Reviews For Scattered

Mr Garcia & his team do an incredible job weaving together one family's story in to the larger tapestry of Cuban and American history, from their Revolution to the present. It's a touching tribute to his Father, but also to his Mother and Sister, who are all working through the loss of Andres together. I enjoyed the run, and can't stop recommending this podcast to all my friends.
This is one of my favorite podcast. Christian covers heartbreaking and tough topics with love and humor. An eye opening journey into one man’s life and how he is now remembered- by us all.


So heartwarming, personal, funny, sweet. Chris is an excellent storyteller. I’m hooked!
Love scattered and love Chris! This podcast is a poem!!
I lost my Dad this year from cancer and this podcast, especially Chris’ funny conversations with his mom and sister, was a nice pick-me-up. Trying to piece together your parents life is a strange feeling but if you’ve experienced it, this podcast is even more of a gut-check. Appreciate the honesty and loved all his stand-up bits about his Papi. Thank you for sharing.
Beautifully told. Deeply personal. Chris is sensitive, straightforward and funny in this project.
Thank you so much for this gift, Chris. I have always loved your comedy, in particular the sets about your parents. I am so grateful you took all of us along on your exploration of your dad's past. You introduce us to so many interesting people that help to tell his story (I love your mom) and the music and editing are also superb. This was a heartbreaking, funny, educational and beautiful documentary.
This has a little bit of everything. It’s one family’s story of love, romantic and paternal; of the heartbreak of caring for an aging parent; of death; of what it means to be an immigrant in this country of immigrants. I think I laughed and cried in every single episode.
This was such a beautiful story of the life of Chris’s father. I cried, felt part of it, and even laughed. It was super beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
As I listened to Scattered with my 17-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son on the drive to and from college over break, I had to pause several times. I so often felt as though I was listening to my own parents’ and older sister’s journey from a little province town in Havana, to nearly 4 years in the work camps, to a couple of years in Madrid where they flourished, and then to the US to join relatives and navigate their first gloomy winter searching for the American Dream. Like, Chris, I came along later, after my parents settled into their life in the States. To me, Cuba might as well have been Mars or Neverland. Unlike The Garcías, however, my family did eventually return to Cuba to visit relatives and help them out financially. I feel like this helped my parents cope with the traumas of leaving their beloved country and all they experienced in the exile process. All of this to say, that I adored this podcast. For the first time, my kids truly understood the struggles their grandparents faced in order to attain freedom, and it brought up questions I didn’t even know I should ask my parents. We were all very emotional listening to Scattered. Chris’ story and his family felt like home to me and I’ve recommended the podcast to every one of my friends and relatives.
Think that this life is hard? It can be, especially when we hit our middle age and we begin to lose our friends and family, specifically our parents. Comedian Chris Garcia pays a loving tribute to his Cuban born immigrant father, Andres Garcia, with humour and sorrow. He feels compelled to learn what sort of sacrifice his Papi paid in order to take his wife and young daughter to America and escape Castro’s Cuba and how he came to have the scars on his hands. Hardest of all is Garcia’s telling of his father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, of helplessly watching as the disease dismantled the man he knew and loved. Personally, I have lost both of my parents, but was spared the horrors of losing them to Alzheimer’s and my heart breaks for anyone who has. Thank you, Chris. Your Papi and mom and sister can be very proud of you.
Chris is an incredible host and the story or his family and others is captivating. Funny, sad, heartwarming. I started listening today and will probably finish today haha
I listened to this in one day! I laughed a lot and even cried some while listening. Overall it was really really good!
Chris Garcia made me laugh and he made me cry. He also made me pull over on my morning commute because of this heartfelt story. There are so many familiar themes that I relate to as an immigrant but this story is so unique and touching. The story is told beautifully and I’m sending out a virtual hug to this beautiful family!
Had me in stitches and close to tears, learned about Cuban government’s treatment of its citizens seek better life and one family’s journey to the the US.
Exceptional storytelling of one man’s family, but truly the family of all of us—regardless of your experience. Immigration. Politics. Love. Sickness. Humor. Heartfelt connection. Devoured this series. Superb content.
