Biden.... not sure why he feels the need
Slow down! Your non-stop talking does nothing to differentiate you from a million other YouTuber podcasts.
Great show!
you’re great. Keep it up!
I love that you actually keep me in the loop on some of the things Max goes on his rants about when it comes to the future of bitcoins and the crypto markets.
Justin (same name as me so must be awesome). 20 minutes of pure value per episode! Edited nicely, straight to the point and what you need to know in the world of crypto!
I’ve been nervous about learning more about crypto currency but this podcast has been an amazing introduction. Thank you for breaking the newbies in!
I recently got into the stock market and have been looking for a podcast that teaches you about the Cryptocurrency. If you are like me this and want to learn more this podacast is for you!
I'm new to crypto and this podcast has helped me understand a lot of the nuances of the industry. Recommend!
Now I know what everyone's talking about! Lots of great knowledge being dropped in this podcast.
Great podcast for real crypto investers looking to be up to date on all the latest news in all things cyrpto!
I am new to this world but I’m learning a lot about what opportunity is really out there. Now I can talk about Blockchain and Crypto currency at my next cocktail party.
I’ve been interested in Bitcoin “on and off” for a while, but never found anyone who was able to communicate the power of it, until now that is. Great podcast.
I’ve been listening for about a week now. You are providing great info and I appreciate that, but my friend need to slow down.
I enjoyed the hopium of “crypto news,” just couldn’t take the idiotic conspiracy and anti-vaccine rhetoric. Listening to him stumble over reading bitcoin headlines was fun until I got a taste of “vaccines make you sick.” Never have I had less faith in crypto than I do after listening to this podcast.
I’ve been listening to podcasts for the past few months and this show is most informative about crypto so far. The host is really knowledgeable and pleasant to hear and the content is awesome. I highly recommend this podcast. Keep up the great work Justin.
Informative podcast but keeps referring to the pandemic as the plandemic which says to me that he buys into a lot of stupid conspiracy theories floating around.
Wow, this is a world I know very little about. And during this COVID downtime I have enjoyed learning more about it and the possibilities on new investments. Thanks for putting this together for us. You are entertaining and explain things in a way the simple folks like me can understand. 👍👍👍
I didn't understand anything about Bitcoin. This podcast is helping me learn what it is all about.
I am brand new to crypto and bitcoin and I have to say that this podcast really helps. There is so much to learn with this podcast. Fantastic show
Crypto and Bitcoin are extremely important to Freedom. we need an alternative to banks and this podcast is a great place to get thr latest news
Thank you Justin. What cool content that is helpful for all of us in terms of investments. You do a great job of explaining the specifics. Thank you!
If you want to learn about bitcoin, this is the podcast for you. Justin knows his stuff!
I’ve been interested in investing in bitcoin for a while. I have felt totally overwhelmed on the subject which has caused paralysis. This podcast has opened my eyes. I will be doing some binge listening!!
Found this podcast after seeing BTC spike to $9,000. Great explanations!
Justin does an excellent job in breaking down everything you need to know regarding bitcoin trends. I am excited to continue to learn more and stay ahead of the game!!
This is your one stop shope to be LIT ON FIRE for all things Blockchain :-) ~ John Lee Dumas
If you want to know about Crypto and money definitely this is the place to be. woooo I really get a lot from it..!
Thank you Justin for simplifying the world of Crypto and Bitcoin into powerful but simple information and most importantly action steps we can take right away!
Holy wow!! I literally looked at my crypto portfolio and thought this show needs to be in my daily news. So much value and high energy. This is a daily listen for anyone who wants to hear the daily buzz in crypto!
I literally knew nothing about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency when I found this podcast, but Justin has done a great job of explaining what I need to know and has brought me up to speed really quickly!
What a resource to answer any question bitcoin! I am a newbie but i wont be for long!
Brings Cryptocurrency into perspective. I was't very familiy with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but his knowledge and explaination makes it easy.
Love Justin's show and knowlege. I'm new to Bitcoin and I love to listen to this show and learning about it all the Crypto news!
This podcast gives you just what you need to know to feel on top of the crypto game. It doesn't hurt that Justin has such a great voice as well. Easy to follow and full of detail, I definitely recommend you give this podcast a listen.