Reviews For Democratica

Stuart Max is articulate and insightful. Highly recommend!
The frank honesty, the coherent connecting of the dots and, most importantly, the heart that is clearly present in this show make this podcast my absolute go-to. These two humans hold the President to account, not to simply destroy but because they understand that a worthy leader can lift the aspirations of the nation to the stars when careful while an unworthy leader will cause them crumble to dust as he’s careless. Stay strong, guys. We’re in this together.
Superb conversation, both in each individual episode and in the ongoing conversation between our hosts. This is a terrific and vital angle of approach on civic education, and a hoot into the bargain. Appointment podcasting!


Was hoping for straight news without the bs, joking etc. disappointed
I listen to a lot of political podcasts but this is the best at helping me digest the madness of Trump nonsense without making me feel like I’m losing my mind. And the hosts are so fun! I’ll never miss an episode.
I like your new show but there are some technical issues. First of all, the overall volume is too low compared to other podcasts. Secondly, one voice is louder while the other voice is softer with more bass so I'm constantly adjusting the volume. Thirdly, the music intro and exit are too loud compared to the rest of the show. I hope you correct these issues for future podcasts to make for easier listening. Thanks for the good show!
Even though I’m on info overload, it’s good to get this plain-talking insight into issues. So glad I can listen while driving everywhere to work; I don’t always have time to read OD on my emails. Thanks!
The hosts do a really great job of laying out straight forward answers to questions that are too often glossed over by other sources, and there rapport makes it fun to listen to. I like that stu has the insider knowledge and AJ’s curious outsider perspective leads them to discussions outsiders like me want to know about. This really is the most enjoyable way to understand political news for anyone who’s overwhelmed by everything that’s happening in the Trump era.
This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for. AJ and Stuart and really good together. I’m more of an “AJ person.” He asks the same questions I want to ask and Stuart answers in a way that makes me feel smarter than I was before the podcast started. They are funny and clever and I’m so glad this podcast exists!
I don’t know if it’s the way Stu explains things or AJ’s earnest and kind of naive but heartfelt perspective, but politics just makes more sense after listening to these guys. And honestly, making sense of politics in 2019 is a pretty huge deal! Love it!!
This makes understanding the crazy political news so much easier. And I really like listening to AJ and stew. I think we’d be friends irl
I do want an analysis of what’s happening in our land of the free without losing my mind. This delivers nicely. And, a moment of uplift gives me delightful sparks of hope. I bet you’ll feel the same!
Very informative, especially for this missing some details in today’s news. The banter between the hosts is not only entertaining but produces questions and answers that reflect what most of us are likely thinking. The commentary is intelligent and forces you to think. I am looking f forward to many more episodes.
I love the different perspectives offered on this pod—and particularly appreciate hearing AJ’s nuanced questions and perspectives on what’s happening in the news cycle. Too often politics caters to power, not people, but this pod is an exception to that rule.
Love the podcast, thanks for all the great work!