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Michael Barbaro had NOTHING to worry about! No one will bolt from "The Daily" I am a devout "Friend of the Pod" I buy, wear, and give merch. I've given to "Fair Fight. Twice. I've gone to 3 "Tour" shows in 3 cities. I promoted "The Guys" as my husband refers to them. I enjoy (most of) their content so I TRY to listen - AFTER listening to "The Daily" bc they do cover some different things. But, EXCUSE ME, could that female voice be any more "Valley Girl" (and I grew up in the SF Valley)?!? "Headddd Linnnnes" ?!? Uh, puleezze... And GAMES...?!?😳 I LOVE 'em in Saturday morning w/Lovett, but, for daily news?!? In a 15-30 min segment?!? And the general sing-song-y aspect is SO off-putting. 2 ADULTS. Delivering serious news singing together. Sorry. No one I knows listens. And I would NEVER recommend it to ANYONE even my 21 yr old college senior daughter I mean do you guys REALLY wanna be taken SERIOUSLY, by ADULTS, or are you trying to lasso in youngsters who require entertainment whilst teaching them that daily news is important.
I’m a liberal so I thought I’d like this show. I find they have a very blinkered view of politics and dangerous to the liberal agenda.
I also listen to NPR Up First & The Daily, but why take all your news so seriously? You can hear Gideon and Akilah roll their eyes at their jokes they are having fun with, that’s the charm. Out of the all the news casts, What A Day stands out as informative, but manages to help you feel hopeful by saying exactly what you’re thinking as it’s reported. I love Akilah’s sarcastic side comments! Their chemistry is hilarious and dry, and are only getting better together. Thank you!!
I’m an AVID Crooked Media listener. I also subscribe to the What A Day newsletter. So when this podcast launched, I was excited to add another Crooked Media podcast to my podcast addiction. Unfortunately, I can’t get into it. The hosts are definitely improving. But they still haven't hit their groove. It feels like they are trying too hard. Especially with the jokes. They are labored & go on for far too long. They almost lost me a few weeks ago when they added that loud blaring noise into the podcast multiple times. I NEVER leave reviews but I’m hoping this helps them improve. In the meantime, I need to unsubscribe.
I have listened to Akilah Hughes on several Lovett or Leavit shows and she says some very racist comments aimed at “white people”. I love all people regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Akilah can not make that same statement. I do not like or want to listen to anyone who puts another person down because of the color of their skin.
I was really looking forward to this. I love a lot of the crooked podcasts and thought I would add this to my morning right after The Daily but after trying for a few weeks I had to unsubscribe. I want the news- humor is ok with the news but this isn’t even all that funny. Gideon does a great job and I’ll leave it at that.
I can’t give WAD 5 stars just yet however the pod has been growing on me as it finds its rhythm. For now, I plan to stick with it and encourage others to do the same.
Writing is so dry and works really hard to be funny.
I listen to the daily and thought I couldn’t handle another daily news podcast but I love this one. The headlines jingle makes my morning.
Wanted this to be so much better than it is. Avid crooked media listener, but this is hard to stomach. Love the daily, short concept, but feels like a chore, jokes are labored and I had to unsubscribe today after the Eminem joke that I won’t humor by repeating again.
This show is the perfect way to start your day. Important news delivered with wit and fun. Great to have news that doesn’t spike your anxiety.
I’m having some difficulty enjoying this podcast. My guess is that many listeners already have some sort of news podcast rotation. For me, it’s the NYT Daily and BBC World Service. As an avid news consumer already, this podcast doesn’t bring much to the table. I find myself using it mostly as background noise when there’s nothing more compelling to listen to. I appreciate the show’s overall upbeat tone (again, as background ambience) but almost everything falls flat on closer inspection. Gideon seems annoyed and like he’s not enjoying himself. Akilah is fun, I like her spirit, but really not that funny here. I agree with other listeners that they have little chemistry. Most of the show is cringeworthy. You can almost tell the hosts know they could be putting out a better product, but they haven’t figured it out yet. “Well, we ran out of time to write a better script so I guess we’ll have to go forward with this half baked smorgasbord. Just smile and laugh through the pain.” I’ll keep listening from time to time and maybe they’ll figure out a winning formula. Love Crooked Media so overall disappointed here. Pros: - Upbeat mood - Akilah has a lot of potential Cons: - Not very informative - Cringeworthy segments - Lack is host chemistry - Forced enthusiasm/banter - Gideon seems like a captive being forced to do this
Love this show. I also listen to Two other daily news podcasts (rhymes with Sup Thirst and The Naily) but What a Day has that special Crooked Media soon and feel that I love. Really enjoy this, and many times they have other news and updates the other podcasts do not. I now harmonize with Akilah when it’s time for Headlines, every morning, automatically, no thought involved.
