Reviews For Bobby Approved - The FlavCity Shopping Experience

September husband diagnosed and prescribed insulin and Metformin. Was researching online and soon enough social media started showing related posts. Saw FlavCity and stayed in tuned everyday and slowly but aggressively change my grocery list. By December the insulin was stopped eventually in 2020 Metformin (tapered off), March CrossFit started and May2020 diabetic free. Today Sept a year later and he’s at 170, still does CrossFit and 85 percent of our products are keto/paleo/nongmo-organic/grassfed/gluten-free. Thank you for what you do to educate others like myself- my husband appreciates it a whole lot.
Keep up the content! Love you guys on YouTube and thought I’d check you on some podcast! I never shop at the grocery store the same and now I see the importance of always reading the ingredients. Thank you!
I don’t have a Twitter so can’t write you there but I’d love to hear an Amy’s collab podcast!!
Bobby and Art are incredible getting the public the real scoop on what is in food and what all the terms like “natural flavors” really means…..not natural! Want to be healthy learn about labeling and what food terms actually mean.
Thank you Bobby for all of the hard work you put in to helping us get and stay healthier. You have 100% changed the way I shop, eat and cook. I’ve always tried to be mindful of what my family eats but you have taken me to a new level. I sooooo much appreciate all of your videos and look forward to seeing the news as soon as they come out.
Love listening to guy guys. Best part Waldo will not interrupt. Maybe I will say “Waldo” randomly for a laugh. 😂
They say this will not be the same items as the YouTube channel but.... they are the same items. If you watch his videos frequently like I do then all of this will just sound like recycled content. Just comes down to if you prefer visual with the YouTube channel or just listening to the podcast. Both are helpful, just wouldn’t tune in to both.
Great job, guys! I’m a follower of your work and try to shop with Bobby Approved in mind. Thank you for breaking down what is really in our food and for helping me make better choices for my family.
So delighted that you guys have brought this to the Podcast platform. Now I can listen on my way to work. Super informative. Looking forward to following here as well. #KeeponcookinMadloveAndpeace ❤️
Always learn something from Bobby. I laughed so hard at him saying “oh god. Oh god” as Art read the list of ingredients 😂😂
This is great. On the videos I could not hear I am glad t o hear the name of items and ingredients. They were not so tense when that do not have to worry about where is staff, will they be kicked out I just wish they would include list of foods recommended Great job Art and Bobby!
I can’t stop - won’t stop tuning in - I am loving all the fantastic content from Flavcity ! I’m learning so many new things about ingredients! Awesome and keep me coming !
Enjoyed the first podcast guys. A fun and educational jaunt through frozen food section of Trader Joe’s!
I love watching Bobby and Arth and now even better we can hear them! Thank you guys for such an amazing work you guys do!!!
Thank you, Bobby and Art, for providing such wonderful content. The insight given in your videos, social media, and now these podcasts is SO valuable and needed in today’s market. Love the humor sprinkled throughout! Please keep it going!
Thank you Bobby and Art for the great information and your wit. I enjoy you on YouTube.
I’m LOVING my new Flav City cookbook and loved it enough to buy one for my Son and his family (whom by the way, you remind me of♥️) for his birthday! Love your videos and e cited to catch your podcasts. I’ve learned so much on HOW TO READ those sneaky labels. THANK YOU so much! 62 yr old (dance aerobics instructor) who’s never too old DANCE 👯‍♀️ or to learn more about health.
Very informative! I always learn so much from FlavCity and I love his recipes! He has an amazing website and a great cookbook! Can't wait for more podcasts!! Keep on cookin!!!
I love watching these guys on YouTube. It is super helpful to learn about nutrition in the grocery store. Love the idea of the podcast but the noise from the store is a little distracting from you guys talking. Other than that I love that you are expanding your platform. Please keep making videos as well!


Love that you guys are doing a podcast! Another platform to gain some knowledge and learn to be mindful what goes in my body. Great for my commutes too. As always, you guys are terrific!
Hey guys. I'm a big fan of this channel. You guys have helped me make better food choices. I need it more than ever now that im dealing with gallbladder issues. I loved how you guys seemed more relaxed at Trader Joes and avoiding waldos lol. Looking forward to the growth of this podcast and more episodes! Keep it up!
Bobby is amazing and had so many great meals and has really helped me make even better choices than I already was! So glad there is a podcast
I’m a 57 yr old still striving to grasp better health. I have learned so much from you and sharing with my family. Look forward to podcast but will still watch you on YouTube!
I love your grocery shopping video. My favorite thing to watch in YouTube. Everything you do amazing recipes, video. Your cook book is great. Thank you.
This is perfect for listening to ur great shows! I’ll listen in my car! Happy car driver n happy listener🚘🎧