Keeps it real and is very informative. There’s always things we can learn from each other
Drew is honestly one of the most knowledgeable and genuine people in the vintage game. He has a wealth of knowledge he graciously shares- all while hanging out with vastly different people in the vintage world. Must listen


Great resource for anyone interested in vintage gear or Canada.
Vintage Clothing Knowledge Reigns Supreme on this great pod. Industry history and interviews with key players in the game. Always evolving and examining the biz and culture from multiple angles. [email protected]
Drew seems like such a nice guy easy going guy. I love how he connects with his guests and his enthusiasm for what he and all of us do. Awesome podcast.
I love this podder it’s getting me through the quarantine! such interesting guests and insights I can’t get enoughhhh
So much knowledge and such a G in the game! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Great listen, informative, authentic essence! Big ups DREW!
Some beautiful insight into the whole vintage scene from someone who can really tell a good story
I have been looking for a podcast like this for awhile. Looking forward to more resources for new vintage resellers.
Just heard my first episode with drew and his dad. I am hooked
Drew interviews people in the vintage clothing community about it. The show is very need to double speed as he gets to the point and keeps it moving. The content here is great for any reseller or fashion hordist. Drop in..
Drew is a great host who keeps you engaged. Never an awkward moment and he’s able to keep a conversation moving naturally. From great history lessons to hilarious stories to what’s what’s going on currently in fashion and reselling, this podcast brings something for everyone. I’m checking daily for the next episode.
If you want all angles of the vintage game listen to this podcast.
Very informative and easy to listen to! Thank you for the content!
Very informative...lots of info on vintage clothing and other stuff. So glad I found out about this podcast!
Drew is modern-day OG of the vintage slinging biz. Whether you’re flipping thrift store finds onto Depop or wanting to build your business into a bigger thing, I definitely recommend this podcast. Focus on promoting sustainability and rad stories from delinquent years. Check it out!
Always wanting more episodes! Favorite podcast I’ve listened to every episode twice lol
Best podcast to listen to if you know what’s up. This guys knows his vintage n stuff. Nothing but value coming from this guy.
Love this podcast! Very entertaining, helpful and educational. A good listen. Found a massive Patagonia score in a small town thrift! Literally the day after I stumbled across the Cast. Keep em coming:)!
Great podcast to pick up some new knowledge and a good laugh
Feeling less alone in the struggle! Also learning some things. Thanks for sharing :) xo Shop Good Witch
Drew is the king, and he’s sharing his gold with us all.
So much value being provided by this podcast. S/O to Vintage & Stuff for doing this podcast.
Just listening to what college picker told me what to do! Awesome podcast drew! Keep on rockin’ in the free world
Absolutely love these interviews! Every podcast Drew makes is great to listen to! Very educational, informative, and honest about vintage clothing. Also lots of great life/business advice. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Drew is a very personable dude as well as hilarious. Started following him on IG awhile back happy he’s dipping into the podcast game.
Laid-back podcast packed with valuable knowledge about vintage clothing and its community.
Great in-depth podcast for the Vintage Headz 🤘