Buy The Block with Bryan Chavis

Reviews For Buy The Block with Bryan Chavis

Bryan goes deep into what you need to hear about the syndication business. So many people focus on the raise and the underwriting but what happens after you close? Trust some property manager is the saving grace Incase anything goes wrong? This goes to show you that you can hire others to do the job but nothing beats experience and without that you will never know if what they are telling you is true. These systems he speaks about are the golden nuggets of this business. This industry lacks the fundamentals of actually running a property and the strategies of asset management. Glad someone is bringing attention to this , Great content!
While most of the coaches in this industry teach you how to raise money and find deals they completely miss out on managing the property and up front due diligence. Not Bryan though! All of his management is done in house, and the experience is obvious in the show! I’ve learned more from this podcast than I did for thousands of dollars in coaching.
I love this Real Estate Investing Podcast. Bryan talks about real world experiences that I find extremely valuable with my own Investments. The vibe of the podcast is something that I enjoy as well. I like the way Bryan and Nathan interact with One another.
Bryan is a great leader and has an incredible depth of experience and knowledge. If your looking for someone to glean wisdom from, he’s the man!
He’s written books and can diagnose any real estate problem. Tune in to this podcast and you’ll learn a ton. BC is generous with his time and knowledge bombs🤯. Tell your friends.🗣
I’ve read Bryan’s books and attended his events. He’s a true practitioner and has a passion for what he does. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and is an expert in his field. Loved the first episode and look forward to hearing more!