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Reviews For Align By Design

Amy Allchurch’s warmth, magnetism, and kindness is exquisite and exceedingly helpful. Dive in and be rejuvenated!
Amy is the embodiment! Her light inspires us to rise! Must listen. Absolute Human Design Expert Level Content!
I just found this podcast and it’s already one of my favs. Amy breaks down the deeper parts of Human Design in SUCH an easy way. I’ve had so many ah-ha moments and chills. Thanks!!
This year I found out I’m a reflector and having this podcast as a resource to understand everyone ELSE around me helps me understand what’s going on with me! And have a bit more awareness when I’m just reflecting them or it’s my stuff to work on!
Amy brings Human Design to life, allowing it to flow through her. He voice is soothing and powerful. Her explanations of Human Design and how it works has unlocked SO much for me. LOVE this podcast!
Love you my projector expander! Amazing, like everything else you do. I can’t wait to relaunch my podcast and have you on. My love; Heather Regan 🧜🏻‍♀️
I am so in love with this podcast! I’ve worked with Amy and will continue to do so. Learning about my design has been so helpful for helping me step more into my power and lead my clients in a bigger way 💕
Amy shares human design in such a clear and concise way. I love that each episode focuses on a small chunk of information, making it super easy to follow. Being a busy mama who is obsessed with human design, this format is ideal for me. Amy is so clearly an expert in this arena and it shows. Thank you for this podcast, Amy!!
I love that the episodes are short and to the point. I’ve only recently discovered human design and like hearing more on being a projector!
It so good to learn more about my design through this podcast. I’ve learned a few things. Thank you Amy.


So many ah ha’s! Amy’s podcasts are always so insightful uplifting.
Love the concise tidbits on Human Design you can easily catch on a break or if you have more time stack them!
I love human design, love how they are short podcasts. Can’t wait to listen to them all!
Since being in the vibration of Amy and learning about human design si have learnt so much more about myself and how to live my life more aligned. I am so excited to be able to have such an amazing inspirational mama who is so knowledgeable less the way for so many of us in the world ✨❤️