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I can’t even give this a chance until there is a better intro song
Can’t get enough of BS and his takes with his guests. The book was one of my favorite reads of all time. Looking forward to the updated Pantheon when it gets there. All the people complaining about the intro song need to get over’s his son having some fun! If you are listening to a pod because of the intro, you need to find a new hobby.
Love the premise and the content...for the first half. But man do these episodes drag on. I checked on the Steph episode today expecting to be near the end, and wasn’t even halfway done yet. Brevity, Bill!
First this is still a 5-star review because I love Simmons and a podcast update to the original BoB. The monologues compare to when Simmons was still a writer. Some awesome guests as well. Let me preface my next comment- I love Joe House, he is a great guest on Simmons regular pod but he isn’t a NBA expert like Kerr, Steiny and even Russillo who is well connected in the League. So just keep House off this feed.
I’ve been reading Bill Simmons or listening to his podcasts since high school. He is a brilliant and funny guy, but his criticism/negging of Wade and LeBron is borderline pathological. Wade played brilliantly in 06, and he is not a selfish “hero ball” type player like Simmons suggests. The worst reffed series of all time was the Heat-OKC finals when the refs kept Durant in foul trouble most of the series. The Mavs vs Heat finals were appropriately split. The heat shouldn’t have won the first one, and the mAvs only won the rematch because of a historically bad performance from a nervous LeBron.
I don’t usually leave pod reviews. Was looking forward to this one and was disappointed. The guests are great, but they hardly get to talk. Loaded with the usual Simmons biases. Got to the 10th episode and couldn’t take it anymore. I know you want to show off your kid, but the intro is painful. When you say someone is a “top 17 player of all time”, it comes off as you living in your own echo chamber and taking your opinions as fact, rather than recognizing them as opinions. Your top 17 is not THE top 17. It’s obvious that you liked Gladwell’s audiobook-only idea and tried to turn it into a series of disconnected pods instead of putting in the time and energy to actually write a second book. Re-using old pods and reading your old articles aloud is not compelling content. Sorry to say this one is a miss for me.
Marc Stein is an absolute jerk, idk why bill still keeps him on. He’s constantly interrupting Bill, and doesn’t acknowledge anything Simmons says when he’s on his soap box. Sick of this tool. That said, I love the show, it’s like listening to the old BS pod before he forced his entire staff on us.
Nobody better than Simmons on the NBA. Pump this into my veins. Only thing that made it better is tic toc (or melatonin) on the theme song. Amazing!!
Love the pod ofc but why is Curry in the 20’s ??? How can u say there have been 20 greater players than him in NBA history that’s Ridiculous.
Nothing illustrates it more than this “Rewatchables, NBA Edition” guised as an update to his seminal work, “The book of Basketball”.
There really isn’t anything in sports Media like Simmons on the NBA. He exists in a state of flux between headshaking superfan, Jack Whitaker level historian, and analytical evangelist, his love for the game shines like ETs heart light. He needs to be back in front of the cameria, talking non stop nba ephemera and canon. If you can’t tell,I love this
Episodes can’t be released fast enough. Eating up this content. Great job, Bill & Co. Only Con: Needs more Russillo
Very well thought out and crafted while still holding onto that Bill Simmons style of podcast. Love it!


Intro music is amongst the worst stuff I’ve encountered in this world
Bill Simmons your a amazing basketball mind love your podcasts thank you for all the free content


By JCR2016
Great idea and great delivery so far
Bill Simmons’ everyman’s way of talking basketball is so fun to listen to.
One of the best pods out there!
I love Simmons and the BoB was a joy to read. When Gladwell suggested a podcast format for the update I was excited cuz of the potential it had. But this format just seems uncreative and slapdash leaving the segments and totality of the project merely meh when a little more organization, elbow grease and creativity could’ve made it something special. It’s not that I don't enjoy the subjects and guests. But it’s just another podcast in a seemingly random order instead of being something special which it could’ve, and frankly should’ve, been. Also, the theme (which I assume is the work of his son) is just ... well, about as good as one could hope from a pre teen but kind of off putting.
But he should hire a Shannon sharpe type black guy for the ringer seem like mostly nerds and eight guys and out that guy with Chris Vernon
bill is a fun basketball personality with a lot of good takes. his book is iconic.. and yet i’m not sure why he even has his guests in the show with them. he mostly just shares opinion after opinion and hardly gives them time to react to them before moving on to another opinion. bill, let your guests speak! maybe ask them some questions. i assume the intro is bill’s kid and this is a way to shower him with copyright money for the rest of that kid’s life — and for that i applaud bill, especially if there are some tax loopholes involved. let us know if that’s the case, cause otherwise the intro is just really really annoying.
