Reviews For Rightnowish

I'm one of those people who usually find podcasts a bit annoying but I've been binging this for the past three days. A must listen if you live in the Bay Area. Every episode is real, enlightening, and lifts the voices of those who make Oakland and its surroundings the amazing cultural haven that it is. Thank you Pendarvis Harshaw for this show.
Pendarvis is a master storyteller. His thoughts flow naturally, and his gift is a blessing to the Bay Area. May we continue to support his work and keep his voice lifted.
loved the show before and the content is still great and fresh and different during covid times
The range of guests and stories is always interesting. People I’d never have heard heard from anywhere else get to share stories and I love each one.
Good guests/topics you might not hear elsewhere and the host gives awesome perspective. Give this show a try!
I love Pen’s style and have learned so much in such a short time from listening to these episodes. Highly recommend!
Each story is an amazing vignette into the lives in the east bay. Makes me feel all warm inside and just in love with my neighbors.
I love how the host Pendarvis Harshaw brings both compassion and curiosity to his reporting. Each of these stories comes from the heart and shines light on people doing creative and uplifting work for Oakland. Every time I listen I feel the love.
I appreciate Right Now-ish for telling the untold stories of Oakland and the Bay. There’s so much history, arts, and culture that we have to be proud of. Much love from fellow podcast producer at the Young and the Woke.
Every episode makes me smile, makes me think, and makes me see something new about the place where I grew up. I look forward to every episode! ❤️
Every podcast a little window to something happening right now (ish) that I should know
Have enjoyed every episode so far. It’s exposing me to new and old Arts and culture. Love it!
This show is killing it right out the (golden) gate- with such talented people behind it I guess that’s no surprise. An extremely high quality show, from concept to research to execution. Looking forward to seeing where they go from here!
Been living in Oakland for almost two decades and seen the changes that has transpired over that time. It’s so good to hear stories and voices that reflect the recent past to right now-ish. I heard about Pendarvis on the podcast East Bay Yesterday talking about his book OG Told Me. Can’t wait for more.
The first episode was really good. FInd out about a talented person who could have easily been lost in the system, but thanks to some determined parenting is making art today. There are many untold stories of people who make the Bay Area the diverse, interesting place that it is. I look forward to more excellence in this series.
While The NY Times focuses on the aesthetically pleasing highlights of Oakland, many of which just appeared in the recent years, Pen provides insight into those who are FROM HERE from here to demonstrate that Oakland and its natives BEEN amazing. One of the greatest storytellers of the Town. 🙏🏾🙌🏾
This will be an important artifact of who and what we are doing in the Bay Area by someone from here. There's always been diamonds here who have never been covered. Now there is an new outlet with fresh perspective which is sorely needed.
Pendarvis is that guy - pumped for this. Hit em with the 1, 2 my guy - 👊🏾👊🏾
Saw a preview episode live. It was moving, informative and entertaining! Well presented and produced. Lots of big characters and stories. Beautiful slices of life!
this is a sweet sounding tour of my home area. content blew me away and the editing is tight as can be. cant wait for more.
So happy this local news show is getting expanded into a podcast format, these stories are much bigger than just a couple minutes.