There are some weeks when I think I cannot bear to be in the know any longer, but the dynamic duo Gideon and Akilah have an infectious positivity that makes their podcast not only a trusted, short-and-sweet news recap but also a gosh darn jolly way to start my day!! 10/10 would recommend to all!!
I’m really disappointed by this podcast. I’ve been a huge Crooked Media fan from the start, subscribing to and being impressed by so many of their podcasts. What A Day, however, really misses the mark for me. I love the idea of a daily Crooked podcast, and I think Gideon does a great job discussing the news. But Akilah laughs too much at her own jokes and refuses to consider any perspective other than her own. I’ll stick to Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave It, Hysteria, Keep It, etc.
This is a fantastic pod—it’s informative, the perfect amount of time for a news update, and Akilah and Gideon are amazing! They make listening to the news enjoyable, which isn’t easy, and they always make me laugh which is the real start I need to my day.
Great daily podcast, catches me up on all important stuff going on. Love hosts and their chemistry and banter is great. Very catchy “head-a-lines” has me singing along
Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick have a charming dynamic. The show is quick, informative and very funny.
I appreciate y'all making the news digestible 👍🏽
But otherwise it’s a lovely podcast
I’d follow Akilah Hughes anywhere, but I’m not disappointed to find I love this podcast. 5 stars, love, would recommend.
I listen to WAD every morning first thing in the car on the way to the gym. Normally at 4:30 AM, I kind of want to die. However, since WAD came out I get a little extra pep in my step right from the start. I love the hosts and I love the sound effects, the jingles, and the jokes. They always give me something a little different, a little extra nuance, compared to the other news podcasts I listen to, and I feel more informed going into my day. Also, the episode last week on Kamala Harris’ exit from the Presidential Primary was excellent. Akilah really wonderfully explained what Harris brought to the race and how she was treated by both the media and the public. I love having her perspective on the days events - she really makes the show. (Gideon is great too, but much love for Akilah). Another win for Crooked Media.
Do you ever get a podcast theme song stuck in your head? Cuz this one is amazing, especially on the outro. But! This is now part of my morning routine. It’s the perfect length, the perfect balance of funny/serious, and I feel I have a little pillow of support on the day’s news before leaving the house. Thanks Crooked, Akilah, & Gideon
WAD has become my automatic go-to wake up news for when it’s still dark outside and I am stumbling into the harsh glare of the bathroom lights. The hosts are charming and the tone is light, but the friendly banter and laid back style doesn’t mean that you won’t get reliable hot takes on news, media and culture. This is the perfect pod to set you up for a deeper dive into the issues after you’ve had your first cup of coffee.
My favorite newsy podcast. I listen to it everyday on my commute & they make metro (and the news) bearable. How did I survive before WAD???
Really wanted to like but it’s way too cheesy and doesn’t feel insightful at all (like truly, at all). In general I love having comedians on the crooked shows but sometimes you can tell when they don’t also have much background in reporting/news/politics and they don’t meet as high a standard
Been listening since the start, the gentleman is good, knows his stuff but the female host needs to be more objective & just give us the news. The whole “headlines” melody is just dumb, change it up, it’s not funny or cute, be more mature
I love crooked media but after a couple weeks I have to unsubscribe to this one. Not for me. I’ll stick with up first for my morning rundown.
The hosts are fantastic, informative and fun. This is my new favorite daily podcast.
While I appreciate this podcast’s summary of news for a democratic audience, I am disappointed that they have a clear 2020 candidate preference in Warren and give biased versions of the news against my candidate (Pete). Since ostensibly we are all on the same anti-Trump team, I would think the hosts would refrain from any form of sensationalist derision for any 2020 candidate since we all have to coalesce behind the final nominee.
