Have You Seen This Man?

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Dear Prison System, I fsomeone kills a 14yr old, they don't get to go Christmas shopping. Ever.
A sad story of a little girl killed for no reason by a man, Lester Eubanks, who has been on the lam for decades. I had to keep reminding myself that this guy is a monster even though some people who knew him didn’t feel that way – in fact, quite the opposite. The Eubanks story just goes to show how hard it is to know the true character of a person. Eubanks, seemingly a bright, talented man, may have learned how good people behave in order to be convincing that he himself is a good person. But he continued his life of crime in one way or the other. Luck, family loyalty and fear had worked in his favor. Well worth hearing.
I love you the show!!! Where is the next episode???
Fabulous story telling!!!
Due to her ridiculousness on The View I will not waste my precious time listening to any podcast of her’s. Writing this is all the attention she gets from me.
This story is mortifying but the way the reporters and hosts tell his and Mary’s story is great. I love how you give us insight as if we were on the case also.
Fabulous podcast! I’m taking the long way home to continue listening.
Was hooked from the beginning!!!!
I love this podcast it makes me want to listen to more every time I turn off my phone!!
An extraordinary dive into a decade’s old unsolved mystery. I felt like I was on the hunt with the ABC investigators and the US Marshals.
Not even thru the first episode! IN LOVE! To be fair I would watch out!
Enjoying every moment. Looking forward to each episode.
The dead girl didn’t have a headstone for how long?! What a garbage family. And the police department... no reward cash? What an ignorant operation. Great show. Real life waste of time tho...
Story telling was on point-enjoyed the interviews and the realness of it all. Thanks for bringing this story to light!


I’m listening hope there capturing at the end. I hope he’s found alive vs dead! I look forward to a weekly update. Hopefully when this case ends you will have another interesting story to tell.


By Elliaba
Don’t miss this terrific podcast
Great podcast!! Very well done!! Just finished the Father Figure episode and I must say, I find myself as a truly judgmental individual. How someone who knows about a person he is a murderer can accept him as a mentor?? What a nut job!!! Our society is doomed...


By Asffccn
Very interesting but slightly drawn out. Hope more updates come
Prayers for the family. I cannot imagine the anguish of not knowing where the monster who killed the precious child. Shame on Lester’s family for withholding information. Shame on his dad! Do not uphold your children when they do wrong!
The story continues to go nowhere. No leads, no updates. Waste of time.
This podcast has more filler than Pamela Anderson. Could’ve easily been summed up in an hour podcast
Good storytelling. Pretty compelling. The notion that a good number of people know where this guy is but won’t talk is creepy. A bit shady for ABC to be working so closely with the Marshals on this, though.
Interesting how black folks claim that if the victim were white, more would have been done to hunt down LESTER EUBANKS after his so-called “escape.” ... He was set free by an extensive black network that cares less about living in a civilized society and getting revenge for their personal hostilities than they care about justice for a murdered 14-year-old child ... or Nicole Brown Simpson, or Ron Goldman, etc. He was freed and protected because of his race by members of his race. A race that prides itself on creating chaos when it doesn’t get its way, as this story makes so clear.
Amazes me that a family can assist in keeping this felon on the run, especially his father. There is no justification or excuse, shame on them.
A true crime podcast from the criminals who covered up the Epstein story. How ironic.
Could have been reduced. Not much new information episode to episode. A lead isn’t interesting unless something is learned. Not necessary to go over dead leads or unsuccessful interviews, which happens frequently.
I didn’t think it was gunna be good but it is
I enjoy this podcast, but I’m all caught up and need more episodes! I am so disappointed in the dereliction of duty by those in the Ohio Dept of Corrections that enabled this “escape” from their custody. Those responsible should have to take his place until he is returned to prison.
This is so well done. 5 stars.More of this type of content please. I hope this guy is found alive.
With an incarceration rate massively disproportionate to their population, I immediately cringe at the thought of a nationwide manhunt for a questionably guilty black man. But apparently everyone needs a podcast, so hey, why look any farther?
Shame on that family they are horrible people.
If it was a book I couldn’t get enough....Since listening can’t get enough on my seat waiting for the next episode
This would be good if it were 2-3 episodes but it’s stretched and stretched and stretched without much happening.
This is captivating. Well produced but why is interviewer not invoking memory of victim's family. Bring pictures to Eubanks' family!
This podcast is driving me nuts. There seems to be an endless amount of the annoying host knocking on doors and calling people that don’t want to talk to him - sometimes twice! And then makes us listen to him bothering these people. Totally cringy.
God I love this podcast make more of them there grate five star👌
I’ve been enjoying this Podcast. I’m very picky about my true crime podcasts and the voices that tell the story; this one I definitely subscribed to though. Very good investigative podcasting along with sharing the story from the 70’s. I cannot believe this actually happened (shame on the prison system) but it sure does make for a captivating story now! It’s a very interesting story and well reported on! Thank you!
Highly recommend!! Amazing how someone can get away and hide for this long. A family... knowing he did wrong, but won’t speak - just insane!!
I’m seriously on the edge of my seat! I’m really hoping justice is served in the name of Mary Ellen🙏🏾
I actually enjoyed this podcast but it left me wondering if this guy was actually as bad as they were making him out to be. The police seem to have a lot of theories about him and his family with absolutely no evidence. The US Marshals hunting him are kind of laughable. I almost wonder if he even committed the crime after listening to this podcast.
While I am enjoying listening, I don’t understand why the journalist doesn’t ask the relatives who he has interviewed why they choose to ignore Lester’s heinous crime?! He says nothing about it as if the only crime he committed was escaping prison.
So mysterious!! If you love crime this is the perfect podcast. Take a listen 🗣
Fast paced and intense. This podcast is like a thrill ride. I love it!!