The AEW After Show Podcast

Reviews For The AEW After Show Podcast

A “young” podcast for the younger Aew demo.
The perfect antidote to the common wrestling podcast. Every show is so critical and cynical, this show views wrestling the way we all did at one point: it’s fun and meant to be enjoyed. Not over analyzed and derided. Very good analysis and refrshing.


By JCont91
This show is terrible, annoying and lacks substance. I forced myself to listen to an entire episode to give them a fair shot. NEVER AGAIN.


Tried to listen to this, probably did like 4 episodes. The introductions are ridiculous. The audio seems to go from low to high mostly due to laughter about the dumbest things. Too many people, too focused on entertaining themselves.
I’m already sick of the opening garbage. The people giggle like a crappy radio morning show. The whole podcast sounds very amateurish and as if they are gathered around one microphone. Sometimes I can barely hear Jessica. Lastly, I wish the group could stay focused on the subject. Until the show improves it’s difficult to take this podcast as more than 2-3 stars.
Been Listening since Day one Great Job Everyone. Don’t change anything Please!
Love listening to this show the day after the show just to recap the little things I might have over looked. Great cast. But to the can go anywhere in Ohio and get the chant going. O-H. (Crowd yells). I-O. It’s in the blood.
Every match deserves the kind of recap that this aftershow gives it. I've always got thoughts about fights right after they happen, and hearing someone break down the fight blow by blow is the best thing to be able to do right after the fight has ended.
I love this podcast Great stuff from you Three. I tune in weekly after AEW or at least when I’m driving to work in the morning. Keep up the Great work. #MartyScurllForAEW Sincerely Ryan of @RTIIAnimate
Great show, can get enough of AEW so this is my morning after show on my way to work. Great coverage and awesome to hear professional opinions on AEW.
Great show as always. I’ve now dubbed Jack Farmer the Sammy Guevara of Afterbuzz “A Farmer’s God”, Jessica is the Allie of Afterbuzz SHES always energetic and positive (most of the time also blondes 🙌🏼😌), Roger is definitely good enough to be a third Lucha Bro 👌🏻
For being in the alleged “World Famous After Buzz studios” you’d think the audio quality would be top notch. It sounds like everyone is sharing a mic. Maybe it’ll get better but as of right now, it’s poop.
I listened for 30 seconds then shut it off and now know to never give this podcast a shot again.
MAn Jack Farmer is taking care of this crop of wrestling. Just a wonderful job covering wrestling back on TNT. I love the dynamic with all three of these hosts.