The Derby City Betrayal

Reviews For The Derby City Betrayal

Really enjoying this podcast. Great host with a nice speaking voice. I appreciate all the interviews done and all the victims that bravely came forward. Great listen!
People are giving low reviews just because it has Fox News on it. While I admit I don’t care for the network, they did fine on this pod. I’ll give credit where credit is due. At least it isn’t plagiarized like a top ten pod I can name off the top of my head ;)
I can’t understand why reviews are so low, I loved this! I only wish it was longer! Hard content to hear about but something that’s real and effected so many young people. Great podcast!
Bad bad bad bad bad bad
Great show!
Don’t pay attention to the poor ratings. I’m on E3 and, as a true crime podcast enthusiast, can confirm that this podcast is professionally done, well-researched, and as far as “reading articles”... most of it is comprised of actual interviews, so that reviewer obviously didn’t even listen to it. It is not politically slanted, just strictly informative, interesting and is something that any true crime enthusiast would give a high rating to if Fox wasn’t attached. I’m very picky, and this has EARNED my 5 stars.
Hard to listen to and not the content just not done well
Very low quality work here. Look elsewhere.
This is what happens when your podcast is due tomorrow morning and you wake up at 6am to start working on it. I couldn’t even make it through episode 1.
A podcast... from FAUX “News.” Hilarious!
If you ever wanted to listen to someone read articles about this case to you, this is the perfect podcast for you. However if you listen to crime podcasts for investigative reporting and/or interesting theories based on the evidence, you’ll be sorely disappointed. It appears the host just googled this case and read it aloud, with sound-bites from other interviews added in. Disappointing.
Same info every episode. Really? This is terrible.
This is an excellent podcast showing the abuse and the cover up of abuse by those in power. These predators get away with this way too often leaving traumatized victims behind and no one does the right thing and stands up for the abused. It’s no different than the Penn State cover up and the Larry Nassar cover ups. When will we change our culture and stick up for the victims of sexual assault!
Feels like a ‘first attempt’ by a podcast/journalist newbie.
I had high hopes that this was going to be a really good podcast but it is so repetitive. It makes it almost irritating to listen to.
Same information repeated every single episode.every episode you spend 20 minutes reviewing the same information and sound clips. It’s a very interesting investigation but poorly produced podcast.
As soon as heard Laura Ingram I knew I was out. Has absolutely no credibility.
Interesting subject matter with tiresome, repetitive reporting and sensationalistic production. Had high hopes for this as I am familiar with the story, disappointed in the result.
How High does this go All the way to the top You need to just realize the we are led by parasite elite scum that use kids up To the top it goes so don’t be confused why these type of cases always don’t get justice
There were constant repeats in dialogue. With a story like this, the horror for the victims is the most important theme, to let people know just how damaged these people have become. The second most compelling part would be the cover up from the Mayor’s office to the Chiefs Office. A more in-depth focus with excerpts of recent depositions would have helped tell the story. The public needs to know how power corrupts.
Should’ve fact checked. Age of consent in Ky is 16.


I couldn’t stop listening!!