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I have really enjoyed this podcast! Very well thought out and touching. Dare I say heartwarming.
I love this podcast!!! It was so nice to hear others felt the same way I do!!! It was insightful and really made me think!! Glad you posted these and I wish there were more!! A must listen for those who aren't sure!!
Man, you really know how to cheer a girl up. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Being raised in an agnostic home I'd only learned enough about religion to know I want nothing to do with it. This is a great podcast to gain insight and knowlege from a critical perspective about Christianity.
There are some useful insights mentioned in this podcast. I see it as being a picture of what happens when power or influence supercedes love in the Christian Church. Lots of sarcasm in the podcaster's monologues. I appreciate that he has made his thoughts public, and i like to learn from the perspectives of others, but sometimes have a hard time believing that he can accept that we all are in a place of limited knowledge and perspective. I still choose to trust in the God of the bible, and feel that my future regrets would be greater supposing I chose to abandon those standards for some that I chose for myself. Thanks for creating a community around the hurting, and I hope everyone listening doesn't equate "The Church" with every Christian they meet. Everyone hates being stereotyped- something I hope to assume we all can agree on. I don't like to debate, but love to discuss the reason people believe the things they do. There is a reason for everything, and I hope to better understand from listening to these and future monologues as I can. One point of confusion: he speaks like a preacher and gives long lists of Biblical references to support his case against Christianity's claims. I would think that if I didn't trust the Bible, it would cease to be a source of reference and would only be a useful resource to point out how little others knew about it who claimed to follow it. Kind of a jab, I guess. Maybe a better title would be, "Christians are brainwashed, and here's why" I at first assumed this would be more of a support group for people who have been burned by the church, with some sort of encouragement about the hope involved with an atheist perspective. Contact me if needed: @eje on Twitter- thanks.
I've really been enjoying the Ex-Christian Monologues. I'm not familiar with the web site; I just stumbled across the podcast on iTunes. It is refreshing and fun to hear that the host has had similar experiences with religion to my own. He does a good job of presenting this brief podcast. The audio quality is great, his voice is easy to listen to...all around an excellent investment of time.


I found a significant number of arguments used in these podcasts to be outdated and unchallenging. My background is in philosophy (B.A, working on my M.A), and most of the arguments I encountered in these monologues have been answered for quite a while now. For example, in the "good and evil" podcast, the host put forth a modified "Euthyphro" dilemma. This argument has been thoroughly addressed by several theistic philosophers, like William Alston and Paul Copan. There are better atheist/non-theist/naturalist arguments out there as well (by the likes of William Rowe, Jaegwon Kim, Quentin Smith, etc) . And the whole Galileo/Copernicus stuff--are you kidding me? Is that supposed to be persuasive? What I found in these monologues was a handful of old arguments and a hill of stereotypes and straw men, but not much substance.
This is a great show for anyone who is doubting their faith or has left their faith. There are a lot of good points made, and the listener is encouraged to use one's own reason and logic then to automatically listen to religious authority. There isn't a lot of in-depth information here (thus only 4 out of 5 stars), but there are some very important philosophical and metaphysical issues addressed. I find this podcast enjoyable, informative, and even entertaining.
The Ex-Christian Monologues is an intelligent and insightful podcast about the flaws in religious dogmatism. I hope to see some more episodes posted soon. Check out the “Dan Barker (from the FFRF) debates Jason Gastrich” episode. Dan clearly won that debate.
That's what this represents. Too many Christians today get carried away by the temptations of sin; they choose to love themselves instead of God. There's NO reason to reject Christianity. None. It all comes down to motives. Science doesn't help, logic doesn't help (they both actually hurt the ex-Christians' argument). If you want to love God or yourself - that's what it boils down to. Always. I'm disappointed in this podcast.
This podcast offers sensible responses to the standard arguments in favor of religion and Christianity. Former evangelicals, wounded by bad religious experiences, will find the podcasts comforting.