This podcast might be my favorite to listen to now. I bought the Book of Basketball and loved the book, now listening to the podcast makes it even better. Love the setup of having one podcast about the player and then doing a rewatchables podcast to finish up the “chapter” for that player/team.
Can’t get enough of this. Hoping this will be a long running series!! P.S idc how renowned Zach Lowe is ... he is so wrong about OKC and the luxury tax. They messed up with Harden and had NO choice but to go over 5 years later otherwise Presti would have been fired on the spot. Can’t make the same mistake twice
Great use of the podcast medium and his Rolodex of NBA friends.
Good. Very good.
Man this is a beautiful way to review the evolution of basketball. Om watching all of these plus more. Greatest basketball/history pod lol. Another win for the podfather. The only thing that would make it even more astronomical is if Bill watched the game with the actual highlighted player. It would b cool to get their thoughts on these epic games that shifted the game in so many ways.
This podcast feels like a conversation series on the best basketball players who ever played.
I love how this podcast does not just talk about basketball in the present. It talks about the early 2010s and 2000s as we can now objectively look back at important points in NBA history and see where the shifts in play, and culture occurred. Also, Great job with the topics; I would review the Miami Heat in the 2010s and also the great rewatches that Lakers v Celtics gave us in the late 2000s. I’m just a college kid who’s not tryna hear the usual names on ESPN and FOX Sports talk about the same recycled topics. Thanks again, best of luck.
Awesome to listen to basketball thoughts from Bill, however no music during intrusive ads deserves nothing more than 2 stars. I will change rating if this is fixed.
Basically, it’s the Rewatchables podcast format grafted onto an NBA opinion show. Early returns are mixed for me. Unlike the Rewatchables podcast, this one doesn’t have fun categories or nearly the level of entertaining pop culture criticism. Strip away the pop culture metaphors and Simmons reading stat lines into his microphone, and there isn't much left in the way of rigorous analysis. It’s fun to listen to at times but its in one ear, out the other for me.
This podcast filled a spot I didn’t know I needed. So freakin good. People who rate this below a 5 are silly - free content from bill and his best in the business friends on topics others aren’t covering in nearly as much depth or with nearly as much thought. He can be hyperbolic, but that’s what makes it fun. And he gets even keeled folks like Lowe and Russilo to balance him out.
Is this Simmons’ kid or something signing the intro? Lol love this podcast but the intro is whack
You like NBA basketball? You’ll like this podcast. It’s that simple.
Awesome job! Just a bit of a pain to share with non-regular listeners with the theme song. They hear the start of it and go “What the .... am I listening to again? Why is some kid that’s reading a paper singing?” And turn it off. I had this happen 3 times so far so it’s worth mentioning.
The best basketball podcast out there. Bill Simmons at his best.
Best Podcast on the Internet. Tops BS's regular Podcast. Fantastic to hear him read the thoughtful written pieces he throws in, & his guests are superb. He's the best mind in sports & contemporary culture out there.
Bill is one of the most biased journalist in sports. His hate for the Lakers and specifically Kobe Bryant is so disgusting that’s it’s hard to make it through. If you are a real Lakers fan don’t even bother. If you want to hear someone who is disillusioned spill on about how not great Kobe is for an hour, be my guest. Go elsewhere for unbiased analysis
Bill is good. This much better than book. Thank bill
Great podcast but your son rapping not so much he trying but not that great
My favorite podcast going right now, always great. Look forward to more!
The Book of Basketball is so seminal for hoops fans that I was initially slightly bummed that version 2.0 wasn’t another book—but after just a few episodes I’m seeing the wisdom and creativity of BOB 2.0 in the podcast form. The Kerr interview was my favorite listen on any topic in a long time. This is Simmons at his best imo: Fun, smart, detailed, passionate, considered, sentimental (but not mawkish). Great stuff. Can’t wait for each episode. Hope this gets put into some sort of book form in future years, too.
I know your son wants to be a rapper, it it’s god awful. It makes me almost turn the pod off
Bill is ahead of the game, genius idea to present the book of basketball 2.0 in podcast form. Please keep them coming, all episodes have been a great take and look at the last history of the NBA.
The pinnacle of all podcast.
Really Fun, however it sounded like BS kept on-implying that Horry was still on the Lakers (see 45:49)That season He was already a Spur and not available to be the Lakers “stretch 4”. Ok I feel better now...
More Joe House!!!
Great idea, and it has been fun putting the decade in perspective. Looking forward to all the future eps.
I absolutely love this series! Simmons picks up right where he left off with his book. Fun listening, except for Chris Ryan, who sounds like a screaming, over-excited chipmunk at all times and adds nothing of value. Chris Ryan so awful and grating that I had to skip the GSW-OKC episode. Ringer misfire, otherwise great podcast.