My mother is a Cuban who came to America in 71. She tells many similar stories and I realize I now have so much more to learn about her past. Thank you for this raw & emotional podcast! Love you and the way you tell your family’s story! Thank you thank you!!
I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It’s so touching and funny and it all comes together so beautifully at the end. A true work of art. Chris’ Dad would be so proud of him.
When I began listening to this podcast, I had no idea of how Chris would delve seamlessly into family roles, grief, mental health, politics, and history. Truly in love.
Scattered is a personal story of family, wonderfully told with humor and love. It is also a quintessential American story of the immigrant experience. Very well done!
Fabulous podcast filled perfectly with heartfelt humor and love. I couldn’t stop listening.
I have always loved Chris’ standup and storytelling, and hearing the other side- the grief and slow loss of his father- solidifies him as an unbelievably well-rounded and talented storyteller. The story of Andres is told with such research and dignity that it’s impossible not to cry. Both Chris and Andres are two brave men, and it’s an honor to accompany Chris on this journey to learn more about his father. I listened with my first-generation Dominican boyfriend, and we both got a lot out of the dual-lingual aspect of the podcast, though I was jealous because he got to hear some punchlines first. We listened to it in one night. Thank you for making this.
Delightful episodes that are so bingable. A joy to hear.
Huge fan of the podcast form, which, at its best, is founded in storytelling, and (for me) hearkens back to old time radio. The tone of this podcast, it’s honesty and directness, the academics and artists brought into the story, and the humor Mr. Gonzalez infuses into the show transforms this from a run-of-the-mill podcast into a true example of what the podcast form can do — entertain, inform, and broaden (and deepen) our perspective on the world and those living in it.
Beautiful. Chris Garcia shares his fathers life with respect, humor, and dignity. A true piece of art on the subject of grief.
Great story, i binged it!! It’s was so intriguing, sad, sweet, funny all in one! Increased my interest in Cuba too! Plus it helped me brush up on my spanish! ♥️ thanks for sharing your family and soul Chris Garcia!!! 💕🇨🇺
Authentic, powerful, funny - you’ll laugh & cry and meet humanity. Chris Garcia has a great story to share. And you’d be wise to listen.
I just binged the whole series while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. A beautiful, raw story and I learned stuff about stuff too! Thank you for sharing this piece of your family’s life.
Everything about this podcast was beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all!!!!
My eleven year old son and I listened to this podcast, in its entirety, today. Thanks for this, Chris. ❤️
Having just visited Cuba and listening to this journey, it is so touching. Your Poppy (sp) would be so proud of you! Thank you for sharing.
Listened to this after hearing Karen Kilgariff’s recommendation. Such a great and touching story.
I lost my father a few months back and listening to this show really hit home as my sister and I work to learn more about his life and his truth and connect more with his family. Thank you for sharing this journey, Chris 💙
All the cliches about a great work of art apply to this story. Amazing work.
As a first generation Mexican American there was so much I can relate to watching the struggle of our parents trying to fit in a country that they knew nothing about. Just a lovely podcast!
I think this was my favorite podcast this year. Thank you for sharing this with us, Chris.
Loved this. Definitely give a listen if you love family, laughing, or crying. So basically just everybody listen to this.
Beautiful tribute to a father and his family.
This podcast is a beautiful, heartfelt journey into a family's buried history. Start listening right now.
A great listen about courage, family, and freedom. And more proof of the value “degrees in poetry” those who earn them and the rest of us. Thanks, Chris!
I thoroughly enjoyed Chris’ narration, the family interactions, the historical contexts and the reality of care-taking for an Alzheimer’s patient. I appreciated Chris’ humor but also his sensitive side. The bonus episode with Karen Kilgariff was great too! This podcast was definitely one of my favorites this year!
Every second. This one is a gem ♥️
Eloquent. Informative. Thoughtful. Chris is a great story teller and has a cery interesting story to tell and mystery to solve.
Absolutely wonderful. Teared up more than once
I really enjoyed this podcast - the story, the music, and the editing were all great. Be prepared to cry.
I love the way Chris weaves in both his natural humor and yet conveys the intense love between his family.
Excellent story-telling, and beautifully balanced with humor and heart. I lost my dad in March of this year, and I needed this. Thanks, Chris and team!