I wanted to like this pod as I’m a big Crooked fan. But my loooooord after listening this doesn’t teach me anything new in the mornings after listening to my other daily news pods. Don’t bother listening to this unless you want to get a skewed view of the days news or listen to a bad comedy routine. The hosts are way too giggly and this feels a LOT less serious than any other daily news pod. So if that’s the goal amazing, but jeeeeeeeezzzz can we take the news a little more seriously??? The simultaneous sentences at the end make me embarrassed for everyone at Crooked. Also the pop culture references are too much. It feels like this show was made by old people trying to relate to millennials but I’m pretty sure it isn’t which makes it feel insulting. We’re all adults and we don’t need to reference the real world in order to understand things, it’s a waste of time. We’re giving you guys around 15 minutes of our valuable time everyday PLEASE make it worth our time. Overall clearly I’m not a fan this show its normally just a filler pod but I can’t have my intelligence insulted anymore. I know we’re all pretty liberal over here but we don’t have to make this so obviously liberal this is not at all a subjective news show. This IS a podcast please roll your eyes without letting us know, it’s not necessary. If you’re informing people of the news no need to give your input. Unless this is a news commentary show, because that’s what it seems like.
Akilah and Gideon are awesome! They are fun and intelligent along with sharing important news.
I really wanted to like this show. I gave it a try for a few weeks but rarely learned something new. I suppose my information diet has been refined and I’m getting my necessary news elsewhere (shout-out PBS news hour!) With so many Crooked Media podcasts, there’s something for everyone. This one just isn’t it for me.
Love the idea of a daily morning news digest. Could do without the attempts at pop culture parallels and Akilah’s giggles at everything she says or finds funny. The whole thing feels a little dumbed down. Huge fan of Crooked Media and Pod Save America. This isn’t quite at the same level.
Fun hosts bring a fresh perspective to the morning news. Love it!
I had doubts about wanting to listen to another podcast, especially a daily one, but this such a treat. I love the hosts, they’re charming, cute, funny and upbeat. Overall this is a nice treat to tune in to every weekday.
I’m a millennial that’s a bit too* keenly aware that this podcast is supposed to be geared toward my age group. That awareness kills this podcast for me, and it’s pretty annoying to listen to, from the grating intro music to the eye roll inducing “head-a-lines” transition and the canned and rehearsed jokes. Blegh.
I like the tidbit of news they give me, but it is a constant Trump and Republican bashing. They are not very positive about any news. I would like to see a news channel that is objective (not Republican or Democrated supported). For instance today talking about food stamps - they only gave negative views on it. Obviously there’s a reason why someone wants to pass it, so talk about both sides.
I added this Pod to my morning commute to supplement “Up First” by NPR and I have to drop it. The hosts are competent and engaging, but the writing and “bits” are clunky and forced and often bloat the Pod to a chonky 15+ minutes. On today’s Pod there was an unfunny bit about alternate names for Giuliani’s Ukraine Documentary while Uber releasing a report on sexual assault was relegated to the rapid-fire “Headlines” section. I like the idea of a “News with a side of snark” podcast, but this is failing to execute on that concept so far.
I look forward to listening to this podcast as a part of my daily morning routine. It is entertaining (Akilah and Gideon are great together) and a quick way to keep up with the news!
This is the first thing I listen to every morning while getting ready for work to the point where the theme is associated with my morning like some sort of Pavlovian response. Fantastic podcast!
Absolutely love Crooked. WAD falls a bit short. Delivery is flat and feels like I’m being read the news and read unrehearsed jokes. Hopeful it’ll get more natural w/ time
the perfect bite size of news


By Theptar
Akilah Hughes absolutely ruined this podcast for me. I’m a big Crooked Media fan and listen to three or four of their shows regularly, but I have to drop WAD. The co-host is a classic clueless millennial, too preoccupied with imagined grievances to actually analyze and discuss current topics. I wanted to love this show and was excited when it began, but Akilah Hughes made it unlistenable for me. Do not recommend.


Love lots of Crooked Pods, this just hasn’t found its groove yet. The transitions are awkward, the sounds are awkwardly timed, it’s just all slightly awkward. There are segments that want to be funny and I can see how this might be good eventually, but for now it’s not going to become my go to morning news podcast.
Great length. Great hosts. Actually enjoyable daily pod that I actually listen to every day, which is something I can’t say about other daily pods!
I can’t say enough about this daily news podcast. It’s the first podcast I actually listen to from beginning to end, because they even make the ads funny. And Akilah’s laugh... I could listen to her all day! This pod makes me happy.
Love the time slot.